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Property management company Sloane Realty, 1982 Maybank Hwy, Charleston, SC 29412, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 1982 Maybank Hwy, Charleston, SC 29412, United States
Phone number: +1 843-795-4461

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Melissa Neuhoff
I work for Sloane Realty and I can see they really care a for their tenants and owners, and it's a great place to work :D
1 month ago
Alison Pahlkotter
Overall very professional. The employees have a very positive attitude. Of course nothing is perfect how ever overall I will give them. B+. The property I was renting had issues that the owner needed to deal with. It was not in their control. They handled them the best they could in this situation.
4 months ago
Tyrone Tressitte
Someone always responded in a very timely manner in the rare event I needed anything. They took excellent care of my property for a very reasonable fee. Also, they were consistently punctual with my invoices and payments. Shannan was especially wonderful as she took care of several issues on my behalf that the renters wanted at the last minute after I had already moved out of town. I highly recommend Sloane Realty and will only use them in the future!
11 months ago
Abigail Loughran
It is a shame that I have to leave a poor review after utilizing a Sloane for 6 years to manage my property. Ana is the only employee that followed up or responded to my requests. Shannan failed multiple times to respond to my emails to repair damages from previous tenants. The cell number on her emails is disconnected. Emailing Warren has resulted in no response. I am trying to sell my rental and need the repairs to be complete or at least a date. I have resorted to hiring my own repairman and cleaning company in order to help sell my house while Sloane sits on the deposit needed to cover tenant obligations. It has been 2 weeks since the tenants left and taking into consideration the holidays the least I deserved was a date to understand when the carpet would be cleaned and items repaired...even an acknowledgement that they received my 10 emails. Finally, I asked them to sell my house over the summer and had to go to another company due to lack of responsiveness. If I could give zero stars I would.
7 months ago
Becky Rippetoe
This is a very professional and caring company. I was searching for an apartment and they were very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this company to anybody looking to rent or purchase real estate in the Charleston area. They obviously care about their customers!
7 months ago
George Jensen
Celeste has been incredible! She took over a triplex I was struggling with managing on my own, got the necessary repairs done in a timely manner and rented/released all three units! She also rented another home for us very quickly with a rental amount to cover all of our expenses. She is very professional, kind and patient!! I would highly recommend her for all of your property management needs!
5 hours ago
earl kessler
Shannan was very informative & helpful. Thanks
2 months ago
David Stone
Sloane Realty has been great to work with! They have been quick to address our property issues. They have found us good tenants and helped get repairs completed in a timely and cost conscious way. I highly recommend.
11 months ago
Kashif Mehmood
For one. Sloan realty entered our house without knowing! Missing a few things after the man entered the home that worked there. There was never a 24 hour notice for them to enter the house and meanwhile I have 2 dogs that are a Doberman mix and a pitbull mix that were in their kennels but how did they know they were in their kennels without the neighbors who once again no one told us they were related to the owners and we feel like we can’t even be there without feeling like we are on the Truman show! I am a prisoner in my rental! NEVER USE SLOAN REALITY!!! Worst move I ever made!!!! If I could give them less than a 1 they deserve it for raiding through my stuff and kicking my dogs kennels so much my Doberman Peed his cage!!!!!!! OUTRAGED. If you use this company you have sold your soul to the DEVIL basically!!!!
7 months ago
Dustin Charrier
I've been working with this company for 30 years one of the best property management companies Charleston area I would recommend this company to everyone
9 months ago
Candy Pena
We are absentee landlords and Sloane manages multiple properties for us. The staff has been great! We can always count on them to handle any questions or concerns quickly and competently. They are simply the best at property management.
