Cancer treatment center Fox Chase Cancer Center

Cancer treatment center Fox Chase Cancer Center, 333 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111, United States: 220 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Cancer treatment center Fox Chase Cancer Center
Address: 333 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111, United States
Phone number: +1 888-369-2427

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The doctors and staff here are really nice and genuinely care about you. Everyone is really nice here. During Covid 19 you have to be aware that they do not allow visitors and if you are bringing a patient you will have to wait in a waiting area (They have water and snacks) or you can wait in your car. The parking is free.
6 months ago
Josh Thompson
The schedule for the infusion room at Fox Chase is an absolute disaster. They schedule so many people and could care less about how long one has to wait. My mother waited 2hours plus for her infusion and she has a broken hip. She had just had surgery. The lack of care and complete disregard for the patients here is appalling. Why would you schedule so many people when you know you cannot handle the numbers?!? Unreal!
4 months ago
Alex Matus
Unfortunately I know several people who have had cancer and went to various treatment centers, Fox Chase stands out amongst them all!! With the 2nd time needing their service, they are as good as 8 years ago. We faxed them a MRI report Thursday afternoon. Friday, 7:45am, they called, after meeting with their team of doctors, and had a game plan!! You can be confident you are in the best hands when you go to them and they make you feel that too
5 months ago
Chelsie McAllister
My experience at Fox Chase was great. Dr Smaldone, the Nurses and supporting staff were outstanding. From the time my prep started for surgery until my discharge, 7 days later, the attention and care were excellent. Thanks Fox Chase and staff. Yes I would recommend base on my experience.
6 months ago
Dani Couch
First class cancer center. Appointments always run on time. The staff is wonderful, caring, helpful. There are greeters to help you find your way around. Large waiting areas for family to wait for you. There is a Starbucks kiosk, a gift shop, a cafeteria and a snack shop. They also have weekly vendors with all different kind of items for sale. Wheelchairs are at the doorways of parking lot. The doctors are top notch, for my breast cancer I used dr. Richard Bleicher, he is amazing, I highly recommend him. I also used Dr. Rubin in Gyno. He is amazing as well. This is the place you want to be if you have cancer. Also for family members waiting for you, the cafeteria has very good food
7 months ago
Oleksandr Kosenko
This hospital is absolutely amazing ❤️ While my father was fighting his battle they tried so hard to help him in anyway they could, he was always so grateful for them. Amazing staff, just an all around great place , Thank you for all you do.
5 months ago
Sergey Lazarev
Dr. Sharda my endocrinologist is the absolute BEST. I saw him today after my ultrasound. He compared my last ultrasound with this one and we were amazed. He had done a biopsy and removed a significant amount of fluid from my nodules. He is smart, patient, and so thoughtful with your care. His “bedside manner” is refreshing.
10 months ago
Thomas Shoemaker
I went for a personal problem. As soon as I went inside the hospital there were people taking temperatures, making sure you didn't have anything that you could do harm to yourself or someone else. I thought that was great. I am in a wheelchair and have several problems, one I can't wheel myself anywhere. The Drs, nurse's, everyone was so kind and helpful and made you feel comfortable in a non comforting place. I didn't have to wait that long to be taken back to an exam room, after I was triaged. If you ever have an emergency, that is one hospital I would put my computer trust i
7 months ago
Marie Till
Fantastic. Great staff. Very professional and knowledgeable. They cured my cancer I recommend them to everyone that has cancer.
7 months ago
Ruth Homer
They took great care of my wife. This is one of the best care facilities in Philadelphia. Surgeons doctors are the top. This is a very rare special place
9 months ago
Monique Maltais
My experience at Fox Chase was wonderful. From the moment i met with Dr. Sanjay Reddy, I felt like I had hope for a shocking diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The whole team was extremely informative and worked collaboratively with my oncology team at Pottstown cancer center where I received my chemo treatments since it was closer to my home. I would recommend Fox Chase and Dr. Reddy to anyone battling cancer. Especially since I am hopeful that my cancer has be cured!
