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Build Your Own Pool
Address: 2451 W Birchwood Ave #101, Mesa, AZ 85202, United States
Phone number: +1 866-703-4981

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Latitude: 33.4090085
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Kent Palmer
BYOP simply put our personal sketch into auto cad to create an almost permit ready submission to the city. They do not include any engineering or have any engineering consultants on their team. There will be additional costs for this. They send your plans out to sub trades long before you get through permitting. We found most subs increased their prices as their proposals were only good for 30 days. Also, we only received one single bid per sub trade. Given the current market conditions, these subs are months away from any kind of service. After contacting byop for additional bids, none came. Needless to say our pool is well under construction using all contacts and subs found outside of their services. If you are simply looking for pool plans then this is the place.
8 months ago
Betty Fennelly
BYOP provides planning and permit application. They send the plans to several contractors who then send you bids. We just finished our pool with them and I’m sure we saved about $10k. If you have time, want to save money, and don’t mind being keenly frustrated for a few weeks - this is the way to go. Why? You are the project manager. You must coordinate all the subs. And they are uninterested in committing to a certain time or even day to show up. We both work and have a large dog. So we needed to know when people would be coming to work. Once your fence is down they think they can just show up whenever - and they do! I also had to go back to engineering to have them reengineer the rebar due to the soil issues in our area. But. Now we have a beautiful pool which we will enjoy for many years to come. We did buy the equipment from them and it’s pricey but it’s also top quality. We began on 6/15 and pool was finished early September. We did not fail any inspections and luckily we had a water source where they placed pool equip (the things they didn’t ask us at design.). Also be prepared for landscape destruction. I understood this only hypothetically. Reality was much more pervasive.
9 months ago
Michael Rosales
We used build your own pool and we saved about 20% of what the pool companies quoted us for the same pool. We worked with Drew who was very helpful and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Our pool turned out amazing and was completed in about half the time the major pool companies had quoted us. All of the subcontractors that we used were awesome! We used Construction Plus for our tile and masonry work and their attention to detail and quality of work really made our dream pool a reality!
6 months ago
Yehoshua Fried
My wife and I were excited to use build your own pool due to the many positive reviews. We bought the best premier plan. Unfortunately we didn’t have a good experience. First, we were never contacted after we bought out plan and had to make many calls to get out pool plan. We never received the 3D pool plan as stated online for the premier package and never received the help we needed to build our pool. Thankfully we had a friend who built his own pool that walked us through the process. The biggest issue we had was that they had the wrong dimensions on our pool plan. This caused several issues as our pool was bigger than what the plan had. We had to have the contractors rebid after the excavation due to the difference. We would have built a smaller pool due to the increased price after the accurate dimensions were given but it was too late because the pool was already dug. This caused a huge issue when we had the inspector come because the permit information they submitted was incorrect. We had to pay additional money to revise the permit and had to go three different times to fix. Overall, this was a terrible experience and caused many more headaches than benefits. We would not recommend build your own pools.
7 months ago
Justin Hoilman
Great experience building a pool with this company. Staff was great to work with from design, equipment purchase and subcontractors. Start to finish was less than 4 weeks. I highly recommend Build Your Own Pool.
10 months ago
Charles Tucker
They called to schedule a meeting to discuss getting a pool. They even text me the confirmation time and date. So I am sitting around waiting for someone to show up at 4pm. Around 5pm I finally text and ask if they are still coming, nothing. I texted again around 7pm, still no response. Finally around 8pm I get a text saying he was “obviously” busy and can still come out. No thank you, and thank you for wasting my day.
8 months ago
wyatt fedora
todd and staff were very knowledgeable and responsive. just understand what you are buying: advice, drawings and direct access to pool industry subcontractors. they are not general contractors. they do not have any control over the subs. you can and will save a lot of money but you are responsible for the project as a whole. in hindsight, i would have changed a couple of things that “you don’t know what you don’t know”. but no regrets in choosing byop.
7 months ago
Shaanan Cohney
Used this company 5 years ago. Good prices
4 months ago
Brian Searles
Used them several years ago to build a pool and was very pleased. This time around no one returns phone calls or answers emails in less than a week. We were sold the premier package and were given horrendous service and assistance. Never lived up to promises and when we asked for a slight return of the extra money we paid they emailed us a copy of the agreement we signed basically saying that they are not obligated to live up to anything they promise. We were sent pool plans for other peoples pools, in floor design for other peoples pools. It took months to get our actual paperwork. If you decide to use them absolutely do not pay for anything more than the basic package. You will also notice in your agreement that you are required to buy the equipment from them. We shopped the equipment around and received quotes on average 20% less from several other suppliers. This service has become nothing more than a fee to sell egregiously marked up pool equipment.
