Hydraulic repair service PIRTEK

Hydraulic repair service PIRTEK, 2600 Pleasantdale Rd #1, Atlanta, GA 30340, United States: 44 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Hydraulic repair service PIRTEK
Address: 2600 Pleasantdale Rd #1, Atlanta, GA 30340, United States
Website: pirtekusa.com
Phone number: +1 770-209-9494

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 33.9213547
Longitude: -84.2477521

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Sara Hassan
My experience here was amazing. After having a bad day and a hose literally busting on my semi trailer he did me the biggest favor by staying after hours to make me a new hose. Very helpful and gave me a warm welcome! I highly recommend them.
11 months ago
Liusheng Zhang
Always great fast and reliable service. Everything we need is In stock and custom made to suit our needs. Highly recommended.
8 months ago
Ivina Tan
Your guys have done great by me. Mario has always been able to come up with a solution for my hydraulic adventures... Thanks again, see y'all later.
11 months ago
Marion Dunne
Needed a hose made....only took a few minutes....responsive staff, always someone here to help you...not much time to stand around and chat, but they are friendly and knowledgeable...would highly recommend for all hoses repairs.
11 months ago
DogDog Wol
Awesome crew fast turn around! Customer service is great as well!
11 months ago
Laercio Ximenes
Good service; great product. Never let me down.
9 months ago
Hannes Smit
Great customer service. Get hoses quickly & precise!! Definitely the best place to get hoses made
11 months ago
Angela Montoya
Great experience, repaired my power steering line in minutes and the best price anyone could ask for!!!
9 months ago
Eva Jiang
Great and friendly employees. VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT HOSEING. No excuses.
11 months ago
Harris Daniels
Great customer services. Good prices. Always ready to help.
7 months ago
Carla Castaldo
Very dependable. Always eager to help customers.
10 months ago
Patricia Welcher
Excellent customer service & professional working people in this place.
9 months ago
Brad Ehney
Place is epic. Great customer service and speed in making new lines for me.
9 months ago
Cory Ericksen
I love doing business with pirtec they are very knowledgeable and fast and i sould know i was in hose business 25 years thanks for the great service
5 months ago
Michael Conners
These guys are amazing! Twice I’ve had hoses I needed replaced at the last minute. And twice they’ve had me in and out in minutes. Absolutely awesome!
5 months ago
Trinity Chee
I've used this particular location for over 4 years now. Never saw a problem they couldn't fix and their customer service is above all of the competition for sure!!! Highly recommend them for any of your hydraulic needs!
11 months ago
Annesta Russell
These guys always have exactly what I need
9 months ago
Sergey Tseona
Really good service. Definitely a recommend!
11 months ago
Chris Guyer
Great service. Amazing prices .... Friendly faces
6 days ago
gary woodcock
Great service and prompt arrival when called out we use them every chance we get .. @ Ogden forklifts
10 months ago
Felix Malave
Very good I highly recommend this company
10 months ago
Shay World
Great and fast customer service always have everything I need
2 months ago
ronald abangan
great experience. always providing great service.
1 month ago
Lawrence Dionisio
Super helpful with great customer service
10 months ago
York Yarbro
Fast and easy to work with. Great job.
1 month ago
Barbara Rowland
Fast and excellent service. Custom hoses made fast
5 months ago
Justin M
Needed custom ac lines for my engine swapped car and these guys were great!! Lines look very good and they were also able to change the direction of the Hardline which required braze/ welding. Super happy!
6 months ago
Shreelata Suresh
fast friendly can make any hydraulic hose in a pinch
9 months ago
Alberto Figueroa
They always have what I need.
3 weeks ago
john durski
Awesome service as always!
9 months ago
These guy are some of the best and fast service
3 months ago
No one at front counter. Waited a while and no help. Also said hi to guy in left doorway office so they knew I was here.
10 months ago
Orlando Johnson
Always helpful, fast and knowledgeable.
3 weeks ago
Kathy Qualls
Mario has great service..
3 months ago
Donna Mason
Great customer service
10 months ago
Tim Lehto
Quick and amazing service
8 months ago
Joi Hood
Great service and fast
3 months ago
Nasir Dahab
Get place with get prices
11 months ago
Samuel Jose
Very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.
8 months ago
Ms Chell
There is never anyone there. Been by there office 3 times to get hoses made, sign on door says sales counter open till 5, no one there. Never go there again.
5 months ago
R Wags
Our company has alot of hoses replaced with Pirtek. Very good customer service and they always want to make the customer happy.
5 months ago
Marleine Tutor
Great service ,friendly people.
8 months ago
Keyana Thompson
I showed up there asking for a price of a hose , customer service wasn't good and the price was too high . Check other places before you come here.
8 months ago
MrSteal YoGirl
soy un cliente frecuente de pirtek por la razon de mis truck siempre algo pasa con las mangueras y para mi y mis compañeros que siempre acudimos a este lugar los atienden muy bien y me entienden cuando pido algo especifico para mi conveniencia es por eso que dejo mi esperiencia buenicima y los precios creoo que son justos
2 months ago

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