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Address: 516 High St, Bellingham, WA 98225, United States
Phone number: +1 360-650-3084

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Hazel Baily
Most people don't realize that the Wilson Library is a publicly funded institution and open to the general public. Located just west of Red Square near the center of campus, Wilson Library faces Old Main and is one of the oldest structures on campus. Located on the top floor of the original library building, the Wilson Reading Room houses a portion of the library's Northwest Collection and is primarily dedicated to quiet study. Often referred to as the "Harry Potter Room" by students because of its resemblance to the main hall in the Harry Potter movies, the Wilson Library Reading Room is typically furnished with large wooden tables and chairs. The reading room is also utilized for special events by the university and foundation. Today, I'm attending an event featuring The Justices of the Washington State Supreme Court who are on campus today and hearing ital arguments in a couple of cases in the Wilson Reading Room tomorrow.
5 months ago
Terissa Humphrey
Sometimes it is quiet, most times there are students blasting their laptops, hanging out and flirting in the private study rooms rather than actually studying which can be irritating because it is a library. Why come to the library to disturb others? Students seem to think "there are more of us hanging out here so we can be as loud as we want, majority rules" overrules the fact that it is a library.
7 months ago
Troy G
This is a great library and I'm glad they keep it open to the public and it has such good hours
3 months ago
Amita Daniel
Yeah the library's pretty okay. It's a shame there's not a 3.5 star option. SUMMER HOURS have irked me for years and just today my girlfriend got there at 5:45 with important work to do and couldn't get in. Prioritize library hours, Western! College administration budgets are ballooning across the country but during the summer WWU library has worse hours than an effing bank. Aside from that it's pretty and with many resources but with a lot of empty space you have to walk through to get to the books or chairs. Finally, last time I checked, they had too many apple computers. Not bad, but many little things amiss.
2 months ago
Charrise Kidd
Great facilities and staff! The writing center or tutoring center are great places to get 1on1 help (free for students!), plus you can also check-out laptops for up to 5hrs (free for students). Lots of school computers, desks, whiteboards. Wonderful place to study.
10 months ago
Brent Rushing
Beautiful building
10 months ago
Sue Atkinson
Summer hours are a joke! At least at CWU, our summer hours actually accommodated the summer students who were paying to go to school there! Plus, the staffers are very rude, although not the students staff. They are friendly. I'm referring specifically to the paid administrative staff. They don't just close at 5 p.m., they actually close at 4:30 so that they can desert the place by 5! Them and their precious CBA. What a freakin rip off for all the money I pay for tuition for summer quarter!
5 months ago
Debra Nix
Huge variety of books and other media. There's a computer lab open to the community too
1 month ago
Dorothy Vargas
1 month ago
Brody Buchanan
7 months ago
Andrew Mariano
1 month ago
Romas Mitchell
7 months ago
Wilson Lima
5 months ago
francisco ambrocio
10 months ago

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