6 months ago
Ezequiel Reynoso
My wife got diagnosed with cancer right after I signed up and started getting some of the bids but had gotten no further than that. I realized that I wouldn't have the time to take on this project. I told BYOP about my situation and asked for a PARTIAL refund because I recognized that they had done some of the work. Their response was cold and probably the worst customer service I have ever encountered. They said that had provided all the services that I had paid for and basically told me to go pound sand. When I was sold this bill of goods they told me that they would be with me every step of the way. If they truly did provide all the services I paid $2,000 for then I will say that this service is a complete and utter rip off. If they do actually help you throughout the process then they flat out lied. Either way, there are some major ethical problems with the way they do business. Also if you look at their "wholesale equipment" side of things, it is where they really stick it to you. The prices are not really discounted and it looks like they take advantage of the first time pool builder by almost forcing you to buy your equipment from them. I would stay away from BYOP.
6 months ago
Maria Drieghe
Great customer service. They are very prompt and follow up often. Drew and John were great to work with.
7 months ago
green kitty
The BYOP experience up until now has been great. Drew was very helpful and welcoming with my ton of questions. We have saved a lot of money. Thanks BYOP!
6 months ago
Bruce Preston
Awesome. Todd guided me through every step of the process. We love our pool and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND BYOP to anyone wishing to save money by doing the legwork herself.
6 months ago
Gabrielle Larochelle
What a hidden gem! If you need to save money on parts and chemicals for your pool this place has the lowest prices I have EVER seen. I can't praise their staff's knowledge enough they know so much and have advice for homeowners on maintaining even larger pools. If you ever decide your going to put a pool in your backyard this is a place to consider. Great job guys!
3 months ago
fatah Ali
Great experience working with the folks here! They are attentive and helped me at every step. After speaking a few times, we decided on a design that I liked and saved me thousands of dollars in the process. The pool turned out great and my family and friends enjoy time spent swimming during the hot summer!
10 months ago
Best experience ever! We truly feel as though we saved over 20,000$. Ryan P. was awesome and he was very helpful throughout the entire process. It's not hard at all and well worth the money saved. Plus all of the contractors they work with will also help you or make recommendations at each phase. These Contractor's are the same ones that build pools for the large companies, you just cut out the middle man and save money! Tyler F.
5 months ago
Chantel Cable
Paying for anything but their cheapest package is foolish. I bought the most expensive one and it wasn’t worth it. If you want anything more than a basic pool don’t use them. The extra permit fees and any additional engineering is not included.
8 months ago
Amireview eToolz
The BYOP process thus far is a really cool experience. Learning the project management side of your very own idea or close it is a neat experience. I cannot wait for the finish product. This is cool. Wouldn't mind doing it for my next house if I had to.
10 months ago
Austin Bodnar
Great experience.. very helpful..saved money
6 months ago
Jennifer Edge
The only pool company I purchase my pool equipment from. John will help you out with all your pool needs. I used their services to build my pool. I saved money and now have a beautiful pool. Thank you!
5 months ago
Peter Felch
Our experience with BYOP has been excellent so far. We are at the beginning of the process and so far are very impressed. My initial phone call with Roy was pleasant and all questions were answered. We had our initial consult meeting followed by in house to discuss details of our pool design. We feel Roy has really listened to our ideas and added feedback per his experience. He did not pressure us to do anything upscale that we weren't interested in. Our first draft of our pool really brought to light our vision! We cannot walk to continue working with BYOP!
10 months ago
Ludlow Films
BYOP was the best way to go to build our pool. They delivered exactly as promised. We used them to help design/build our pool and backyard. They were quick responsive and knowledgable. I asked many many questions and they always answered quickly and gave great advice. Our project was completed in much less time than and expected and we saved thousands of dollars. If you want to get more for your dollar and have more control over your project they are a great way to go. As a plus Ryan and John were the reps we dealt with and I can't recommend them more.
2 months ago
Paul McPhater
Just finished up our pool build with the help of BYOP and we are very pleased. After meeting with 7 different pool builders we were shocked by the price quotes we received. Then we were turned on to BYOP from friends of friends that just had completed their project. We were very skeptical as neither my wife nor I have any background in construction or even project management. But after talking it over with someone that had just completed their pool and was happy we decided to give it a go. With the help of BYOP throughout the process, we made it through and felt confident during each phase of the project. Now don’t get me wrong, we were very nervous on the first couple of days of excavation, but every trade that BYOP referred us to was very professional and did an excellent job. Overall we saved money and still upgraded our project in several areas. Thank you BYOP for the support and we are happy to our pool done and ready for the 2019 summer season!
