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Apartment complex Parc Coliseum Apartments, 228 W 71st St Apt 1A, New York, NY 10023, United States: 29 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 228 W 71st St Apt 1A, New York, NY 10023, United States
Website: equityapartments.com
Phone number: +1 212-873-1000

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Justin Hoilman
Love this place, and the staff that make it what it is. I can always count on Oksana to help me with any question or concern I may have. Her professionalism and genuine care for people is what makes me want to live here. For example, when she talks to me, she makes me feel very comfortable. She looks at me directly in the eyes and makes me feel like I matter, when we talk or when she's assisting me with a problem. This young lady is going to high places!!!
5 months ago
Nathaniel Aiken
Toured this place today. It's pretty darn cool. Lots of light in most apartments. The lobby is cool and inviting. It's a nice combination of pre-war and modern convenience. I like this spot.
4 months ago
Carolyn Maches
Very wonderful place to live. The staff are amazing and go above and beyond to assist in every way. It's a clean building with updated apartments and no excessive noise through the walls and floors. The neighbors at Parc Coliseum are respectful and kind. It's a dog and cat friendly place. The neighborhood is very desirable, near to parks, dining, shopping and theatres. If I did not have to move out of state for work, this would be my home for a very long while.
11 months ago
Anthony D
I can't say much about the building, but after several weeks of trying to communicate with their staff about possibly moving in, I never got the information I needed. Pretty astonishingly bad communication from this staff. Makes me wonder if they'd be any more responsive if lived there and needed something.
8 months ago
TJ Adams
Clean building, beautiful surroundings and friendly staff. Thanks David.
5 months ago
sahem alrawahneh
Great place to live. Clean, quiet and right in the heart of the city.
8 months ago
Steven Peterson
Great staff and very responsive to any questions concerns.
10 months ago
Shannon Hubbard
I recently made an application for an apartment at Parc Coliseum, which got approved within a few hours. However, simply because the leasing consultant needed 3 PDF files from me which I sent via email, the offer on the security deposit which the application website stated (only 1000$ of security deposit) was voided, and I was asked to pay a month's rent as a security deposit. Moreover, the website of Parc Coliseum states that the unit has a dishwasher whereas it does not, and the application website does not mention the requirement of obtaining a liability insurance, which was disclosed after the application. One day after I communicated my frustration with the leasing consultant and my intention of not signing the lease, the leasing consultant informed me that they are fine with my paying only 1000$ for the security deposit. However, they have not reimbursed me for the 20$ application fee, and they have not cancelled the credit score check, which lowered my score. I contacted Equity Residential about this matter, and they have not even responded to my inquiry. This seems to be a pattern with all the Equity Residential buildings as shown in their reviews. I am looking into legal options to hold Equity Residential responsible for deliberately misinforming prospective tenants to get them to make an application.
4 months ago
Derek Schansberg
Just moved back to NYC after many years away. This building and all the people we met made us feel like we were home. It's been amazing.
7 months ago
Miranda Small
Living here is great! The convenience of having the train station 2 minutes away is awesome. The concierge team knows you by name and you get a welcoming greeting no matter how many times you walk through the door. The leasing team is very attentive, professional and friendly! Let’s not forget the service team efficienct, friendly and always eager to help.
8 months ago
Tynesia Thomas
Laurel works the front desk, and is the nicest person to first meet when entering or leaving the building. She makes you feel welcomed and is always helpful. As a dog walker for the building, she makes my job run smoothly. 5 ???? all around.
7 months ago
Luke McCarthy
This is a cockroach infested building. I have kept my apartment spotless of any crumbs or food droppings and still roaches crawl out of the cabinets and under the sink. This has been going on for over six months. Don't move into this building unless you holster a can of Raid. The GM of the building, Carmen Miller is a terrible manager, who doesn't care about any of the tenants. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this building Peter K.
3 months ago
shatika dean
I am fortunate enough to be both an employee and a resident at Parc Coliseum. The team here is great -- we work well together and there is definitely a feeling of camaraderie among the entire community. The location is optimal -- right in the middle of the upper west side, convenient to all modes of transportation and entertainment of all kinds. It's home!
7 months ago
Emmanuel Egote
Darren in our building is the absolute best at helping us with small repairs/issues we have in our apartment. He's always prompt with assistance and so nice to deal with. Plus Missy (our sweet dog) adores him, i.e., she wants to help. LOL!
1 month ago
Misty Brents
The location/building is amazing. The on-site team is very friendly and helpful. Front desk - all fantastic people. Thank you.
5 months ago
Lisa Hyde
This review is for the service and concierge team. Top notch, friendly, and always willing to help. Naz, Shemel, Darren, Danny have all been so great to work with. Not to mention Nelson and the entire front desk crew. Thank you for making these last few years so pleasant!
3 months ago
Pierrette B
Since we arrived to Parc Coliseum, everyone has been super nice and helpful. It is a great building with an amazing location. We are really enjoying our first week here.
7 months ago
Kathryn Bean
The whole staff has been great-- Shamel, Darren, Pedro, Laurel...
7 months ago
Align Vortex
Moved to Parc Coliseum in April 2016, just a month after arriving in NY. I have relocated with my company and after a month in a hotel, found this place purely by accident while walking on the Upper West. Location is simply perfect ! I am working in midtown and I walk to work, 30 mins each way. Most of my daily commute is done through the Central Park which is perfect (the park is only 7 min walk away). You have all amenities at the doorstep – restaurants, metro, bank, gym, park, river, literally everything. The moving in process was extremely simple. Safia was really responsive and showed me an apartment withing 24h of contacting her. Even though I have just moved over from the UK , simple paperwork such as bank statements, employment contracts were enough to get me going. Everything is done electronically so the process couldn’t be simpler. The concierge Team is great as well, amongst them Pedro and Howard. They are extremely understanding when it comes to large deliveries, they can even place the items in the apartment if requested. Always with a smile and a helping hand when one carries load a load of shopping form the nearby Trader Joe’s. I have even been passed a box of tissues when coming back breathless from my run. Wonderful guys. Now over to the Service Team. Team is based on site, special thanks to Danny, addressing all those little service issues – starting from how do I operate this oven to noisy aircon. The team responds within few hours to any niggling issues. Very often the head of that team Nizam will contact me to check if all was okay and I hay with the level of service I received. Very approachable and focused on a client satisfaction. The whole move was extremely easy and Parc Coliseum is a great place to live. The team onsite feels more like an extended family and the location puts you right in the middle of it all, especially when one is new to the city.
6 months ago
Michael Anderson
Best service crew!
9 months ago
Nate Crump
Had a really great moving experience!
9 months ago
Latrieva Boston
1 month ago
Tom S
1 month ago
Dan Point
7 months ago
Bill Packard
3 months ago
Trolling Trollster
3 months ago
Brian Britton
1 month ago
Anna Lee
1 month ago
riaz hameed
7 months ago

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