1 week ago
STAY AWAY: here is why... I have never left feedback about any company ever - but I feel that people need to understand what they are getting into before signing a lease with Sloane Realty. The whole year, I felt as if I had a job with Sloane Realty (be prepared). Awful at responding and even judgmental. Whenever there is a maintenance issue be prepared to call a dozen times (literally) and most likely they won’t even fix it. I had a leak in my ceiling from the hurricane in October, they never fixed it all year. They sent workers over who literally never fixed it until the last week of my lease. FRUSTRATING!! The homes they offer might be nice but no offense to the company, I would have much rather taken an uglier home than signed a lease with Sloane. I would like to go over another incident that was extremely annoying... Sloane left a balance of $1700 on my account. Everything was paid... why was there a balance on the account? Because Sloane Realty lost the receipt for my January rent. Luckily, I had a copy of the receipt or they would’ve charged me. They are still trying to charge me and ignoring my calls and my lease ended 2 weeks ago. If that is not the definition of a slum lord then I don’t know what is. There are some genuine people in the office but I’d rank the company a 3/10. Can’t run a good business trying to screw people over for their money. YOU ARE IN FOR 1 LONG RIDE WHEN SIGNING A LEASE WITH SLOANE REALTY. MY ADVICE... PICK A DIFFERENT COMPANY TO RENT FROM. Sloane will take hours from your day so that you will fix something instead of them doing their job. They make THEIR JOB YOUR JOB. I would recommend SkyGarden on Woolfe St. over any home with Sloane.
11 months ago
Dan Schmidt
Grateful my family was able to buy a home after less than a year of renting with and being consistently disrespected by this company. Truly hope their less-than-affluent renters are receiving decent treatment during this global crisis. But given that someone has taken the time to come here and argue with people who’ve had negative experiences (occasionally disclosing personal information), I’m not counting on it.
2 months ago
Robert Ward
Shannan rocked. Would use their services again and would recommend to anyone in the Charleston area looking for a spot. Go with Sloane if you are deciding between two different properties w/ different mgmt companies. They are staffed with good people.
1 month ago
harman harman
If there were a negative star rating for Sloane Realty as a company that would be what I would rate them. I have never experienced such lack of respect, care, attentiveness and professionalism in my entire life with ANY company or any group of people. Below is an email I sent to the owner of Sloane Realty back in in January, when we had only moved in during august. _________________________________________________ “ I, as well as my roommates, have had several problems with you guys as a company in the short time we have lived in this house. •We had our water shut off one time because you all did not send payments to the water company, and had to go without water over the weekend. •You all inaccurately assessed water damage in our house many times. •You all have not sent people out several times to fix maintenance issues. •My multiple requests to have someone come look and try to fix my porch lights that were damaged during the hurricane were ignored, and still are being ignored. •You all are trying to charge one of my roommates for rent that he paid in cash up front, because you all lost the receipt. •You all are trying to charge my Roomate fines pertaining to a dog situation because you guys claim that you can't find the documents that he in fact turned in. •My multiple requests for maintenance on the shower were ignored. I had to make contact with you all several times about it. •People from your company have not showed up or followed through with certain things that we have set aside time for. No tenant should have to experience these things. Everything that I just listed is factual information. We loved touring the house, we had very pleasant and professional interactions with your staff in the process of looking at the house, and renting the house. But I unfortunately am having to inform you of these things that have gone on during the short time we had lived in the house. We pay a lot for the house and love it, and we want to keep it the way it is and maintain the nice-ness of the house, and we do. We just feel that at times you guys don't hold up your end of our renting situation. This shower door fell on me when I was in the shower, and it honestly hurt pretty bad, and I was ignored several times when asking for maintenance on it, and now, after months of having one of the shower doors off of my shower, getting the bathroom floor wet, I am told that the nice, glass, shower door will not be fixed, and that instead the other door will be completely removed and there will be a rod installed and a plastic shower curtain from Lowe's hung up in its place. I would love to have pleasant, professional, friendly interactions with you guys, but unfortunately that ends up never being the case. I liked the shower and bathroom, and that is honestly one of the main reasons I chose that room and pay $1,400 in comparison to the other roommates. I thought this shower door should have been fixed along time ago and really was hoping today would be the day when the maintenance worker arrived. And I would have hoped that if I am downgrading from a nice sleek glass shower to a plastic curtain, that I would have something taken off my rent or compensated in some way. “ ____________________________________________________ Warren Sloane never responded to that email. They also never provided the plastic shower curtain and shower rod. It is now mid July when our lease is almost up and none of these issues have been fixed and we are still having problems. This is the most unprofessional establishment I have ever experienced or even heard of. PLEASE. I BEG YOU ALL AND WARN YOU. STAY AWAY FROM SLOANE REALTY.
