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Recruiter Robert Half - Staffing Agency, 300 S State St Suite 920, Syracuse, NY 13202, United States: 8 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 300 S State St Suite 920, Syracuse, NY 13202, United States
Phone number: +1 315-992-9097

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Jim Metcalf
I remember going to an interview with a logistic company through them and they did a good job all the way up until after the interview. They told me to wait to recieve a call from them to see if I got the job or not and they never called me back. I obviously assume I didn't get the job but they could of at least called me back about it!
9 months ago
Dennis Hennessey
This place is awesome to work for. They help get a position quick and suited to your skills.
6 months ago
Kumuda Gogineni
I am currently a temp contractor with Accountemps, and would definitely recommend this agency to anyone looking to get work in the accounting field. I am not sure who the person the other review is referring to, but all of the people that have worked with me have been kind and considerate towards my needs as a professional. Jesse, Nick, and Stephen all do great jobs finding openings, and each time I've needed work within two weeks I had interviewed and been placed at a location. They try to get as many temp-to-hire opportunities as possible, and more than likely the first place you go with them will offer you a full-time position (provided you prove yourself to be a reliable worker). In summary, I have been happy with how Accountemps has handled my specific needs and would certainly recommend them to anyone looking in the field.
3 months ago
Billie Wells
I was bounced around between staff weekly. The secretary clearly does not communicate. She let me sit waiting for a whole week not knowing I missed a page for my onboard with the company. That caused a delay. After about a month the only thing they came up with was a shipping clerk position that lasted 4 weeks and paid 12/hr. Let me remind you I have extensive sales/ marketing expierence. 10+ of customer service expierence and almost 3 years of manager expierence. After discussing my displeasure with the company's effort the just completely ignored me. Haven't received a email phone call or anything. If this is the way you treat clients I'm not sure how you're in business. Not sure what you pay your employees but they aren't earning it.
9 months ago
hanny cohn
Don’t return calls only if they feel it’s convenient for them
11 months ago
John Capalbo
Nice office located right outside downtown. Good staff and good offerings for local positions.
9 months ago
Dominic Medici
They are friendly and helpful and are dedicated to finding you a job.
2 weeks ago
Adrian Diemidiuk
Very friendly. Good networking agency
9 months ago

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