Bibs Polishers Jewellery Workshop

Jewelry store Bibs Polishers Jewellery Workshop, 31 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8DH, United Kingdom: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Bibs Polishers Jewellery Workshop
Rate: 5.0
Address: 31 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8DH, United Kingdom
Phone number: +44 20 7404 2355

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 51.5198246
Longitude: -0.1081260

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Eddie Belaval
I've been using Bibs for about 5 years now, I'm private not business. I've never had a bad experience, great quality, quick service at a very good price. For private individuals such as me I feel confident of never getting tucked up. Highly recommend
8 months ago
Roger Sturgell
I've known Habib and used his workshop for over half my life now, and can vouch for the fact that a large percentage of the trade in the local area make use of his workshops numerous services! The prices are very reasonable, turnaround is quick and the advice will be honest.
2 months ago
Jennifer Jamison
Got some rings cleaned for £10 each - great value and a relatively quick turnaround (ready within 6 working days). They answer the phone and respond to email
1 month ago
Janet Mcdougal
I loved it. If you are looking for bespoke jewelry, this is the place to go. They do not have "stock" offerings - e.g. trays and cases of ready to wear jewelry - you tell them what you want, whether it's a picture, sketch, description, etc and they make it for you. The only limits are your imagination, material specifications, and pocketbook. One of the best aspects though is cost which is far less than you would pay at a conventional jeweler, if you could even get what you want. It's about as close to wholesale as you can get. Turnaround/manufacturing time is also very fast, but the absolute time does revolve on complexity. However, do note that they are cash only and have no facility for taking credit or debit cards. Highly recommended.
5 months ago
Sarah Lynch
I came across Bibs Polishers by chance 5 years ago and since then they have become like family. You can place your jewellery and can be assured they will do a great Job! Staff excellent special mention of the Manager Daaim, Dill and the main man Habib. Efficient, craftsmanship is beyond imagination. Jobs can be completed within hours. I have gone to them when I’ve needed urgent jobs they deliver and I’m sure I’ll have more urgent jobs to come! Jewellery is about craftsmanship and meeting clients demands, Bibs Polishers do that for sure. Keep up the Fantastic Work!! MM
7 months ago
Phillip Park
Highly recommended jewellery workshop Professional workmanship, courteous people State of the art machinery
9 months ago
Maria Pelkey
Absolutely jewel of a place, the worksmanship and price are of the purest carat. Its rare to come across a place that delivers such superb service!!!!!
9 months ago
Pj Fallon
Had an eye opening experience going to the most friendly and most hospitable jewelry polishing workshop . The person who served us had knowledge of diamonds and explained in detail about the 4 C's ( you have to go to find out what it is ) . I was then, taken to the workshop to see behind the scenes - I was mesmerised at how much goes behind the scenes . The intricacy , the detail and the finishing that goes behind each ring is mind blowing . As a nice suprise, they polished my diamond ring and we all watched in amazement at the craftsmanship and skill that went into the polishing and shine . Staff were all very pleasant and they talked us through the process. I definitely recommend this service to all, and will be going back to purchase a ring, tailor made.
10 months ago
Thomas Berisaj
Brilliant work carried out so quickly and efficiently. I was so impressed. Highly recommended.
10 months ago
PR Chel
Amazing!!!! Replaced diamond on my engagement ring in less than 5 minutes and didn't even charge me! Great peoples skills! Im over the moon
9 months ago
Kassidy Smith
Will do rush jobs faster than instant ! Great service and very professional
8 months ago
aman sagoo
Wonderful workmanship and reasonable prices. Quick turn around also which is very useful
5 months ago
Anna Lane
Popped into bibs on recommendation , i bought a ring in Dubai, ten years ago, recently had cleaned in Dubai and diamond came out, the lovely man at bibs replaced and cleaned and didn’t charge me, how Does that ever happen , they were so nice , I would recommend and use again and again, thank you so much !
1 month ago
Piyush Jain
Best repairers in England never mind the city. Upto date customer service, excellent eye for detail.
8 months ago
edward tiliinghast
Amazing service/value - just had my ring cleaned and it looks amazing - thank you
9 months ago
Sharon Ki
Always get a great service from bibs. For the past 10 years they have been making top class jewellery for my store and my customers are always happy
9 months ago
Laura MacLeod
Great, quick service. Very pleased!
9 months ago
Andre A
Told me where to buy replacement pieces inexpensively (Bellore--awesome shop where you can craft bespoke jewelry). Bibs beautifully repaired my earings on-sight, same day. Other shops asking £60 - £95, but the final cost, including new materials, was > £10! Can't wait to wear the earrings tmrw!
8 months ago
Betty Jones
Best Jewellery Designer & Fast service in WAX Printing in all over the UK, Very good in Mounting, Setting & Polishing. The final products it was very satisfactory.
9 months ago
Zack Moffatt
Fantastic work! The ring they have made just came out perfect
11 months ago
D Jackson
They doing excellent job! ????????
9 months ago
Wendy Fortner
Exceptional workmanship and service, good prices too. And with a great sense of humour! Thank you I'll be back!
2 months ago
Mary Wallen
Best workshop in London
2 months ago
Benjamin Briskin
Just nice people to deal with always try to accommodate your needs.
9 months ago
Tina Eaton
I took my necklace in to have a stone put back in. Not only did they put it on for free but also gave it a nice polish so it was shiny again. Lovely workers!
2 weeks ago
Manoj Narang
My new favourite!
8 months ago
Francisco Legaspi
Good quality repairs
10 months ago
Sowmya Chiranjeevi
Great quality of work
5 months ago

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