Oakmont Memorial Park & Mortuary

Cemetery Oakmont Memorial Park & Mortuary, 2099 Reliez Valley Rd, Lafayette, CA 94549, United States: 24 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Oakmont Memorial Park & Mortuary
Rate: 3,8
Address: 2099 Reliez Valley Rd, Lafayette, CA 94549, United States
Website: oakmontmortuary.com
Phone number: +1 925-935-3311

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 37.9472423
Longitude: -122.1016207

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Scott Lewis
The staff is terrific. They are very thoughtful, and use just the right words to help during this difficult time. For example, the manager said that the deceased was "in our care." The salesman drove us to numerous locations around the cemetery and showed us many different sites available for burial. The cremation staff was very respectful. I was allowed one last look before witnessing the cremation. The staff explained in a very decent way how the process works. The landscape is peaceful, a restful, quiet place. The groundskeepers stop and wait for the mourners to finish before continuing their work. During this difficult time, the staff at Oakmont make things a bit easier.
5 months ago
Willie Lucas
My mom is buried in the Garden of Peace. I absolutely find peace when visiting her. The grounds are kept VERY clean and it's a gorgeous place to visit to reflect on my mom. This year 2020 they hosted a Covid-Safe Luminary event where we they provided, and we placed a lit candle in a white decorative bag on the grave of our loved one. It was a very special thing to see, especially in the holiday season. My mom LOVED Christmas/lighting candles. her grandsons (my boys age 4 and 12) were there with me lighting candles for their Baba at night. Something so special honoring those who passed during this time of year. And it's another opportunity to take the "scare" out of death/visiting a cemetery after dusk.
3 months ago
Kurt Philip
Absolute worst experience ever. The funeral home does not coordinate with the cemetery and expect grieving families to navigate their convoluted sales process of unclear packages. They have no respect for religious beliefs or timing of service needed by families. This is our second experience with them in twenty years (because they REQUIRE you to buy two grave sites at once), and both have been AWFUL PAINFUL SALES processes not a company who helps grieving families navigate a difficult time. Bury your loved ones anywhere else. The cemetery is a lovely place, but not worth the emotional painful hassle.
2 hours ago
Maggie Miller
We are a funeral home that works regularly with Oakmont Memorial Park, as a local family owned funeral home we have worked with cemeteries throughout the Bay Area since 1961. At times there can be an unspoken "rivalry" between apposing funeral homes. It can be hard to work with cemeteries that view other funeral homes as "the enemy" however Oakmont Memorial Park has been a cemetery that is full of many good men and women that want to do the best job they can to help families, Matt Camacho, Nisha, and Loyal are just to name a few. Thank you for working together with us to serve the families in Contra Costa County.
1 month ago
Angeliki Wilson
Brenda and Cristo at Oakmont were absolutely God sent to us at such a difficult time. They are caring and consummate professionals who helped us through a lot of important decisions that none of us I ever ready to deal with....Thank you, Oakmont...
10 months ago
Liliane Vivier
We were treated with respect and empathy in all of our dealings with Oakmont. It was a great experience during a very difficult time.
11 months ago
plum crane
My original review was going to be a 1 star review however, after you mother was laid to rest this past Tuesday 8.4.2020 I had to opportunity to speak with one of the Managers. My brothers and I felt that we received kindness from the people that assisted us in the processes, however we also felt extremely deceived and that the mortuary was possibly practicing unfair and deceptive actions. After our first interaction with the outside and inside gentlemen setting things up for us, we left with the understanding that we had paid the full and final amount. Oops, call 1 comes in and we were told they forgot something and we owe a few hundred more. My brother drives back to the mortuary to pay. All good, one mistake is not a problem we all make them. Almost a week later my brother gets a text from the outside gentleman asking where his check was. ??? Apparently we had not paid the final/total amount. He is told a dollar amount somewhere around 2900 and writes a check, drives back up to the mortuary and once he arrives learns that that amount is actually incorrect is is almost double the amount he was told now its 5588. By the time this is all said and done, we went from one amount to double that amount. My father was already laying to rest in the plot so this should have been so much less complicated. It felt as though they were taking advantage of a grieving family and just asking for more and more each time. And, many of the actions that I later learned should have happened did not. Now back to why this is not ending with a 1 star review. As mentioned after the small service, which we were told would have to be 10 or less (learning after that was for inside not outside) another oops, I had the chance to speak with Nesha (spelling) who is one of the managers. I told her I needed to be able to speak my mind with out interruption and then we can discuss. She was kind, professional and our dialog was real. I appreciated her. I felt she did as I requested letting me sharing the feeling we had. She listen and accepted the advise I provided to make this type of situation not happen to other families. I don't feel completely vindicated (based on the ending result of costs and how it all came to fruition ) but I am at least satisfied with what I am confident she will set in place to prevent these things in the future. If it were solely on the beauty of the mortuary it would be a 5 star. if it were solely on the conversation with Nesha I could go with a 5 star. But it isn't based on just those two things. I had actually already reached out to a very close friend who is a lawyer and shared what I felt was deception and unfair practices. He called me today to check in with me. I told him based on the smart actions of the mortuary by employing Nesha, no action will would be needed.
