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Electronics store Dakota TV & Appliance, 2218 32nd Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2218 32nd Ave S, Grand Forks, ND 58201, United States
Website: dakotatv.com
Phone number: +1 701-772-5533

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Scott Wyatt
The customer service was beyond what anyone could expect! I was treated extremely well from the moment I walked into the store to the day they delivered my product. I’m brand new to the area and their kindness is exactly what I needed after the frustrating experience of having your refrigerator quit on you. I would recommend them to anyone!! So pleased :)
7 months ago
Timothy Gaughan
Had a technician over to the house for a repair and I was extremely impressed with the service. Technician was very professional and had the repair done within 15 minutes.
4 months ago
shirley hill
We have worked with Dakota TV & appliance on multiple homes now. Fantastic service to say the least. Rod and Toby go to any lengths to make sure that you are taking care of and happy with the outcome. There was no hesitation utilizing Dakota TV for our kitchen appliances and our laundry room as well. They took care of us on televisions as well. If you're looking for somebody to take care of you then look no further than Dakota TV. Thank you all
3 weeks ago
Sharon Kaltenbach
Wonderful staff. Very patient and knowledgeable. Purchased 4 piece kitchen set and got a good deal. Definitely going back.
10 months ago
carissa smith
We have had two kitchen remodels and purchased numerous television and sound systems form Dakota TV and Appliance. The customer service, especially after the sale, is what makes Dakota shine above the rest. We will never go anywhere else.
11 months ago
Breanna Parker
The delivery and install crew I’ve experienced is lazy and half a$$ed. They didn’t use the included installation kit with the thru-the-wall ac and it leaked inside AND they also broke a water line while installing a dishwasher FLOODING THE WHOLE KITCHEN. The sales team and manager are friendly and helpful, but DO NOT HAVE THE INSTALL TEAM DO ANYTHING!
4 months ago
Rex Hyman
Great products and great service Awesome home audio packages!
1 month ago
Sharon Vasquez
The staff here is great and the customer service we received was tremendous. I prices might be a little higher than some of the other places in town, but they ended up getting us a better deal than even we expected for a fridge.
2 months ago
Edwin A
My father bought a dryer heating element. Well turned out we just got used dryer from a friend and so we are trying to return the heating element about a week and half later barely opened. It was never used and still in the same pristine shape when purchased. The salesperson called me leaving voicemail and they will return the part as long as it hasn't been used or show signs of usage. I think overall this will go smoothly and they will probably give a refund!!! Which is the right way to handle business!
8 months ago
Bacon Ator
I ordered several washers for my business from here. There were a lot of miscommunication and a major lack of follow through on what was supposed to take place. Twice I've had them out to repair some washers and was kept waiting for over an hour with no show. Even now, I requested service 2 weeks ago and my washer is still broken and unable to be used. Will have to go elsewhere to get my appliances fixed. Really sad .
8 months ago
Brian Strauss
I called Dakota TV and Appliance to see if they could help us replace a stove top for a customer. The stove top had gotten broke. They ordered it and when it came in they went and installed it for us. Great service and great price.
6 months ago
Robalee Chapin
I purchased all of my appliances and electronics for my home from Dakota TV & Appliance. They installed everything and did an awesome job. I was given complete instructions on the operation and maintenance of each one. This company is locally owned and it is apparent that they value the local community.
11 months ago
Bridget Marsh
Sold us a brand new washing machine few hundred dollars off 4 TMAR
4 months ago
Ramya Raman
Great service & quality goods!
4 months ago
Katherine Reilly
Very nice. Helpful staff. Informative. Very good.
6 months ago
Casey Porter
ABSOLUTELY AWFUL COMPANY!! First and foremost customer service is pathetic. My family and I went in to buy an appliance PACKAGE (one they were not even aware was on their website) we unfortunately dealt with a VERY rude salesperson (Rod) that should of been our first sign not to buy from here. We asked to see the AMANA appliance package... his remark was "we don't have a display for that, if you expect us to display every package we would need to purchase five more buildings) we did leave after that remark... but returned the next day and made a point to work with a different salesperson (Mike) he was very pleasant to work with, so we decided to purchase our package with him, and he told us it would be in within a week. A few days later I stop in and tell them we need to switch to a smaller fridge....I again have to deal with Rod. He tells me that even though I'm downgrading to a smaller fridge with no ice maker or water dispenser he won't do anything about the price cause they already aren't making money off our purchase.. so I ignore the comment and purchase the smaller fridge. From this point I call every week for an update on delivery, three weeks later we STILL don't have our appliances.... mind you we have a one year old, so three weeks without appliances gets kind of hard to take care of your family. After three weeks and two different salesmen, our purchase was given to a THIRD salesmen (Andy) who was also ok to work with aside from him badmouthing his fellow employees (VERY unprofessional, and irrelevant) at that point we decided we've had enough of the headache, dishonesty, and horrible service. We canceled our order and went to LOWES, we got a lower better package deal, and GREAT service, we even got free NEXT DAY delivery! Bottom line is act PROFESSIONAL, be HONEST, and treat your customers with RESPECT. Had Dakota TV and appliance done this they would have gained very loyal customers.
7 months ago
A Max
BEST customer service around....will match anyone's price,too...
10 months ago
Khalil Qatu
Great Service!
6 months ago
Harris Daniels
Don't waste time going elsewhere. This is where it's at.
7 months ago
Chad Franks
Awesome service
6 months ago
Kayla Schmahl
Michael will hook you up
8 months ago
Joseph McGregor
Great for getting replacement parts
6 months ago
james frommer
Fabulous Service!
4 months ago
martin venegas
Good discount
2 months ago
Nicole Schroeder
Had the parts I needed to fix my dryer.
5 months ago
Rebekkah Navarrette
Customer service was horrible and poor communication with the customer on custom orders. Product was ordered and never arrived on the delivery date. Called the company and got the run around and excuses of why it wasn't delivered. Find out it was not on the main delivery truck to the store then had to be back ordered and wait another couple of weeks.
7 months ago
Darijan Dacho
7 months ago
Alexis Nahnybida
5 months ago

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