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Address: 721 Wakarusa Dr #104, Lawrence, KS 66049, United States
Website: locations.sylvanlearning.com
Phone number: +1 785-371-4411

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Nancy Shankin
I am in middle school and I get behind easily, but for the past year I rarely get behind anymore and I am also learning past my grade level. All the teachers are vary nice and smart. And Jamie is by far the best director. They come up with fun ways to learn and improve your skills.
7 months ago
Jim Blake
Enrolling our daughter in Sylvan has been a decision we’re sure to never regret. She was pretty shy in the beginning and transitioning in to their classroom was a huge source of anxiety. Allyson, Wanda, Beth and Jamie were all amazing in helping to support her and even made special accommodations to make her feel more comfortable. She’s not only improving academically but her confidence and desire to learn has improved significantly. She’s now super excited for “Sylvan Days” and asks if she can go on days that she’s not even scheduled!
2 months ago
Jayashree K
We began going to Sylvan in April of 2019, when our then 8 year old son's academic self esteem was at a heartbreakingly low level. It was so difficult to watch him struggle in school and lack confidence so much that he had begun calling himself "dumb" and "stupid". We did what we could to help, talked with teachers etc., and finally called Sylvan. Right from the start, Jamie was so kind and genuinely understanding and concerned with our situation. We began the process of the professional evaluation, the one-on-one consult of the results and then began tutoring sessions. Our son had been behind more than a grade level in reading and at a very low percentile in national averages when we started, and at our last monthly conference, his scores had risen considerably. We were so excited and perhaps a little surprised. What is more important is the confidence our son has gained. He was excited for school to start this year, he loves going to his tutoring sessions. Miss Wanda and ALL the teachers are amazing. I'm so grateful to be able to remind him, when it comes to school, "buddy, you got this. Mom and Dad are here to help you and Sylvan is here to help you." I can see the confidence and comfort this brings him. Sylvan of Lawrence is fantastic, we are incredibly grateful. Highly recommended!
3 months ago
Sonya Langham
Our oldest son enrolled in Sylvan over 12 years ago and it was amazing! He excelled and when it came to school testings, he was off the charts, all thanks to Sylvan! Now, we are back again with our youngest son. In just a month and a half we have seen huge jumps in his ready and his confidence!
1 month ago
Mn Mn
Sylvan has helped my daughter so much! Her confidence has grown so much! She now reads for fun! It has been the best decision we have made for her. She loves going to Sylvan, and all the teachers are so nice!
3 months ago
A Coronado
Sylvan has helped my daughter so much. She was struggling with reading comprehension, and the instructors were great about targeting all of her problem areas. Her reading skills and confidence have risen considerably since we started going. The individualized approach really works!
3 months ago
This has been the best experience for my son! He’s gained so much confidence in the classroom and is so excited to show off his work! I highly suggest Sylvan!
5 months ago
jerry krugger
Extremely helpful!! Love the people, love the atmosphere. 100% Recommend for anyone my age!! I look forward to coming in every week! Thank you Sylvan for helping me!
2 months ago
Kraig Beale
Worth every penny for early reading help. I’ve seen tremendous growth in fluency and confidence.
2 months ago
Alejandro Valdivieso
The Sylvan team has been a great help for Jaxson and he is now more confident with reading and is moving up in reading level at school. He enjoys the teachers and he is excited about going to each session. ????
4 months ago
Ricardo Hernandez
Sylvan is like a school but Sylvan has a lot of stuff that you can do. It helps me with my reading and to learn new stuff. it is fun and it has games. I like the instructors and I especially love Wanda. by Scotlyn 7 years old
4 months ago
John Rash
We enrolled our daughter into Sylvan after she fell behind in 1st grade. She is catching up and her confidence is increasing everyday. She loves going and often shares with us things she learns.
5 months ago
Jake Draugelis
My daughter was falling behind in a couple classes until we found Sylvan. Her confidence was lacking while she watched her peers excel forward and she wasn’t enjoying learning at all. Thanks to the teachers and staff of Sylvan she is gaining her confidence back and learning quickly. Jamie has gone above and beyond what I would have ever expected in order to make sure my daughter is getting the help she needs to succeed. Thanks!
4 months ago
Kristina Cramblet
Jamie (Lawrence director) and his staff are wonderful! Jamie is very dedicated to helping the students accomplish their goals.
4 months ago
james spencer
Dedicated teachers plus excellent leadership equals unparalleled success for your child.
2 months ago
Sylvan has really helped my son with his reading. Definitely worth the money.
5 months ago
Stevie B
My 1st grader son loves the teachers an learning here.
7 months ago
Jonathan Tyler
Sylvan has been a huge help to my grades, it helped me get my Algebra 2 grade up TWO LETTERS! I finally understand the material i'm learning and can keep up in my classes.
3 months ago
masterofall bitches
My daughter was very behind in reading. After attending Sylvan for six months, she is completely caught up with her peers. Her self confidence is soaring and I credit Sylvan. Koul Jackson and his staff do a wonderful job!
7 months ago
Sandra Schuchart
Our childs math skills improved well over a full academic year in just over 5 months. Additionally her confidence in her math skills increased substantially. The staff was always accommodating with reasonable requests and provided us with helpful feedback throughout. Overall Sylvan of Lawrence was a great experience for us.
6 months ago
Eileen Rudnick
My eleven-year-old son struggled immensely with reading comprehension and vocabulary. When I brought him to Sylvan in January of 2019 he was two grade levels behind his peers in reading and his confidence at school was very low. He had begun to give up in reading, language arts and social studies. It was heart breaking. The Sylvan director not only evaluated my son's reading skills, but he also took a 360 degree look at my kid: home life, spoke with teachers, reviewed an IEP and even logged into Power School to review grades. My son goes to Sylvan twice a week, for two hours... and he LIKES going. This is huge for a parent right? Who wants to drag their kid somewhere they don't want to go? Nobody. The consistent, positive feedback my son gets from Sylvan has allowed his confidence to soar and his grades are now beginning to rise. This new found pride I see on his face makes Sylvan worth every penny. I highly recommend Sylvan Learning of Lawrence, Kansas. The director is very organized and is an amazingly effective communicator. He has helped me as a parent as I navigate these troubling waters. I have the upmost trust in him and the tutors at the center because they have proven to me they care about my son.
1 month ago
Ekaterina Efremova
We love using Sylvan! Great staff and very helpful in achieving learning goals!
1 month ago
Phil Nadeau
Such a great environment for working. They make learning fun!
3 months ago
Madi Speakman
We are very happy with sylvan. My son has learned the value of organization and communicating with teachers. I believe he is even enjoying his sessions now!
6 months ago
johnny W
"Koul Jackson do a wonderful job!"
9 months ago
Turtle Holmes
sylvan has help me with school, homework, and test prep.
2 months ago

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