4 months ago
Sunha J
They want $7000 to buy a plaque and cement it in dirt, and want $5600 since we had the plaque made by a professional; just to cement it in dirt. What a rip-off!
6 months ago
Chris Hickman
Where my mom and dad are buried beautiful
8 months ago
Romain Miroux
Great beautiful park. They have mini golf holes and a field for soccer, frisbee, etc. There is also a track around the park. 2 laps is a little over a mile. The park is on the small side.
8 months ago
leigh price
Sandra very helpful in locating where my cousin and her mom's grave site was and sent me pictures of their marker.
9 months ago
No Fxde
My son is buried here and it's a beautiful place. Nothing about funerals are cheap, so expect to pay a lot to bury your loved one but it is a very well maintained place.. My son rests peacefully...
11 months ago
Xin Ye
Absolutely a group of vultures. Cold and business like. We refer to the main contact, and I can't remember his name, as the jacket. A total piece of meat. And, as I picked up my daughter's ashes, the scum I was dealing with was more than happy to share how his granddaughter was doing in college. Heartles senseless and stupid people.
9 months ago
Geeta rani
Its just dead, lol ! A grave site 4 wife n later me. Oh boy, how fun, lol
9 months ago
Najoua Borkadi
Tomorrow Marks the 32nd year anniverssary of my father, whom was killed in the line of duty. My daughter and I decided to visit his grave site today with it being 4th of July and having the day off. As we walked closer to the site, I noticed something was off. As I got closer I could see that the head stone was crooked and there were several cracks in the cement pad under the head stone. I took several photos of the damage, we finished our visit with tradition of flowers, flags and 4th of July decorations. On our way out I stopped at the Sales office to report the damage as we have done in the past. This is not the fist time this has happend to my dads head stone. The lady at the front desk said she would get someone to come help us and directs us into a room with a large table and wall to wall Urns. Thought, this is out of the normal, usually we just say there is damamge, they take the information and get it fixed. Few minutes later we are met up with a Family Services Counselor by the name of Matthew. I explained to him that we just came from my dads site and there was damage to his head stone again, becase they allow the backhoes to drive over and sit on top of the head stones while digging. He agreed asked to see the photos I had taken and then proceeds to tell me that they will not repair the head stone because it has a cement pad under it. That they are no longer responsible for the damages to the head stones with cement pads any more. That we need to replace the pad with a "GRANITE" pad in order for them to continue the up keep. That the granite pad would cost $600.00 or more. If we don't replace the pad than more than likely within the year the head plate would be cracked as well. He also told me that if we wanted to save some money, we could look into an outside granite contractor and he would provide them with the correct measurements for the pad. I couldn't beleive my ears, was just trying to report the damage that they caused and spare my mom from seeing the damage and now, there not responsible. I'm sorry but his headstone was perfectly fine 6 months ago and I, nor my family should be responsible for damages that Oakmont caused! Unbelievable, I am still at a loss for words and sadden by this. Wanted to give NO STARS but site would not let me. For those of you whom have family members burried at Oakmont, forewarned, if your family members plot has a cement pad Oakmont is not responible for damages they cause and you will have to dish out funds to pay for a new one! Matthew pointed out to me while we were talking that there are "THOUSLANDS" of them! Thouslands of them over $600.00 a pop, you do the math.
