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Address: 1209 Meriden-Waterbury Turnpike, Plantsville, CT 06479, United States
Phone number: +1 860-620-9096

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Enrique Garza
I went to 3 different vets, spent thousands of dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with my dog. My dog was itching excessively and we were sleeping about 3 hours a night because he wouldn't stop scratching. His skin had marks and he was loosing his hair. It took these doctors 20 minutes to diagnose my dog. Now we are sleeping full nights and my dog is doing much better. I would like to publicly thank them for helping us. I am so grateful for them. Below are before and after photos of my baby.
2 months ago
Mitch Ball
Dr. Rothstein is a fantastic vet with a great personality to match. She goes the extra step to make sure Cosmo, or your pet is 100%. I just wish she could be our regular vet as well as a derm specialist.
1 month ago
bo Jackson
Dr. Rothstein turned my dog from a hot mess to a normal looking dog. We are so extremely grateful!
1 month ago
Mary Rigden
Very friendly and helpful. Were straight forward about what was necessary for my dog as I was concerned about the cost.
3 months ago
Donna Paddock
They are always so friendly and my puppy feels better after visiting
3 months ago
Tina Jonhs
We brought our pooch in because he has uncontrollable itching and scratching. We feared the conditions, mites, etc. After giving a thorough checkup as well as detailed questions and investigation Dr Rothstein concluded that he had a food allergy. A simple (but not inexpensive) change to specialized diet seems to have done the trick! Time will tell, but we are happy with the results so far! Thanks Doc!
1 month ago
Shakita Palmer
Wonderful caring vet. She knows how to assess issues and really helped my dog, Mimi. I appreciated her expertise and follow up. Recommended if you are struggling with pet skin or allergy issues. It is amazing to find medical professionals that have so much compassion and concern.
1 month ago
Jero Sanchez
We brought our Goldendoodle to Dr. Rothstein and not only was she kind, she was fabulous in treating our dog who was allergic "to everything" and had chronic ear infections that towards the end of her life "would just not heal". Her tenacity in getting our dog back to being comfortable was impressive and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Rothstein and her staff.
5 months ago
Sanmay Ved
They really helped by dog with his allergies. Highly recommend.
3 months ago
Reed Kreger
Don't waste your money neither time. We brought our white pit for consultation. She has bad allergies. The vet seemed to don't know what to do... kept asking for skin test and more test... after $$$ and lot of visits she told us that we should bring the dog to our regular vet... So finally a friend told us about Chippens Hill in Bristol... with one visit $ and one test the dog skin looks like nothing never happen... She is a happy dog again... not thanks to this people...
7 months ago
Dolores Lamanna
My experience was very uplifting one. You can see how dedicated Dr. Rothstein is in finding the solution, and she always talks to you directly when you call her office. We have a much happier dog now. B
9 months ago
Paul H
Our dog, Sky, had terrible allergies. She'd been scratching so badly that about 1/3 of her fur was gone. Our primary vet, as wonderful as they are, couldn't figure it out even after months of trying different things. They suggested we take her to Dr. Rothstein. Dr. R figured it out immediately and gave Sky a shot. It's the only thing that's worked for her other than steroids. Now we have a happy, healthy dog again. I can't recommend Animal Allergy and Dermatology Services highly enough.
7 months ago
Siana Jannesari
Excellent pet care takes time with your pet and listens to you
3 months ago
emily lom
Absolutely awesome Dr.!!! She's all about the animal and the best interest of them. She is great at what she does and is very down to earth. Wish there were more animal Dr's like her around.
1 month ago
Daniel Freeman
My wife and I loved Doctor Rothstein and her staff! They were funny, witty, and very knowledgeable.
8 months ago
Samuel Egbaiyelo
Dr Rothstein is A+,, THE BEST
2 months ago
Victoria Harp
We got our rescue, Mossie, back in June 2017 who has perianal fistulas. Dr. Rothstein and her vet tech have been amazing with Mossie, who is scared of her own shadow. They really care about the furbabies coming in and provide the psycho-education needed for us to understand the issue going on with her. Dr. Rothstein is great and Mossie loves her. We couldn’t ask for a better Doc and vet tech taking care of our Mossie!
7 months ago
Chris Hall
Great experience and very knowledgeable Took my rescued blue nose pit who scratches like crazy from mid July till end of September After skin biopsy was determined allergic to the seasonal pollen. Instead of asking for me to pay for an expensive prescription the vet said try benedryl first it's the cheapest and gave me the proper dog dosage to use; unfortunately we had to move to Claritin which is a little more costly but Delillah is now scratch free!!! Very satisfied and loved the way the office tried to help save me money
11 months ago
1 month ago
Kenric Martinez
7 months ago
Lorri Parody
5 months ago
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4 months ago
SakiVlo Tv
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Kevin Wulff
10 months ago

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