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Group home Pertinence Group, 1 Tinuola Close, Animashaun, Akowonjo, Egbeda, Lagos, Nigeria: 158 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1 Tinuola Close, Animashaun, Akowonjo, Egbeda, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone number: +234 818 249 6310

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MAPenEva GyMYogAll
Pertinence group office launch is tomorrow 20th of December 2020
5 months ago
thalatha Perera
The environment is cool and accommodating... Love the tranquility
6 months ago
Tim Patrick
Nice place, well set up.
6 months ago
Incredible company, amazing people relations, great environment!
6 months ago
Melanie peppard
One of the best Real Estate Company
10 months ago
Girish Bettadpur
This is a tested and trusted real estate company that is also into people empowerment and solving the home ownership challenge of Nigerians
7 months ago
Todochi Wells
An Enterprise & Empowerment. Involved in human capital, financial empowerment, Real Estate, Enterprise Training & Acquisition center, & Financial advisory services.
5 months ago
Jacqueline Hubbard
Is an enterprise development company, committed to people empowerment, they help people achieve financial freedom, Etc
5 months ago
Jagrut Vaghasiya
What a trustworthy real estate company! They're reliable and customer oriented.
1 month ago
Helen Sweeney
The best place to be.
5 months ago
Gorik Molh
Pertinence limited,has integrity that is second to none,invest your ???? and you can go to bed knowing fully well that your ???? is in safe hand's with your ROI.garanteed.
2 days ago
Shanay Fennell
Was satisfied with the information I got from the page.
11 months ago
Lizetta Eitner
Good place to be for Good Real Estate Company
8 months ago
Joe Martin
Keep the good work Pertinence
5 months ago
Stacy L
Nice work environment
6 months ago
Wenceslao Tovar
Beautiful and serene
7 months ago
Todd Fulham
Nice office setting
5 months ago
Betsy Hollingsworth
Nice place to be.
9 months ago
Ondra Cupak
Good company...transparency.. Integrity... Nice transacting bizness with them
4 months ago
Erika Keaton
Good ambiance
6 months ago
Lizeth Miranda
It was easy to find. The security at the close entrance was friendly and told us where to go. It's a neat place. And a nice parking lot.
9 months ago
adem karakum
Is a good place for small to medium events hosting. The toilet there is quite accessible and very clean. The lighting of the place is quite good and the sound room setup is awesome, all you need to do is plugin your system and you good to go. It has a good parking space and security.
7 months ago
Cynthia Lynn
Pertinence is a Turning Point for business startups. The company has, within it's 6-years of establishment, helped several young people to find direction and reasonably solid financial Independence.
5 months ago
Kurt Jendrek
One of my favorite real estate companies.
6 months ago
Alex Atapuma
The best real estate company in Nigeria
5 months ago
Logan M
Perfect place to buy your land
3 months ago
Amanda Morrill
Most excellent company that's empowering people to be financially successful and best company paying highest commissions to her business partners. I love Pertinence Limited.
7 months ago
Brad Justice
A great real estate firm with great real estate deals and enthusiastic and friendly agents. Good management.
6 months ago
Elizabeth Loser
Open and relatively sincere with their transactions
6 months ago
Deena Lantaigne
Simply Exquisite!!!
9 months ago
Al Aholloman
The so called General Manager, Jeffery is a scam. Yes i am a devastated Customer.
5 months ago
Evfrosiniya Zerminova
10 months ago
Britnee Marxx
Integrity and the place to get things right.....Financial Empowerment and People Development is important to them.
11 months ago
Chirayu Baheti
Real estate consultants, business moguls and people empowerment specialist's.
9 months ago
Jared Trella
7 months ago
Zeiss Ultricht
Best real estate company in the world, they have served thousands by providing affordable lands and hosting a lot of educational seminars and giving back to community
6 months ago
P Day
Looking for a real estate and people's empowerment company? You have found one.
6 months ago
Ashoka Swarnakanthi
We value purity and work with integrity to yield consumers trust and satisfaction
6 months ago
Gael Nath
7 months ago
hooshang nikki
Good customer relations
11 months ago
Leena Roy
Great real estate company
11 months ago
tina josh
All about properties. They got your back. You have the freewill to investigate and related with them to clear all doubts before transaction
6 months ago
Dan Martin
A good Business enterprise and people empowerment company who held to their core values and integrity in business.
5 months ago
Cameron WieseYoung
8 months ago
Patrick Dorsey
A wonderful company
7 months ago
Kristy Haley
A great real estate company with flash and excellence... They have business opportunities one can tap from
11 months ago
Dea Swe
Best place to buy lands
7 months ago
World class office with state of the art facilities. Top real estate investment company in Nigeria
8 months ago
Shanna Nelson
Amazing Team at pertinence. Very Good place to get your properties with rest of mind and ease.
8 months ago
Pertinence limited is a global enterprise development and people empowerment company. Its interest include Real Estate Development and Sale, Enterprise and business development (ETRAC), and Web/mobile savings and investment platform (PettySave).
5 months ago

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