8 months ago
Jessenia Martinez
The graveside workers are so respectful of our loved ones surroundings and the landscape is exceptionally maintained.
5 months ago
Ms Knight
Beautiful serene memorial park. Visit loved ones that have passed and enjoy the beautiful views, and wildlife.
5 months ago
Wanda Mooremathis
The property here is very well maintained and the views are amazing over looking Mt. Diablo Valley and Briones Regional Park. They have a whole new staff with a veteran Manager for over 23 years making great changes to better serve the community. Keep up the great work, I love the new changes....
8 months ago
Troy Maierhofer
In July 2014 my family buried my mom's cremated remains at Oakmont Cemetery and we had a very positive experience. My parents had purchased their plots/made arrangements at Oakmont about 17 years earlier and then moved out of the area. I reconnected with Oakmont about a year before my mom died and every single phone call and e-mail interaction with them was fine. There was alot to coordinate since we were at a distance and they were very helpful, responsive, thorough, professional, answered my many questions, and had excellent follow-through. I found them pleasant and supportive. In particular, I worked with Rob Van Dyk, a cemetery counselor, though I spoke with a couple other people there too. I can't say enough good things about Oakmont.
1 month ago
Michelle Childers
Carol and I saw Yolanda Mendoza, Family Counselor, Oakmont Memorial Park, Lafayette in September 2013, and at the end of our meeting, we bought a burial plot for us. Mendoza wrote up a contract for a total of $9,365.00 but did not mention that Oakmont required a concrete liner to go in the ground before the casket was put in the ground. NEITHER THE COST FOR THIS CONCRETE LINER NOR THE CONCRETE LINER WAS IN THE CONTRACT. We made a down payment of $562.00 when we met with Mendoza. In October 2013 Carol sent two checks that totaled $8,100.00 These two checks and the down payment meant that we had a balance of $703.00 that Carol planned on paying when we got the invoice in November 2013. We got the invoice and it was for $2,412.96 with no explanation of what the additional cost was for. Carol called Mendoza and Mendoza told her that the additional $1,712.96 was for the concrete liner that was required to be put in the ground before the casket was put in the ground. Carol and Mendoza argued about this because she did not tell us about the concrete liner. IF MENDOZA HAD TOLD US ABOUT THE CONCRETE LINER, THEN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE CONTRACT. I was on vacation at the time Carol was dealing with Mendoza. Carol called me and asked me if I wanted to continue with buying the plot. I told her no. The reason was, if Mendoza was not going to be honest about the concrete liner what else would she be dishonest about. Carol called Yolanda and asked her what we would need to do to cancel our contract and get our money back. Mendoza told Carol to write a letter asking for our money back and include the contract number. Carol did that. This was on November 22. On January 2, I picked up a registered letter from the post office that was dated December 11, 2013. The letter was postmarked Levittown, PA. The letter said, "Dear Customer. This is to inform you that your account with us has been cancelled. You have paid $8,662.00. The above amount will be forfeited by you as liquidated damages and any merchandise for you will be released for resale. Sincerely, R. Stewart, Credit Manager." The people at Oakmont have ignored my requests to return our money. I had an attorney friend write a letter to Oakmont for me and no one from Oakmont has called him Legally this is known as financial elder abuse. I called the Department of Consumer Affairs, Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. They are currently working on it.
9 months ago
Linda Cruciano
Excellent place and many beautiful views of Mt. Diablo. Highly recommend to take care of all your pre needs ahead of time.
5 months ago
Darya Agarkova
If I could exhume my parent's remains and bury them somewhere else I would. I have been repeatedly inundated with phone calls, sales pitches, and opinion polls even though I have asked to not be contacted. During my mother's burial service one of their staff actually had the nerve to solicit the pastor who was there for the burial service. They have gone far beyond doing things in bad taste to harassing me. It is difficult enough to have to deal with the grief in the loss of a loved one and the process of managing the person's estate and affairs, but to be barraged with phone calls and junk mail from these Death Merchants is unbelievable. I worked for a mortuary for 4 years and we would NEVER treat a person like this. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT bury your loved one at this cemetery.
10 months ago
Tom Dahm
Beautiful area and views for peaceful family visits
11 months ago
Paku Zero
Always treated like a friend
5 months ago

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