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Party store The Party Place - Fort Smith, 1200 S Waldron Rd #126, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States: 145 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1200 S Waldron Rd #126, Fort Smith, AR 72903, United States
Phone number: +1 479-782-9494

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Marlan Bonner
Not a bad selection of stuff, once I found it. You might have better luck if you are female, they didn’t seem to want much to do with me until I spent $180 on birthday decorations. Will not go back.
7 months ago
Louise Blinn
Everything you need for a celebration of any kind! Every colour scheme, hundreds of choices. Beautiful selection of greeting cards also
7 months ago
Drew Reffitt
A lot of variety! But customer service was rude to several families of color that were in there besides us. Some items were over priced, and the exact same things could be found on oriental trading. Com
3 months ago
Kevin Pena
Love this place. It has everything!
2 months ago
Mike Bell
My wife and i came walking up a minute or two before they closed. We needed something for a last minute change in plans. We knew exactly what we needed and where it was. As we were walking up to the door the employee locked the door in our faces and walked away.
3 months ago
IBR Technologies
Great place to shop! Wonderful staff!
9 months ago
Shane Farley
This store has everything you could possibly want for a party. They have tons of themes, colors, and pinatas!!! They have decorations of many types and characters. No matter what kind or type of part your having, you will surely find what you want here. They are so wonderful too.. I didn't know I should order balloons in advance because let's face it, how long does it take to blow up a few balloons right?? Wrong!! Luckily for me they were so wonderful and took and completed my balloon order at the last minute and in the middle of all the Prom and Graduation festivities. They could've told me NO, but they didn't. They graciously took my order for 10 red, blue and silver and white balloons for my grandsons 1st Bday. They are good folks, and are very happy to help.
2 months ago
kavita gumaste
One of my favorite stores to go. They good quality stuff, thats probably why they just a bit higher in price, but again you pay for what you get! The stuff is always busy helping costumers, often they are busy and try to take over couple of people at the same time. Every time you come in - there is always someone asking if you need any help. Balloons they inflate is always made by standard size, so never less or over inflated. They have such great variety of products, easy to get more than you need. Besides, they do not mind to inflate balloons that came not from their store. Always super satisfied!
3 months ago
Hristo Yotev
Awesome place to shop with lots of choices for kids. Also a great cheap place for holidays. also a great place of your planning a birthday party we did everything and vamperina for my daughter and only spent $75. I had a recommen you going here and looking at Halloween costumes for they are cheaper than most of the other local stores. Great place to shop.
2 months ago
John Lagnese
4 stars for the amount of options. Would love to have a rewards system, coupons or something since we throw a lot of parties and it's all stuff that just gets tossed after use. I've never had the best customer service however. The guy that checked us out was nice but there was a line (and a long wait) and the only two employees were helping one customer. I see that it has been an issue in the past. They need to be trained to multi task or to split up. Overall happy with the selection/a variety.
7 months ago
Tech Fish
Kinda pricey. Think I may have found better deals online.
1 month ago
Chris Black
The staff was helpful! There's a wide variety of items. It is just that many of the things I was looking for were either too low in stock to be useful or simply out of stock (but there was plenty in other colors).
3 months ago
Chad Lusted
The party place always has just what I am looking for weather it’s a baby shower, birthday party, retirement party, costume party, they have it all I know I can always find what I need at party place, they have lots of characters to chose from for children my son loves it there will definitely be back for the next party!
4 months ago
Nicholas Meyer
Convenient but super over priced!
7 months ago
Taylor Olszewski
Great place to pick up whatever you need for a party or holiday decorations
4 months ago
Irfan Ahmed
Neat things to look at. But couldn't get any help. We waited almost 30 minutes. We finally walked out. response to the question posed to me, there were 2 employees helping other customers. But there was one employee sitting by a computer and she noticed us SEVERAL times. We hung around at the counter and the employee who was with another customer NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED US NOR DID HE TELL US HE WOULD BE WITH US AS SOON AS HE WAS FINISHED WITH HIS CURRENT TASK.
1 month ago
Kobe Stroobants
Any party items you need are usually at this store. Last Christmas I wanted gold icicles to top off my Christmas tree instead of silver. No matter how many big stores I went to I couldn't find gold! FINALLY I tried the Party Store, and YES, they had GOLD, tho they weren't called icicles! ????
