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Shipping and mailing service The UPS Store, 605 SW E US Hwy 40, Blue Springs, MO 64014, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 605 SW E US Hwy 40, Blue Springs, MO 64014, United States
Phone number: +1 816-224-6299

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Алена Венюкова
Went to get a few docs notarized and Jen was amazing! Super polite and went beyond the call of duty to help me! You do have to make an appointment but that’s to help with social distancing. I recommend Jen for all you notary needs!!
9 months ago
Варя Руднева
Awesome place to deal with.. employee took my cell phone return before they even opened the store took a picture of the box then handed it to her .. store number 4375
9 months ago
Юлия Мытрова
My husband and I went here to ship an item and long story short, we got scammed with who the item was being sent to, so we called after they had closed to see if we could get ahold of anyone and we decided to just go up and see. Luckily, the store owner was there, Jen. And she helped us out, called the driver, got it back for us and we picked it up the next day!!! So thankful for how helpful she was! 5 stars!!!!
7 months ago
Алексей Ефимов
I am a frequent visitor of this particular store. Typically I am very prepared with what needs to be sent today however I was not Jess was very patient with me and offered me a solution to my problem. I truly appreciate the professionalism of all of the employees at this UPS store and recommend it to everyone I know!
8 months ago
Валентина Колесникова
Always friendly, fast service, dependable. Have used them for years and never had any problems.
8 months ago
Вячеслав Сизов
Not a good experience. Apparently the woman who is a notary can only handle one per hour by appointment only. Turning away two customers in less than 10 minutes. Went to the UPS store in Independence where the customer service was much better.
10 months ago
Елена Чертова
Nice people and work great with helping me ship my items
7 months ago
Юрий Иванов
Amazing staff super professional very helpful even when coming back to handle an issue not caused by them they went above and beyond to help me make it right absolutely recommend this store The notary woman is awesome
1 month ago
Дмитрий Атаулин
Awesome store/people to work with --- I live out in California and bought a real big bulky item from this area. The seller brought item to this store and Jen communicated with me during packing and shipping to my location. The big bulky item came packed professionally with no damage whatsoever. This store takes care of its packages and customers. One of my best out-of-state shipping/delivery experiences. Best wishes to Jen and the rest of the staff.
3 weeks ago
Игорь Морозов
Have been coming here for years and usually receive quick, friendly service. This time the guy who "helped" me was short with me and unfriendly. When I walked in he was in a group of employees just chatting so it's not like I was dragging him away from important work. Hate to lose my favorite UPS store but don't want to bother or deal with that guy again.
8 months ago
Михаил Хомутский
I LOVE this store! I came here regularly for years making copies for adoption paperwork and got to know the owner Jen. Last week, Jen once again went above and beyond helping me with some tax paperwork. The customer service is top notch and is why I continue to go back!
8 months ago
Антон Грицаенко
I could go to a closer UPS store but why? The employees here are polite, respectful and very helpful. They are also very quick. I get tickled because my husband usually drops me off and by the time he gets the car parked, I am outside. Thank you all for being you. Tina H.
8 months ago
Алла Алла
We where driving on I70 moving from Kansas to Maine and my car was over loaded. So, we have the idea of just ship the over weight via UPS. So we found this store. We show up and ask what they can do to help me... The help me to unload the bagage from my car. Make the boxes for me and even hold it until i have arrived in Maine. Then they ship the 150 lb box and arrive the same day as me. The owner and the GM of this store where extremely helpful with us. We ha to thank you very much for what you guys do for us. That was a good last day in MO. Thanks you!!!!
10 months ago
Анна Ткачишина
This store always gives me the best customer service. I think what I enjoy the most about the experience is the patience each staff member demonstrates. I also love how Jen Is never intimidated by the projects I send her. She helps me think through the project and offers assistance at every turn. Roy is a solution driven person. When I walk in to this store I feel like I am at home. I feel like no question is a stupid question and I feel confident in the advice they give me. I have been a customer for 5yrs. I appreciate the consistency of staff training. This company is a prime example of leading by example; when leadership displays kindness and professionalism then the rest of the staff follows. Thank you for being awesome owners and staff members.
6 months ago
Ольга Морозова
I have owned a landscaping business for a little over 10 years. Jen and Roy have been there every step of the way. From flyers to billing and mailing and po boxes. To laminating and spiral binding my bids. My home computer recently crashed and they have went above and beyond letting me us the office computer to keep my business going. I can not express enough how great they are. They greet you with your name and a smile and know there stuff. I can honestly say my business would not be where it is today with out them. I will be a customer here for the remainder of my life. Thank you Jen and Roy for always treating me like family.
7 months ago
Илья Барашев
I can not help but write a stellar review for this store today! I've been a customer for well over a decade and Roy, Jen, and the entire staff throughout the years have always been great. I volunteer for a local organization that was walking in the Fall Fun Fest parade today but we did not have our fliers made yet. I got the flier prepped last night and arrived at the store this morning to get this done last minute. Unfortunately, there were a couple problems with my flier that I didn't realize until I was at the store, and it was CRUNCH TIME! The employee who helped me, Erica, was outstanding! She worked some magic, got the issues resolved, made the copies (two-sided that need to be cut in half), cut them, rang me up, and sent me on my way with enough time to deliver the fliers to my group! I am so grateful for the way I was treated, the support I got, and the final product. I rarely write a review, but this place has proven worthy of my praise!
