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Address: 10 Junction St, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia
Phone number: +61 407 803 003

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I started at Square Peg in the beginners class and have been a student at Square Peg for a couple of years, I even did a zoom class during the COVID lockdown. I've found all courses thoroughly enjoyable and have created some wonderful pieces of jewellery and had a lot of fun doing so. I have just completed Emily's 7 week Tuesday night class and completed some beautiful work. I found Emily to be very patient with a limitless bank of knowledge and skill that she is only too happy to share with all her students. 5/5
2 months ago
Nicole Babbitt
SquarePeg Studios is an exciting and inviting hub for all things Contemporary Jewellery - love this space!
5 months ago
Shelby Haworth
an amazing open plan studio with friendly, kind and knowledgable teachers. I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops I have attended at square peg. thank you for creating this beautiful space!
10 months ago
I booked a one day ring making course for my daughter and I.We had a wonderful time and came away with two gorgeous unique rings.Our tutor Danielle was amazing - very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. We will be back again.
8 months ago
Aleksandr Zavgorodny
I have done several courses at Square Peg and with every course I have learnt so much and had such an enjoyable experience. The space has been carefully considered and is well layed out and cared for and has all the equipment needed for the work. The classes are small and during Covid, the studio has been strict with social distancing measures whilst still maintaining a sense of class collegiality and practical demonstrations. The teacher is always there to help and guide you as your skills grow and it is a fun, supportive learning environment. If you are looking for a skills based, practical course learning Metalcraft, then definitely give Square Peg a go. Highly recommend.
10 months ago
Nahyun Kim
Square peg is a creative hub for learning, creativity, and fine tuning your skills in contemporary jewellery making. The courses are short yet very fulfilling, and the teachers patiently guide through each process from start to finish.
4 months ago
Bunny Carey
Just finished the 4 day summer school beginners course. What an awesome experience. I had zero experience, with this the guidance of our wonderful tutor Emily, I managed to make two rings and a hobby for life. I can’t believe how much I learnt!
3 months ago
Rachel Bussert
Beyond amazing place. The artists who teach the classes are so lovely. I never felty afraid to ask anything as they were so warm and receptive!
2 months ago
Joshua Sestak
Went to an open studio. What a fantastic space full of inspiring jewellers!
3 months ago
Elizabeth Villalobos
It is great to have courses that are technically focused and SquarePeg delivers those in an accessible and supportive way. I really developed my soldering skills so that I now can do some very sophisticated work where previously I was afraid to use the torch. I have done the wax carving and come away with a piece that everyone wants to have too. I use the silicone mould-making knowledge to make 3D forms for casting, but I also use it make chocolates as well! I have also attended the Atelier program throughout 2016. This course hasn’t just developed my skills, but it has helped me clarify my ideas too. I have seriously broadened my repertoire of forms and techniques. The teaching is very student centred and flexible. The conversation and brainstorming that happens in the group has really helped me solve any challenges I have had so I really feel that I am in an inclusive community of practice.
5 months ago
Becca Huffman
Square Peg is a great space with a very creative vibe. My experience with both a weekly workshop and intensive weekend workshops teaching particular jewellery techniques have been so instructive and fun.Majella Beck is able to impart her knowledge in a very concise and practical way. The overall experience is one I would recommend unreservedly.
7 months ago
Britni Russell
Did the 4 day intensive, perfect size class, excellent tutorage, lovely studio. Thoroughly recommended.
7 months ago
Samantha Miller
SquarePeg Studios provide expert tuition for beginners and advanced jewellery making students in a friendly environment. Majella Beck is a fantastic teacher and I can thoroughly recommend the evening classes and weekend workshops to anyone wanting to learn or to improve their jewellery making skills and techniques.
7 months ago
glenn jones
Great gallery space - open, industrial feel. Psyched to hear they also do classes; will be heading back.
9 months ago
Eiram Honesta
i open new shope so i need to learn asp
5 months ago
Mother Shabazz
2 months ago

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