2 weeks ago
Herb Klemz
Unless your looking to lose your deposit, be completely overcharged for basic services ($90 for replacing battery in Carbon Monoxide), and have your house inspected every 6 months for no reason, DO NOT RENT FROM SLOAN! As a property owner, they are not worth the crazy fees they charge you, as they do basically nothing for their fees, and will way overcharge you for anything that actually needs to be done. RUN DONT WALK AWAY FROM SLOAN!
1 week ago
Petitjean Emilie
Shannan Goodwin and Sarah Turocy have been nothing short of great people to work with. I have complete faith and confidence in Sloane Realty managing our property while stationed half way around the world.
11 months ago
Sharky Dentler
I am horrified. I signed up to view one of their homes that has a key lock box. SOMEONE LIVES IN A SMALL CONNECTED PORTION OF THE HOME. THERE ARE TWO DOORS THAT JOIN THE PROPERTIES. While this may be fine for some the, THE INFORMATION WAS NOT DISCLOSED!
2 months ago
Jessica Stein
I’m completely dissatisfied a full year AFTER I was released from and robbed by this company. This company kept my $1,450 deposit AND charged me $1,800 to paint the walls of the home AFTER telling me the property was in great shape. In addition to the total miscommunication, I was given $115 credit for a garage opener that I purchased and installed AND was told I owed $235. After several attempts to communicate how disheartening this was, NO ONE cared to resolve situation. I spent a full year trying to remain quiet, because my initial communications were always so favorable until I moved and was robbed. I think the legal system allows for this type of behavior of rental companies and that Sloane Realty has taken advantage of many individuals using this system. I am not one who discredits companies since my recourse is to simply cease spending my funds in their establishment. However, this post is just to warn others so that they are aware of the risks.
11 months ago
David Keddie
Been renting for three years now with sloane and for the past 2 years have lived pretty much without air conditioning due to the failure to fix the problem. Currently my Ac unit has been broken for 2 weeks and then twice before that this year for 2 weeks each time. The temperature in my house is 82 degrees at night, higher during the day. Due to covid 19, my roommates are having to stay home a lot and finding it unbearable to live in there much less try to sleep. All in all I won’t recommend.
4 months ago
Reginald Robinson
Sloan Realty has been great helping me work through the shut down situation. I feel like they are ready to help with any of my needs. Thanks!
1 month ago
Emily Reimold
Shannan was very helpful with resolving my client's concerns and communicating with me.
2 months ago
Jerrell Morrow
Good people overall. Although I’m not satisfied with quiet a few things, I am in the same line of work, and can understand some of what I experienced. They were very helpful when I had Payment problems, or HOA problems. Biggest complaint was deposit reimbursement. Plan on not getting it all back. No matter the conditions of the apartment when you move in.
3 months ago
Myrtle Rigsby
Amazing staff (Ana Bolaños) was very helpful and friendly!
3 weeks ago
Chad Stiltner
My wife and I rented from Sloane for 2 years before buying a house.We never had a late payment and we also took pictures of the property when we moved in because things were damaged. Before turning in the keys we cleaned, painted, repaired and paid a professional carpet cleaner to take care of the carpet. A month later we find out they charged us for a broken fridge handle and other things that we have pictures showing they were damaged before. Believe it or not I called for two months before someone finally said send an email to get the process started and they kept telling me about a form that they will send that I never received to this day. We lived in 149 Pineshadow Drive Goose Creek Sc.