8 months ago
Sue Wyatt
My mother and my friend's mother went here because they got cancer, the stay of here were really great . They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and they define empathy. My mothers were terrified, and that place felt safe, they were treated with respect and decency. Thank you so much.
5 days ago
Gwen Hoerman
My wife was recently diagnosed with a female cancer. After discussions with the gynecologist, they agreed to have the surgery done at Fox Chase because of its wonderful reputation. She was seen by Doctor Steven Rubin and some six weeks later the surgery was performed. The outcome was exceptional and the experience was for all intents and purposes wonderful. The care that she received from the nurse navigator to pre-admission, post op to inpatient was tremendous. My appreciation goes out to all the staff .
4 months ago
Jennifer Edge
Liars!!! You call and nurses lie and say they call you back when they never do. You have appointments with Drs and ask them questions and they don’t listen or care. I suggested to my oncologist that I was going through menopause she ensured me it wasn’t and there weren’t any tests that could be run until it’s been a year without menses. Then 4 days later she tells me that there is a test they can run. It is not ok to treat people, especially people with advanced cancer this way. Start your treatment elsewhere, I wish I did!!
2 months ago
Melissa Vaughn
I feel so safe and comfortable coming in this hospital, during the COVID pandemic. I was afraid to start my treatment!!!! The hospital does check in temperature checks, has hand sanitizer, and does mask ???? distributions. My family and I feel safe and protected because of it. Thank you for making us (cancer patients) feel safe!
1 month ago
Marvin Lucas
Fox Chase always gives 110% to their patients and care. After about a year of post-procedure appointments, specifically with Head & Neck, I never feel out of the loop with the care plans, as all of the information is shared directly with me by my endocrinologist (shout out to Dr. Sharda!) Fox Chase never forgets to put compassion and understanding at the forefront of their care, and it truly shows when you walk on campus. I've had such a rewarding experience here that it lead me to want to join the Patient and Family Advisory Council, which I have been a member of since December of 2019. Now more than ever it is so important to continue with scheduled appointments and therapies, even though it can be a scary though during the pandemic. Please keep your head up and be strong!
4 months ago
Sylvia Shawver
Fox Chase saved my life. They have access to clinical trials. I am forever grateful.
2 months ago
Tracie Love
I just can't find the words to project my feelings. My Father has struggled for many years with multiple health issues. Quad bypass, multiple strokes, kidneys, clogged arteries, arthritis and in the end cancer. He has been in so many hospitals and health care facilities...more than I can remember. As I am sitting in the hospice center at Fox Chase by his side with tears in my eyes I was moved to write this letter of appreciation for the astounding care that he received while at Fox Chase. And I choose the word astounding purposely to mean just that. During our time here at some time or another he was under the care of about a dozen doctors and many more nurses. Some were Dr. Rishi Jain, Dr.Peter Wooley, Dr. Manley, Dr. Sree and others lead by Dr. Sanjay Reddy who is an oncologist surgeon at Fox Chase. Once Fox Chase took over the care of my fathers cancer they assumed care for all of his current issues that I listed above... not Just the cancer! This way we had one place and one team of doctors taking care of every aspect of my father's health. No other Hospital does that! I wish I could remember exactly every doctor that cared for my father in order to thank them directly and personally. I apologize to each one of them for forgetting their names, I hope Dr. Reddy will see this note and convey my family's deepest appreciation for the astounding care, attention to detail and never limiting the time to talk and fully understand my father's complex situation. In the end of a very long road my father's cancer was unable to be cured however we never had a single doubt of the care he was receiving. Dr. Reddy and the entire team there would call us anytime day or night and take all the time we needed to talk about my father's condition and treatment. They never gave up, they always worked as a team, they adapted and overcame many extreme challenges. They tried over and over again but not all battles can be won. Every single doctor and every single nurse I correspondent with had a full understanding of his full medical history. (Even from other hospitals from many years ago) Which is like I said above astounding to have that type of knowledge about each and every patient in a hospital of their size. When the nurse button was pushed or when an alarm went off nurses were there in seconds many many times. We have never experienced that type of response in any of the many hospitals he has been at over the years. And they were always extremely caring to not only to my father but our family members as well. These nurses never made us feel like we were bothering them or requesting too much assistance. They were always eager and extremely Vigilant in their care of my father and our family I really don't know what else to say. There really are no words to relay our feelings. WE LOVE YOU ALL!
