River Sand Inc.

Sand & gravel supplier River Sand Inc., 7955 Belton Bridge Rd, Lula, GA 30554, United States: 8 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
River Sand Inc.
Address: 7955 Belton Bridge Rd, Lula, GA 30554, United States
Website: riversandinc.com
Phone number: +1 770-983-3477

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 34.4327545
Longitude: -83.6927947

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Jen VanLaecken
Called earlier this week to coordinate for river sand. Was told by the sales associate that I could pick up river sand with a pick up truck and that I could be loaded up at the 7955 Belton Bridge Road location in Lula. Sent my employee, who works by the hour and drove an hour off-site to pick up sand in a 1/2 ton pick up truck this morning. He was turned away because, "...River Sand Inc doesn't load pick up trucks..." My employee was sent to a follow on location for river sand by the employees at the River Sand Inc Lula location. The follow on location did not have river sand - as in they didn't sell it. When I called River Sand Inc to find out what was going on, the sales associate told me they never load pick up trucks for liability reasons. This was not disclosed to me in my initial coordination with River Sand where I specifically mentioned having to load a pick up truck bed with river sand. Thanks the misinformation, thanks for not following through and thanks for the wild goose chase after the fact.
5 months ago
Linda Lopez
Delivery was prompt and the driver was very courteous.
10 months ago
Matthew G
Very Impressed! We bought a pool and needed 3 tons of masonry sand. My boyfriend went to pick it up and had never been there. The guys were super helpful and diligent. He was impressed with how quickly and clean-ly they got our sand. The guys there made sure to wash their dump bucket before getting our sand because the previous people had more gritty stuff. Great prices. Great people. Would highly recommend!
6 months ago
alexis morgan
The service for which you buy might be nice, but my fiancé worked for them and they were trying to control how he did things OUTSIDE of work! They are family based and if you're not part of the family or don't act like part of the family then your time there will be either miserable or short.
7 months ago
Rukhsar Shaikh
As a homeowner, I use River Sand Inc. for all of my lawn topdressing needs. I do my own yard work and have found that River Sand Inc. is extremely affordable, extremely professional and their sand is super clean and perfect for what I need. They made me feel like a big time client even though my orders were relatively small.
2 months ago
Ashley Coleman
They helped me find the right materials for my drainage issues around the house. The sand worked great and the river rock looked great. Even the delivery driver was very professional!
1 month ago
Thomas Deshler
Very affordable. Great sand for top dressing. Nice people.
11 months ago
Priscilla Carroll
We have used this company for many years and they have always met our expectations. Their staff is very helpful, their products are what they say they are, and the material is always delivered on time by good drivers.
5 months ago