2 months ago
Tiffany Payne
Loved renting with Sloane. They handled all of our maintenance requests very quickly, were always friendly and prompt, and were all around a great company to work with. Very happy with our time spent under their management.
3 months ago
Irene Naranjo
Overall. Avoid if at all possible. They will strip your deposit down in half for BS charges, won't communicate most of what is important to the Tenant, huge language barrier, almost non-existent property repair support and you can give them a forwarding address 5 times, and they still get it wrong. Good riddance!!
7 months ago
Mike Mac
Great people had everything done from a far. They keep in touch with you, and the YouTube walk though videos let you know what you're getting into, just great all the way round the board.
1 month ago
Sakariye Mohamed
This company is not professional.
3 months ago
Laurie Strickland
Sloane Reality is the amongst the best! The staff are amazing Shannon, Warren, and Kevin are very attentive to your needs. Whenever I go into the office everyone is so friendly offering drinks, books from the library to read. They try extremely hard to assist when necessary and if for any reason they cannot they will point you to the best resource available. #SloaneRealityTBE!!
6 months ago
Rob Babe
They go the extra step to make sure your needs are met. Always quick to return your calls or send an email to keep you updated on your property. Thanks for being there when I can't, especially since I'm hours away from home.
7 months ago
Morgan Gordon
Just signed on my lease. It has been a stressful process moving out of state for a promotion. Sloane Realty made the process so simple and took a huge weight off my shoulders. The office team were amazing I can't say enough great things about Lorena. Professional, quick communication, and has gone above and beyond. Definitely would recommend. 10/10
2 months ago
Julian Mejia
Will lie to property owner. Not responsive. Bad company. Keeps homes in shocking level of disrepair. If you are a absentee owner then do not trust this company!
3 weeks ago
Tara Murray
This is truly one of the best company in Charleston to work with. They are very tentative you your needs & actually try to resolve your issues. I truly like doing business with them
1 month ago
Poonam Thapar
Sloane Realty has been one of the best companies to work with throughout this rental property. We recently put in an application and the help that came with it was tremendous. Shannan answered all of my questions and even though it was close to time for them to close, she was patient, polite and very sweet. Because this is my first rental, I was very nervous but she put my mind at ease. She informed me of their policy with applications. If you do not get a renta due to someone else being approved before you, they keep your approved application on file for six months. So if another rental became available, the process would be very easy the second time around. All around great service and friendly people!
3 months ago
Bryan Peterson
Sloan ripped me off of most of my security deposit which was 1.5 times my rent. I paid $400 for the house to be professionally cleaned and then they charged me $200 saying I left things in the house. I had left a couple cans of bug spray for the next tenant. They charged me for a garage door remote I never received, even tho I had an email from Alison giving me the keypad code as there was no opener. I could go on and on. I admit I had some small damage from my dog, so I have no problem with that. Also I spoke with three people about one issue which they all conveniently forgot. They kept my vacuum after I forgot it, even after three calls promising to leave it outside for me and/or saying they’d call me back about it. Also, in three years they raised my rent $290, but when advertised after I gave my notice, the rent went down lower than what I initially rented it for, but hey, they offered me $25 dollars off when I gave my notice. They nit pick EVERYTHING!!! I will say they were fairly quick to respond to maintenance issues. I’m sure, from seeing other negative reviews, they’ll trash me to look good too!!! BEWARE!!!
7 months ago
Amber Stock
Shannan Goodwin was professional and very helpful. She returned my calls, answered my question in a fast and timely manner. I was very happy with my experience and hope to do business with them in the future.
3 months ago
Phillip Lipscomb
"Will Call you back!" Is going to be the only thing they'll say to you. Don't hold your breath. They're not calling. This company should be ashamed of itself for how it is treating its tenets.
6 days ago
Dede J
Ellen was right there on call to help us when we had some trouble. Very helpful and polite! Good customer service all around!
7 months ago
Wangfei Yang
I just recently moved to Charleston a few months ago and was recommended to Sloane Realty by a friend. The staff here is fantastic and went above and beyond making me feel at home and helping me get settled in to my new place ????
