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Cell phone store Target Mobile, 2161 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 95125, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2161 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 95125, United States
Website: target.com
Phone number: +1 408-660-1703

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Kara Whiting
Pharmacy staff is always helpful and professional. Their customer service skills are exceptional. I needed to locate an item and a team member walked me over to the item. The cashier was pleasant and cheerful. She bagged my items with care. This was a WIN-WIN-WIN visit.
2 months ago
Anthony Joshua
First visit to this target.... I went in with th purpose to locate an iPad protector and I succeeded! The cover is just right for the iPad but the price was a tad bit too high considering I could have purchased it at the Berryessa Flea Market for $10 or gone2walmart or?...lol rit?.... store haslots of cute items 4 the bedroom or household....ok staff members. My cashier was very kind, professional and helpful. Today was the 4th of July 2019 and the atmosphere was good! My purchase was a success! I almost forgot! I unexpectedly found is San Jose Sharks shirt on clearance!
7 months ago
Michael Wilson
The staff was incredibly rude. Normally, I always have great experiences with Target, but this Target was the exception. They spent about half an hour questioning me, when I tried to pay my bill. The ultimate humiliation was when I was leaving the store, they chased after me just to make sure I wasn't stealing anything, although they had checked every item I put into my bag. When I asked for the red Target card that gives you a 5% discount, the woman in customer service was very reluctant to give it to me. Not only was she rude, she also made me wait to get the application.
2 months ago
Elizabeth Caballero
Large store and selection, great prices, plentiful parking, ok service
1 month ago
Carolyn Bishop
OK but not really great nobili good specials
1 month ago
Eric Dyer
As always, the dreadful holiday parking lots are staying true to form and relentless. I went around 6 pm (I know. Real smart- huh, WHAT WAS I THINKING?!) The store was busy but the ???? crew were sensational. The lines were running so smoothly I didn't have time to impulse buy like usual when I'm standing for check out. I was pleased with my experience it renewed my faith in holiday shopping. -Cheers ????✌️
8 months ago
Hunter Foster
By far my favorite place to shop for everyday necessities, from hygiene to snacks to casual clothing. This store is neat and well organized, and the employees are friendly and clearly work hard.
6 months ago
Lidia Johnson
Good place and everything is organized. The employees were very friendly and help me to find the product that I was looking. I have bought toys and clothes for my kids and personal hygiene products. I love the curbside pick up.
7 months ago
Dawood khan
He literally told my mom NOT TO COME back. He lied about not having certain items in stock and when my dad went in the store he sold to him but refused to sell to her. And when she tried, he gave her attitude and after finally selling her the item he told her to not come back to this store. Which I don't see whats the problem if she is spending ALOT of money there and at TARGET period for the company she works for. He was rude and disrespectful, he had no reason to be that way towards her and it almost seemed like a race issue. He sold to my dad no problem who is Hispanic. But to her who is vietnamese he came off as rude up front and told her not to come back. She was just wanting to buy some airpods, not once did she give him any attitude.
6 months ago
Terri Macdonald
I really want this employee to be recognized, she was incredibly kind! I had an extremely rough day and did not expect anything out of this visit. Though her smile and positive energy turned my day around! It truly takes one person to make such an impact. Please recognize this employee who was working as a cashier at 7/4/20 @ 7:29PM in the checkout register closest to the self checkout section!! This location is lucky to have her. I wish I got her name.
1 month ago
Jonah Eisenberg
Everything is neatly placed in every isle! I love the extra effort this location put into the store. Definitely best Target in San Jose... And I go to a lot of Targets! Thank you Jonathan Moore for helping me today at the Order Pick Up. He is a respectful and very well mannered worker! I hope others are learning from his lead and communication skills.
1 month ago
Kimberlie Frappier
I love Target, always something on clearance, and now because we are at a purple tie, I guess Target opens at 7:00a.m. in the morning they close at 11:00p.m., I'm on their side I said senior hour is Wednesday and Thursdays and if you get there at 7:00 for one hour seniors and people with health issues can get the whole first hour in the door with hardly anybody in there, now Target's hours are 7:00 a.m. to midnight. Now Target's open from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.
7 months ago
byron williams
Target is a clean, organized, and well stocked store with courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful staff!
5 months ago
Allen hunsaker
Love Target, just tried their drive up, and I absolutely love it!! They didn't take long to have my order ready and when I got there, it took them about a minute to get me my stuff and have me on my way. New favorite way to shop!!
7 months ago
Debbie Ellis
This store is always clean. The employees are polite and there is a noticeable LGBTQ employee base here.
11 months ago
Luis C
I had to go inside. I chose curbside but at this Target no one comes out. Second time I ordered from here. The other targets are great. I won't order curbside ever again from this store.
2 months ago
Kevin Wulff
The only place the has open bathroom.
1 month ago
Jim Cole
My experiences at Target are always great!