2 weeks ago
Walter Bozeman
A review by Albert and Lynn Sewell. After an alarming diagnosis my parents decided to go to Fox Chase for care. The best decision ever! All the staff in Fox Chase are very caring, friendly, professional and ready to help you. Dr. Koch and Dr. Ridge are exceptional. They were extremely thorough, ordering multiple tests to see if there was another option besides operating. Through the whole process they both were very down to earth and explaining the processes for us to understand. They are very caring and have awesome "bedside manners". Dr Ridge is an exceptional surgeon who removed what was necessary. We will continue to follow up with Dr Koch who is also an exceptional specialist. Thank you Fox Chase!
6 months ago
Beather S
a doctor at fox chase killed my grandfather. He had gone into surgery and they messed up So then he needed another further surgery to correct the mistake. My grandfather’s health is deteriorating and they continue to operate on him with no break. He ended up getting sepsis and died. If you don’t know it’s up sepsis is, the entire body becomes infected. This is a direct result of being operated on continuously with a compromised immune system. He was only 62 years old and died in a ton of pain after being hooked up on a machine for three months. Originally he was supposed to be home with in a week recovering but now he’s dead because Irresponsible doctors. We couldn’t even take them to court because they had him sign a waiver before hand. I will say there was a nurse that was very helpful Looking out for his health I wish his doctors would’ve done that as well. On top of dealing with a sudden and terrible death, My grandmother was charge for every single surgery that they had performed trying to correct mistake that was not supposed to be made. as a result our family has been struggling financially ever since. Has been six years
5 months ago
Leo Betancourt
My husband had his hopes and all they did was watch him DIE!!!!
8 months ago
Sarah Gray
Best care ever! The culture here is amazing, I've never seen anything like it. Such wonderful caring people from the minute you walk through the doors! Thank you Dr. Gina Mantia-Smaldone and Staff! Dr Martin, Dr Reddy and Dr Finestone are the best! Kudos to Infusion Room staff and CRU staff, and everyone I deal with each visit! Love Fox Chase!❤
1 week ago
Stacy Hill
This place was very nice. My aunt was just diagnosed with cancer. Staff was extremely helpful and friendly through the process of finding out questions and answers.
6 months ago
Jennifer Snow
They will bill regarding services that were never conducted. Then when you ask them about this, they refer and transfer you around to other departments. You’re never able to get an answer and they are all about the money here. Also Dr. King was probably one of the worst doctors I have ever encountered. She is very contradicting and does not make you feel comfortable at all. She will belittle, embarrass you and then put the blame on you
6 months ago
John Southall
FCCC is run like a well oiled machine. The staff is excellent. If you are walking around looking for something almost any employee can help you, if not, they find someone who can. The staff is caring and pleasant from every department in the hospital; nurses, doctor's, staff - excellent! Can't say enough about how wonderful the entire operation and experience has been during such serious and emotional times.
8 months ago
George Proulx
From the entrance to the exit... Professionalism showed in and until we left... No complaints... Amazing staff... Great customer service... We are extremely pleased...
5 months ago
Hafed Algahaim
I have nothing but good things to say about Fox Chase Cancer Center. My doctors, Dr. Alexander Kutikov, and Dr. Eric Horowitz are hands down the very best, not only for their knowledge and skill, but also how they treat their patients. I loved that when I first met Dr. Horowitz, he introduced himself as Eric. To me this says he has nothing to prove. The nurses who took care of me on each step along the way we're excellent. The support staff who check you in, could not be nicer. The one thing I have always said about Fox Chase, is not only do they take good care of the patient, but they also care about the care givers. Cancer treatments are a very trying time for both patient and care giver. They go beyond to make sure everyone is comfortable, and kept in the loop.