1 month ago
Stephen Gowler
We found Warren to be very helpful and knowledgeable of the area. Warren is one of the kindest and most prompt at getting back to us that we have dealt with. He made our time here in Charleston enjoyable.
1 month ago
naveen swami
They really try their best to keep the properties up and repair. They respond fast and their workers do good work. Their customer service is awesome. They also are concerned for their tenants during bad weather. So far my experience has been great. Recently on 01/25/2019 had a home inspection and the gentleman was so nice and courteous. Mr. Roberts went out of his way to schedule the appointment around our busy schedules, he did not mind that I was cooking and doing house chores while he was here, and he even asked if it was anything he could fix himself to make us happy or add to the repair list while he was inspecting the home. He wanted to make sure we were comfortable with the home and commended us for taking such good care of the home.
3 months ago
So Brooklyn
Sloane Realty went above and beyond with helping me find a rental as my home sold quicker than we expected. Quick to respond with my questions and very professional. I highly recommend Sloane Realty. Roxanne Ericson
6 months ago
David George
Sarah came by on time and as promised we got started right away. We had an excellent interview where she listened attentively to my concerns and objectives and gave us wise advice. We have already called her recommended contractor and we had a very productive meeting. Because of Sarah we are off to a running start and looking forward to having Sloane Realty manage our home as a rental property. Thanks, Sarah, for spending the time to make us comfortable with this new chapter in our lives.
6 months ago
Tae Ahn
Got back to me quickly with the information in regards to a future home
7 months ago
jake hovarter
Extremely prompt replies and kind representatives. Impressed with this company and look forward to working with them!
7 months ago
Fiq Feli
Abysmal customer service. I was interested in one of the condos Sloan Realty manages on James Island. No one answered their office phone; I tried to schedule a visit with their online scheduler. The online version did not work properly. My realtor finally scheduled through MLS, but no one at Sloane bothered to give us the gate code nor to make proper arrangements with the current tenant. We finally got in anyway and I liked the condo, so I scheduled a second visit with someone at Sloane Realty agreeing to meet me at the property (I had to ask for the gate code; they still not proactively deal with this essential detail). I decided to submit an application and was assurred by Sloane that the condo was available, with no pending applications ahead of me. My application checked out perfectly, but no one at Sloane called me. I called them, only to be told, "We already have a signed lease for that property." They did no offer to return my $50 application fee. I demanded it....and am still waiting. Property owners: avoid this company!! Renters: you can't trust Sloane Realty!
4 months ago
Aman Mishra
PERFECT. Every member of the Sloane Team demonstrates personalized professionalism & genuine kindness toward me. Easy to work with. They truly strive to provide the best experience for each client with meticulous attention to detail. There has never been a mistake in their financial calculations with me. The integrity with which I have noticed the owners operate is the highest I've observed in any field. Their hiring skills are obviously top notch, because the staff makes it easy and pleasant to do business there. They actually anticipate the needs of their clients. On-time and dependable. Repairs/appointments have never been a struggle. You will be well cared for. You will know that you are valuable as a client there, in my experience. Their operations are streamlined, so you won't be dealing with problems like with most average companies. I personally appreciate this because I know time is money, and that I'll avoid stress by dealing with the best. The negative reviewers must have had personal problems unrelated to this company. I wish every company I dealt with were like Sloane Realty. Highly Recommended.
7 months ago
Layla Brookfield
I was a little taken a back when they required uploading a drivers license to request a showing but... that's because they sometimes authorize remote entry for the the viewing. The system worked very well, I was able toschedule a showing later in the evening after work, and I had a great experience with Shannon, who helped me through the application process.
9 months ago
Kyra Swanson
After a listing fell through, Ellen has been giving me information about a similar unlisted property and is extremely helpful--she has provided me lots of information about the unit, pictures, and very responsive! Hoping to continue to work with her and lease from Sloane Realty.
4 months ago

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