7 months ago
Roger Sturgell
This company tells future clients to go have another pool builder design the pool for free and bring the design back to them and they'll builder it using the owner builder method. This speaks strongly to the character, morals and ethics of the owner as well as the the company as a whole. Dont waste someone's time, that's decietful. If you want a byop have them design the pool for you. I just couldn't believe thats what they wanted me to do. If I'm wrong feel free to correct me and I will post the content I saved word for word off your sight. Definitely not trusting someone with that kinda if ethics. I cant believe it
8 months ago
Crazy campaign
I've purchased several parts from BYOP and John is wonderful and his helpers there, too. We have had good luck with them having the parts we need and the prices are better than anywhere else. Very grateful to find them!
2 days ago
Yairh Navarro
Loved working with Todd at BYOP. He was with me every step of the way and helped me get through this project. I am grateful to him for always being there to answer my many questions!
5 months ago
Joe Huetteman
Great experience with BYOP. We were nervous to take on this project but Ryan is extremely helpful and made it easy. BYOP gives you the opportunity to build your own pool and save thousands!! So glad we used them!
5 months ago
Arlene DeBeck
Very interesting place, it's medium size store has alot of equipment selection very good customer service and very interesting concept.
8 months ago
Todd Miller
The BYOP program was easy to work through and gives you flexibility to make changes as you go. You have more control of your project and get more for your money.
1 month ago
John Theodor
I wish we would have went with a pool builder. Here is my very detailed review sharing our experience. 1. We began on 4/15/18 with Bill coming to our home to take a look at our yard and what ideas we had about our dream oasis. It was a fun, exciting, and happy time seeing the drawings, and seeing what our yard would look like with an awesome pool, waterfall, decking, etc. We were hooked and ready to go! We paid the $1995 on the spot and were eager to get the ball rolling. Bill advised we would most likely have our pool done by end of June to mid-July. (As I write this, it is 9/15/18 and our pool has rebar and ready for shotcrete, however, failed inspection) 2. By 5/7, (22 days later) we had not heard anything. We were waiting for bids from contractors that never came. We were waiting for our permit, which never came. We wrote Bill an email to formally request a refund of our $1995, as we felt like we were not getting any service. Bill called my husband immediately to ask for our confidence to move forward and he will get right on it. We decided to trust Bill and were leary, but hopeful. 3. Our first bids started coming in on 5/10 and it was AWESOME! 4. We were under the impression that BYOP handled the permit and we were in the dark about the permit process. So we contacted Bill on 5/15 to ask about the permit, as we were ready to start hiring contractors to move forward. Bill advised us we should be receiving it in the mail, so we patiently waited, again. However, our permit application wasn't sent to the City of Maricopa until 5/22, a month and a half after we paid $1995. We didn't know the process of the permit application, which we entrusted to BYOP, as they note on their website: Permit Application & Submittal Check sheet, Permit Submittal Service to City/County offices. The Site Plan sent to the city was rejected. The City accepted and approved the re-submittal on 6/5. On 6/13 the City approved our Permit with conditions. “Covered patio column weep screeds within 5’ of the pool must be bonded.” While all the above was happening, we had no clue. We contacted the City and didn't know that we had to pay nearly $500 for the permit. We thought BYOP handled everything to do with the permit, so we contacted Bill again on 7/10 to advise him that the permit was ready and that the fees were not paid, so it was not going to be sent in the mail (like he had mentioned in early May). On 7/11, he advised us, “The permit cost was added to the total pkg. cost,not the fee cost. Call me if you would like any additional information on this.” On 7/11 we paid the fee and received our permit right away in the form of a PDF. It was great to get another item done. 5. On 7/16, Pre-grading and layout was completed, and we were so happy. The middle of the pool seemed kind of narrow, so we asked Bill if it was possible to widen it, as we were no longer getting a pergola. Bill was right on it and sent us a revised drawing with a wider pool. It was a very happy day. 6. July 25th excavation began! Plumbing on August 1st, then the lovely monsoons came. Due to the monsoon rains, we had to wait for rebar and electrical. Rebar was done on 8/19, and then electrical on August 21st. We were so excited to see everything taking place! We have to say that John and Rhonda are AMAZING! Very helpful and responsive with purchasing all of the pool equipment. 7. Next item up was the pre-gunite inspection from the City. Inspector came out on 9/5 and we were on the edge of our seats. Unfortunately, our inspection failed! This was the reason, “Not Approved. 1. Minimum 36" egress pathway required between pools edge and adjacent walls. This pathway does not exist behind the waterfall (marked as 36" on site plan, measures 17") and to the right of waterfall (marked as 38" on site plan, measures 30"). Please adjust accordingly to accommodate the 36" egress minimum. Correct and schedule re-inspection.” We emailed Bill right away for help, and he responded right away. I will update more once we get further along in the process.
5 months ago
Megan Peters
Great supply house.
8 months ago
Jacob Spenadel
Be nice if they answered the phone and returned messages.
5 months ago
Timothy Pendrys
Wow good guys very helpful
1 month ago

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