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Grocery store Lucky, 1475 41st Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1475 41st Ave, Capitola, CA 95010, United States
Phone number: +1 831-462-6917

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Peter Bakker
Always friendly staff. The store manager is great very friendly she's always helpful, Lupe in the deli section is also great employee always helpful ????????????????????????
3 months ago
T White
Lucky's is a great place to shop for groceries. Lots of local foods and name brands. You can count on them not running out of what you need, under normal conditions. Like all grocery stores now, they've got more aisle's for products in the same space as before. Results being the size of the aisles shrinking leaving just barely enough room for two shopping carts to pass each other. All the grocery chains have done this. It makes everything too packed and slow. Lucky markets are as good as markets get. Thank you
6 months ago
Gracin Williams
Not very helpful here, and some managers/cashiers are downright rude. Experienced this several times so I avoid this place generally.
2 months ago
Sarah Becker
They have cheetos they have chips and they are really good I so do like chips chips are great and they have chips so they are great however their bread is expensive but they sometimes have takis for two bags for 6 dollars that's good how fun lol I enjoy chips, chips are good
2 months ago
Mo Fackhani
Narrow aisles, overall drab appearance, slow checkout. Store needs to be modernized, but at least decent selection and prices
5 months ago
Janine Heffelfinger
Friendly staff. Good prices
2 months ago
Sean P
Courteous., clean, easy access. My favorite store. Also, good meat
6 months ago
Ashu Jindal
Great selection of products. Friendly staff! Store does need to be remodeled though.
7 months ago
Jovany Mujica
Stocked with what I need. Workers are helpful and efficient.
7 months ago
Daniel Todd
Big selection of produce and vegetables. Lots to choose from in the vegetarian isle. Good monday sales from meat to fruits not to mention French bread and bakery items.
11 months ago
John C
Easy to find what I need. Good prices. Friendly staff
1 week ago
Lindsey Oldenburg
Prices of items some good and some wore about the same at grocery outlet
8 months ago
Konstantinos Vlachos
A Little pricey and not the biggest selection
4 months ago
You will find what you need, along with some nice surprises.
1 month ago
Ruth Rdz
Pretty much well-stocked Supermarket does locked sodium free items
4 weeks ago
Pascale Paquet
I wish the clerks were taught how to install their store app. I had a hard time doing it. The clerks tried to help me. All the clerks were considerate and friendly. They reminded me of the Land Ends phone clerks. You know down home friendly folk Good sales.
1 month ago
Kamal Gill
It's ok it's an easy location but always long lines and rude employees. Only go there in a pinch.
9 months ago
Amanda Motley
Poor customer service ,outdated food, very long lines, no locally made food,very high prices. The store is pretty dirty !!
3 months ago
Niki Jones
The Hispanic staff is so nice I love them
1 month ago
mark leclere
They need to have more checkers even if they're from different departments. It doesn't matter what time of day usually only one main checker who Will call somebody finally....they are nice friendly store but come on 5 people in front of me 3/4 items each (like me)23mins I stood on line
7 months ago
Nurseit Niyazbekov
Super small store so not a huge selection but the people that work there are extremely nice & helpful
7 months ago
Yung Clay
Lucky store is clean and efficient. You can always find somebody to help you if you need it. The aisles are wide enough if you are in a wheelchair. I've been going to that store for quite a while now all the checkers are very personable.
1 month ago
Kevin Whitacre
Good prices! They have everything we love the bolillos and roast chicken
3 months ago
Clinton Adjei
Lupe in the deli is so helpful and nice, I wouldn't go to any other deli
4 months ago
Jamie Baker
Constant long lines. Sunday at 4pm and there are only two checkers.
2 weeks ago
Suzanne Brown
Luckys, my favorite grocery store in santa cruz!! Janice is an awsome cashier, great customer service and quick and efficient!!
2 months ago
Olga Kalnickaya
I love shopping in Lucky.. lot of choices.. great value and good price specially fruit and vegetables.. and I love there homemade fried chicken
4 months ago
Theresa Butori
Clean, well organized, cheerful & helpful customer service.
2 months ago
Joseph Bishop
Most definitely wouldn't advise anybody to do their shopping there. I was shopping for steak and there was not just one but a bunch of steak that was already brown and smelly. I live just down the street and go there quiet often for miscellaneous things. Just not real shopping. Always long lines etc.
3 months ago
Viraj Ghodekar
The best cashiers in town. Always make you feel welcome!!!
1 month ago
Dean Cue
Usually it takes forever for me to get out of this store because they are overrun with business at 5pm during the week... -tonight was surprisingly quiet- and super fast checkout - casheers are always always always friendly... I almost always find what I want
5 months ago
Kristie Burkhardsmeier
It was great
6 months ago
Michael F
This is not the biggest store in town, or the fanciest, but it's a good mid-range grocery store where they have a meat counter and a deli counter that are both done well enough to satisfy most shoppers. I believe there are two things that make this store worthwhile. It has always had nice quality produce, and sometimes the best in town for certain things in season. They also sell a better grade of meat than Safeway, so I have confidence in the meat I buy, and often they have really good sales on their meant items. The best part of this store is the staff that works here. Always friendly and efficient, and willing to help you in any way.
10 months ago
Harman Sandhu
Great...well stocked and easy checkout
3 months ago
Jerad Kilburg
They have what you need but not to much of a variety of items the you looking for
1 month ago
Courtney Patterson
Great prices. Great selection. Friendly staff.
2 months ago
Denise Toor
Friendly staff, great selection. A regular neighborhood grocery store. Did I mention the staff are super friendly? I went with four stars due to finding expired baked goods with visible mold, and the bathrooms consistenly make a convenience store look clean.
5 months ago
Joe J
The variety of foods is very good, usually always in stock, never past it's due date. The cashier's and very nice and friendly.
4 months ago
Lisuanis Martinez
I will be going back to the store, because they are so nice, was going to buy avocados, but the guy was there working the display was throwing the avocados into the next display as to rotate but did not care if He bruised the avocados. So I did not get any, nothing like.bruised fruit.
4 months ago
Jhanvi Advani
The staff is always friendly. You can find pretty much everything you need.
4 months ago
jhofre sanchez
Very nice and clean
3 months ago
Ali Baba
Love Lucky!! They have great selection in produce and meat!! We always get their carne asada and make bomb tacos!! They also have every bottle of alcohol/wine that u could possibly want!!
1 month ago
Catherine Cavallaro
Good people, clean and has everything you need.
2 months ago
penny tillie
Very neat, everything looked fresh,friendly staff
4 months ago
Nicole Ashley
I'm going surf and turf today got some porterhouse and crab Have a Salad with it And that's dinner Inch and a 1/2 Steak 2 pound crab
1 month ago
Kendall Farkas
The staff is always courteous.
5 months ago
Adam Shannon
A Lucky, what else to say except a great option for beach going families to save a bit by avoiding re$turant/take out prices. Directly adjacent to Santa Cruz Eastside beaches. Halfway between 41st St exit and the Point. Load up your coolers and party on. Friendly helpful staff.
1 month ago
Rafiq Rahimi
Had what we needed.
9 months ago
Johanna P
Been my local grocery store for years. Its not to large to be overwelming and not so small to run out of things. Butcheris great hes been there forever. Cashiers are always friendly.
5 months ago
Judy Minscer
The store is a bit small, however the location is good if you live in the area west of the 1 hwy or in Capitola. Service is good store is stocked well with essentials. Great wine , produce and meat selections.
7 months ago

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