7 months ago
Francoise Colombel
My entire surgical experience with Dr. David Chen at Fox Chase on May 1st was a very positive one. Dr. Chen was very attentive to my medical issue and my concerns and always took time to explain his diagnosis and procedural plan with my wife and me. The results have been successful and we feel very grateful to have had this skilled doctor for my surgeon!
6 months ago
Deky Darius
I have been going to Fox Chase for yrs for my colonoscopy. I had the same dr for all three times. The service there is the best experience u can get.I went the on Oct 17 2019. The whole time I was there the nurses were very good at there job and I so happy I picked them to do what I need. Thanks again for the whole staff.
10 months ago
I went there for a Whole Body Scan and an MRI. Every staff person was professional and cordial throughout the whole process. I felt valued as a patient and customer.
5 months ago
Rexanne Collins
This really is the best cancer hospital in the northeast. All the patients are treated well with the latest in cancer treatments. The medical staff as expected is top notch. But what surprised me was the support staff, everyone down to the volunteers are absolutely amazing. The waiting areas for the family are very comfortable and very clean. Bathrooms are plentiful. Cafeteria is large and has a decent selection of food.
9 months ago
Chris Carpenter
This whole hospital it truly wonderful. From the first phone call for an appointment to hospice care for my dad. We could not have chosen a better hospital to try for his condition. Everything possible has been done. Each issue that arose was attended to immediately. He received excellent care from every person who tried to help. We were never afraid to leave him at nights due to our complete trust in Nursing Staff. “Everyone” is warm, friendly, compassionate. This hospital is immaculate. Our family highly recommends Fox Chase.
7 months ago
Gulnar Aslam
I can't say enough great things or express my gratitude towards the Drs at Fox Chase. My mother was not given the right oncology treatment locally, but thankfully we found Fox Chase. Thanks to their amazing team and Gods will my mother lived an additional 3 years than what our local oncologst told us was "possible". They tried several types of chemo until the found what worked best. They were so helpful every step of the way and never gave up. She absolutely loved her doctors so much. Thank you
6 months ago
zoran g
My wife has received surgery from Dr. Cynthia Bergman, chemotherapy from Dr. Angela Jain, and is about to begin radiation therapy from Dr. Krisha Howell. Everyone has been extremely compassionate and very thorough in explaining each step of her care.
5 months ago
Trevelle Thomas
Amazing staff! Everyone we encountered was very knowledgeable, friendly, supportive, and caring.
6 months ago
Gerald Womack
I wish I could say good things, The staff was great. My doctor was a different story. Dr smaldone did a stent change on my right kidney and I left the hospital. But by the time I got back to jersey I was infected and still bleeding Like a a pig. After two weeks of Steady bleeding heavy , I am in worse shape then when I showed up to get a stent change. I wish I had never went to this facility . He is the worst Dr that I have ever ran into on my Journey. I went from feeling great to feeling horrible . I had a bad feeling about going to him for this stent change .
10 months ago
Siyu Shao
Great facility, amazing physicians. Good and efficient imaging center and lab. Easy scheduling, and overall good communication. The hospital stay is another affair altogether; we mean the facility becomes quite different come 5 PM. It is normally staffed by medical residents after hours, and even on-call specialists are normally fellows (usually 4th or 5th year of residency depending on respective specialty). The 2-patients per room seems an equally outdated practice nowadays; the lack of privacy is not something post-op cancer patients usually look for. Would highly recommend it for all your outpatient needs.
10 months ago
Sarah Mikessell
Obvious reason aside, i love going.