9 months ago
Наталияпремудрая Кряжева
Friendly and fast service. Prices not bad
10 months ago
Оксана Крупник
I had the worst experience ever at this location. Got helped by the person named Jeanette and she had to ask me over and over again my address and phone number , she could not understand a single word I was saying. She was either discriminating me or just simply she was not qualified for the position she was taken.
9 months ago
Аришка Ефремова
Jen went way above and beyond to help us out during a bad situation with a package we had sent to NYC. The incident was out of her control but she still consistently tried to communicate with the NYC employees and she even made herself accessible to us when we had a question no matter the time of day. She treated us as though we were good friends even though I'm sure at some point she wished she had never got involved haha! It is so good to know that there is still top quality customer service based businesses out there! On a side note, every time we need to go into this store, for whatever reason, ALL of the employees are very friendly and professional.
9 months ago
Эльдар Бозиев
I trust the Blue Springs UPS Store for all my special printing needs. In the past, they have printed and sent art for a competition; printed and bound a manuscript for revisions; and printed a legal-sized, designed book for a proof. Their staff is professional, the prices are reasonable, and the turnaround time always exceeds my expectations. On my latest project, Jen called to clarify what I needed and tested a couple different papers to ensure I would have the best product possible. I would highly recommend this store!
10 months ago
Анна Шелест
The “owner “ of this store Jen H. Is rude and how she speaks to customers is disgusting. She obviously was never taught / trained on how to handle people, and in the customer service world we call that. ????????PEOPLE SKILLS ???????? She has NO clue on how to handle has escalated matters. Talking over customers causing them to have to repeat themselves and disconnecting the call is not how a business “owner” acts . It is sad that someone like her owns a business and Bluesprings . Jen H. Here are customer service skills you should probably get trained/ taught. Remember customers are the reason why you “own” that franchise . Remember that next time you open up your mouth and a disgusting way ..... ???? Patience. ???? Attentiveness. ... ???? Clear Communication Skills. ... ???? Knowledge of the Product. ... ???? Ability to Use "Positive Language" ... ???? Acting Skills. ... ???? Time Management Skills. ... ???? Ability to "Read" Customers.
11 months ago
Мишаня Куроедов
This store went above a beyond to help me make party favors for a birthday party. They worked to make it look extremely professional and all within my budget. Highly recommend them for all your marketing and printing needs
10 months ago
Михаил Кузьмин
Great Customer Service, it was extremely busy day and the staff was more than just helping everyone get their packages mailed. Jen was fantastic and helped me with my notary and mailing of a package.
10 months ago
Анечка Малыхина
I have used this UPS Store location on MANY occasions for several different services and have always had a great experience. On one particular occasion, I needed to ship a shadowbox with the vest of a deceased brother. The employees took particular care of my fragile piece and even helped to construct a customized box so that it fit perfectly and helped to reduce the overall shipping dimensions. I give them my highest recommendation , quick and friendly service. Thank you.
1 month ago
Люба Котикова
Staff is very friendly and helpful. Always on top of things and very fast friendly service.
9 months ago
Семён Иванов
This is my to go place for all my shipping needs. Very friendly and efficient no matter the time of year.
7 months ago
Сергей Нога
nice people for sure
3 months ago
Екатерина Унижаева
I use this UPS Store 10-12 times a year to mail packages and it's always such a pleasant experience! Everyone in the store is always friendly, upbeat and most helpful! I highly recommend using this UPS Store for mailing packages and thanks to them for their great service.
4 months ago
Иоанн Богданов
I have shipped many, many boxes to my family in Florida. This week I shipped a box of supplies to them due to the impending hurricane Irma. Jen at UPS not only watched the progress of my package but called me and gave me updates on the shipment. They are the best! Thank you from one worried Mom!
6 months ago
Мадонна Макинтош
Roy was awesome.. We bought some stuff while visiting here we had to ship home. He helded save on cost by cutting down a box.. Without us even having to ask! Will definitely be going back when we buy too much stuff to fly home in the future.
4 months ago
Мария Филатова
These guys are the greatest. They are helpful, friendly and go above and beyond for their customers. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
6 months ago
Саша Киричук
I have patronized the UPS Store in Blue Springs since 2004 and I have always received the very best service. I give this store and its staff my highest recommendation. A+++
10 months ago
Шамиль Керимов
UPS is known for shipping but I love the extra services that they provide. I needed to fax some personal document and they do that!
1 month ago
Арина Пахомова
I've been going to this UPS Store for quite some time; they have always been friendly and attentive.
8 months ago
Кира Макарова
Always friendly, helpful and professional! Great group of employees!
1 day ago
Лизка Гребенщикова
Friendly, quick and done right the first time
1 month ago
Виталий Овсянников
Very friendly and helpful!
6 months ago
Сергей Гапонов
Quick and convenient
3 weeks ago

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