9 months ago
Eric Shaffer
Great place for party balloons, supplies, and decorations and the store is huge. I also noticed they have 2 locations (Fort Smith and Rogers) which is great for me because I spend a lot of time in both places. The biggest surprise for me was their wide selection of Oriental Trading supplies. I didn't see anything about that on their website -- which for me, is the only negative. I thought the website could be a little more dynamic. But don't let that discourage you from visiting the store. They have a great supply of costumes, party favors, holiday decorations, and more. It really is the place to go IMHO for all your party needs.
7 months ago
Tonyell Gentry
The employees were friendly and super helpful. The merchandise is a little more pricy than Wal-Mart, but there's better selection and quality. Everything you need for a themed party in one place!
2 months ago
Mayra Buenrostro
We couldn't find what we wanted and had to hunt down someone for help. Not happy with this visit.
2 months ago
They have every theme you could imagine! A little pricey but a big selection. Cool place.
1 month ago
Lauren Spanks
Great store! Friendly staff. Open year round!
2 months ago
hiral patel
The staff was horribly rude and acted like they would rather be anywhere but helping the customers. The cashier was in such hurry that she marked my receipt incorrectly which meant if I had to return a different item on my receipt I would have difficulty doing so. I don't understand why she was in such a hurry considering no one was in line behind us.
9 months ago
Robert Ward
Party Place is a good place to go to get stuff for any kind of party you are having
3 months ago
The Party Place is a great place to go to get supplies/ideas for your party, birthday, charity benefit, or whatever you're trying to accomplish/ your needs for decorations. Also, the employee's are Very professional and friendly and give you good tips and advice!
4 months ago
Robin Brayson
Lots of good products
2 weeks ago
vivek m
Cool place- lots of stuff!! Good prices on seasonal items.
5 months ago
mahmoud badr
They have everything you could need for a party. The staff is very friendly. The only downfall are the prices. They are a little higher than most places. The price is worth it though.
1 month ago
Tracey Kelley
People were very helpful and greeted me at door and walked me straight to what i needed
4 months ago
Ellie Talley
The Fort Smith location was very unfriendly. I was in the costume room and noticed that another lady with glasses and dark hair was viewing items as well. Finally, she approached me and asked if I need some help. Shouldn't a customer be greeted first, then assisted? I walked around for a bit, then finally left. The store just wasn't inviting. I don't feel the need to spend my money where I don't receive common customer service. I am an African American female who was very displeased.. The other staff members appear to be young college students.. For a moment, I felt like they were prisoners and not allowed to speak. I was greatly disappointed!
8 months ago
Maki Gakou
Best variety of party supplies. Forget Wally World and Dollartree. You'll get everything you need for any party. Great costumes and balloons too.
8 months ago
Robyn Mcmillan
Great service good customer service! Definitely have everything you need for a party and more
4 months ago
Brady Kruchten
Great, friendly staff and they had everything I need.
4 months ago
Any Kim
Very fun! Lots to choose from. Will go back!
3 months ago
Soner Demirtas
Great experience everyone are always helpful..I love this place..
1 month ago
Jim Orkis
I run a bar. We throw parties every month. I always find what I need and more here
8 months ago
Timothy Parlatore
Beautiful store to fill all your party and Halloween needs, great staff and very helpful!
5 months ago
Rachael Taylor
Everything you need for educational needs
2 months ago
Pamie Miller
Selection is awesome! Staff is lacking knowledge
3 months ago
Emily Hart
Good selection of costumes and party stuff but pretty high prices
1 month ago
Rodolfo Valdez
I love the selection. A bit pricey though!
1 month ago
David Delp
fun stuff
1 week ago
Yossi Lieberman
Fantastic customer service. Super expensive.
4 months ago
owsla owsla
This place has a little of all things for parties. I have found lots of great items here at very reasonable prices.
7 months ago
Ryan Rydstrom
Lots to choose from! Great service!
1 month ago
Kevin Jones
Lots of costumes and party supplies. Very helpful people
8 months ago
Christine H
I really enjoyed the large selection of available party supplies. They had everything I was looking for(even things I didn't think I needed :))
10 months ago
Josh Therrien
Good place for party supplies, seems reasonably priced.
1 month ago
Jose Reyes
2 months ago
brian cummins
Low selection, employees seem to have little knowledge of products, dim lighting, dirty.
5 months ago

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