4 months ago
Matt Alderton
I have been trying for a week to make an appointment with my Oncologist. First of all spending more than a half hour on hold just waiting for someone from scheduling to answer, then when I give my name and Doctors name I'm on hold again and forgotten till finally I have to hang up...I work so I have spent 3 lunch breaks this week alone just trying to make an appointment and I STILL DON'T HAVE ONE!!!!!! Also this is nothing new, same thing every time for years. I am at my wits end, and many times the person on the other line is rude. What is going on Fox chase
6 months ago
Ron Parks
I have been being treated by FCCC for 2 years. I have not felt like I or my care is a priority. It feels like a conveyer belt with little to no communication. In 2years of having cancer treatments I have no clue where I am with my treatment, been through 3 doctors that have left the practice. It's like always starting over new and trusting someone with your life, at this point their down to one physician in the entire dept. that had to take all of the patients. Calling and getting your problem addressed is mission impossible. You get transferred, leave messages, and emails all to be ignored. I regret ever getting treated at FCCC. If you value your health and expect to be valued find a different hospital. The positives are that theres a Starbucks, beautiful campus, & free parking.
6 months ago
Josh Moreauu
Every employee is friendly and kind...especially nurses in the surgical area. A first class facility.
6 months ago
Melanie Waterbury
My name is Maria chick, I have been seeing Dr. David Chen for bladder cancer. He is the best. He is gentle, kind, and easy to talk too. He cares about his patients. He makes you feel comfortable and explains every step in the process so you do not have that "worried feeling" when you leave the office. As for the staff, I can not say enough about. I thank Tina in the front for getting me in asap when I first called to schedule. She was kind and understanding. Sue and Lisa who work with Dr. Chen in the room's are very understanding and they make you laugh. They make you feel like you are part of their team. Thanks to all for making my life great again.
9 months ago
Treasure Mkwebula
This is the place to come if you have head or neck cancer. My oral surgeon recommended it and I am so glad he did. They have a team approach with the Chemotherapy, Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Radiation doctors and Rehab all working together to address your needs. They truly care about you . The nurses and support staff are all wonderful also, the treatment I received while in the hospital was amazing. I highly recommend this hospital.
9 months ago
Thomas Berisaj
The nurses didnt wash my father yesterday at all in there. Also theres a nurse alexis that got smart with me visiting my father and to him as well. Next time Im suggesting another hospital any other but fox chase.
8 months ago
delia viader
My husband, Dr. James Walter, is being treated for metastatic prostate cancer by Dr. Matthew Zibelman. He went in around noon for PSA level testing. After a couple of weeks on the new medication, his levels were way down. Dr. Zibelman called to deliver the good news within hours of the blood draw. Thank you Fox chase.
6 months ago
Amanda Schwager
The hospital is kept clean, and well maintained. Signs are good, not perfect, but good. Staff is pleasant and helpful.
4 months ago
Chelsi Johnson
Best cancer care anywhere! Doctors are world class best and nursing care is more awesome than I can even put into words. Their greatness is beyond my ability to put into words! Love and kudos to the 2nd floor nursing staff, each and every one of them have my eternal and undying gratitude. Thank you all ladies and gents, one and all!
10 months ago
Maria Maiorino
I love ❤️ the staff at fox chase cancer center. They took really good care of my grandma over the years with her treatments. She fell in love with Jayson, one of the nursing assistants that always made her smile when he came in. Always made her feel comfortable. Thank you!
10 months ago
rajaram rajaram
My mother will soon be a patient at ths hospital. Dr Sandone is a great doctor.
6 months ago
jOse hErrera
I have had a very good experience with the office staff, PA,s, Nurses and doctors especially Dr Chen and his group. From my first interview to my surgery (prostate) and follow-up, all my concerns were addressed and I was put at ease. I travel from Delaware and do not regret firing my Delaware doctor. The facility needs a little updating but I am not looking for a 5 star hotel, I just want the best chance I can get at full recovery and now I am 3 years cancer free, thank you. I do not hesitate to recommend anyone that asks to go to Fox Chase Cancer Center to get evaluated.
11 months ago

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