6 months ago
Trent Bontly
You're employee Shaheena (I'm sorry for butchering her name) gave stellar service.she was able to swiftly and efficiently help me with what I needed. I havent received such great service at a target before and for that I hope she get some sort of bonus and or recognition for going above and beyond
3 weeks ago
Jyoti Sharma
I go to target at least four days a
2 months ago
Sergei Sergei
i had to call the store due to the fact that when i pulled up my order it would not let me curb side the order your customer serv rep helped me and got my order curb side with her help ...thank you thank you is all i can say im high risk and i was worried that i would have to go inside
9 months ago
Jeremiah Beene
Quick and easy!! I found exactly what i was looking for on my phone and picked it up the same day. Very easy and quick!! great service!!
3 months ago
Andrew Evans
They were so cool. They actually price matched a Olive Oil hair straightener kit. It's 9 something here but 7.97 at Walmart and they matched the price. Thank you! I only went here because I had a gift card. That's cool ????
5 months ago
Christian Mai
You have a lot of selections and cheap
2 months ago
Fast Service
2 months ago
Patricia Prieto
all the household items I need, clothes and accessories for myself and my daughter.
10 months ago
Scott Cabney
Self-check is faster and easy. Batteries were not lock up, unlike Walmart.
2 months ago
Monica Byers
Great customer service in any department! God bless you all for such great service...
3 months ago
Jeferson Barreto
So Target is no longer taking exchanges or returns for the next several weeks. Running a return is no different than running any other register. If they're selling they should be taking returns by law. I went in there trying to exchange my broken toaster oven, the only oven I have in my house. They refuse to return or exchange it telling me to come back at a later date. This is not good service.
3 months ago
nicholas golia
Target is the place I go to for anything. I don't have time for store to store hopping, I go to Target to get all my things from clothing to food. I like the styles, the service and the prices are great.
2 months ago
Mayilvaganan Thaniakvelu
Clean and welcome staff.
3 months ago
Benjamin Glick
Over all the experience from the time I entered until the time I left was great. I would defenetly go back
3 months ago
Love this store always has what Im looking for and more. Workers are very nice and very helpful.
7 months ago
Pris Brown
Target has a little bit of everything, so it's convenient to shop at one stop. I just wish the bathrooms were maintained regularly. There is no excuse for a Bathroom to be out of soap at 9 am!
1 month ago
Rosemary McElhannon
Lazy! Apps make your employees lazy at the registers and can't go physically do a price check! Instead they overcharged me and I had to go back myself! They didn't even apologize for being lazy even after I told them repeatedly that it was a summer item dog water bowl! Summer items are usually priced differently; why don't your employees know that?!
3 months ago
Tim Duncan
Price matching WOW sooo nice I will keep coming back
5 months ago
Emanuel Bulic
Other than how big of a store it is, the check out cashier was fast and productive.
3 months ago
Ren GuangCheng
Nathanael was very helpful, I came down an isle looking for something and he asked right away if I needed help. It took him over 10 minutes to locate( from the stock area) and bring the item, put it in my cart. Very friendly and courteous. Oh BTW someone else came by to say he was still looking for it while I was waiting. GOOD JOB TARGET EMPLOYEES!
10 months ago
Oriyomi Raufu
Fast service
7 months ago
David Bonola
Friendly, fast, and efficient. Thank you for putting it in a bag as well. That was very neat. Also, I did not realize you guys do a save 5 cent for bringing own bag. That's so awesome.
1 month ago
Naturally Me
This store is clean, organized and inviting. Ample and friendly staff!!
4 months ago
Nice and safety place to do shopping.
1 month ago
Manish Saha
The experience with the return of the item was excellent. The representative was polite and efficient.
4 months ago
Larry Martin
Target has amazing prices for the quality items I purchase. And there customer service is amazing. Their return policies aren't complicated.
3 months ago
Random Stuff
Katherine the cashier was very thorough, checking the products to make sure nothing was tampered with. It made to actually want to come back more. This is a properly trained employee.
1 month ago
Laurie Ludwig
Convenient location with tons of parking. Recently remodeled. Tends to be out of stock regularly in CVS/health items, so check stock before going (usually accurate). There are a large number of homeless people that like to hang around the entrance. I've seen multiple women harassed as they enter, and there doesn't appear to be security around from the store or shopping center doing anything about it.
4 months ago
Jess Marin
Target is my favorite store! I love that I can get groceries, home decor, and trendy clothes as well as electronics all in one place! Prices range from $1 to about $500.Most items have variety and are very affordable. I especially enjoyed the new store layout!
4 months ago
Shantell Wilson
saves time & easily managable. employee(s) were friendly & was greeted w/ a smile. my transaction went smoothly. i did not mind waiting a few extra minutes due to my pick up time was on xmas eve. no problems, no complaints.. great job!
7 months ago
Laura Osorio
Love my Target Store - The team at The Plant Rocks!!!!
2 months ago
A Kosse
Quick and fast and easy and clean
1 month ago

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