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Address: 500 Grossman Dr, Braintree, MA 02184, United States
Phone number: +1 781-794-2951

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meena singla
Had to ship a package . the gentleman said the boxes are over there, he was no help when it came to pick out the correct size. I got a box, he handed me the tape and said you have to do it yourself, because of covid. fyi I had no idea how to do it, it was his job. Really ,I didn't touch the box and covid spreads through droplets. Just another lazy excuse to get out of helping someone. Will never go there again.
5 months ago
Nicole Dorie
The only store left with a fax machine for those important documents that you need to send in a timely fashion. The kid on the register was very kind.
8 months ago
julius davidson
helpful staff friendly customer service from morning till evening but still needs improvements. over all great service just needs more staff within the store to help speed things up when it gets busy. when i approached an associate for a specific charger Edgar was very helpful and helped me decide what type of charger i was looking for. He explained what the differences in fast chargers were from 10watts to 12 watts and quickly lead me to the product in question. Very efficient, helpful and polite.
4 months ago
John Q
So I went in here to register my nonprofit for a business account and to get a tax exempt form for Staples. The assistant manager who was assisting me James was clearly confused on the process. He never even asked me what was my usage going to be or any other options that may be available to me. 30 minutes later I’m told I will get a decision within two weeks when I needed an immediate purchase that day but could not pay the tax as we are not allowed to pay taxes. This was the first thing he should’ve offered me, he disappeared to go get the form and I didn’t see him again. At this point I was over it and left the store. I would have the staples would have been a lot more useful and knowledgeable when it comes to nonprofit organizations trying to give them business. So disappointed
9 months ago
James Beswick
I went to Staples in Braintree MA to print my Christmas cards because Vistaprint would deliver them when I'm away on vacation. I was able to pick up my cards at Staples several hours after I ordered them online, and the color quality was exact. I printed images at FedEx recently and they didn't have printers capable of matching images as they actually are, so this was a refreshing surprise. Also, my cards were $17 for 25 including envelopes. Vistaprint was more expensive for less cards.
6 months ago
Keith Edwards
This positive review is 100% because of Braintree Staples' current staffing. Keep an eye out for "Geo" (an exceptional manager on duty today) who helped with my selection and purchase while simultaneously leading three other staff. Geo answered detailed questions, encouraged me make the final decision on the product selections (i.e. not pushy or fake), made the entire visit exceptionally easy and even was friendly along the way. Geo also facilitated speedy payment and offered to help bring out heavy items. Somehow I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Along the way, I noticed younger staff going to Geo for direction, respectfully taking action and smiling. On the way to the my vehicle, staff expressed how much they love working for him. How often does that happen? His positive impact is obviously felt by customers (like me), staff and the store as a whole.
2 months ago
Ross Mansfield
This staples print center is great, I came with a printing need and issue and Megan and another associate were beyond Amazing, they fixed the issue and print my doc Express. I highly reccommend it.
3 months ago
Starling Sagarduy
I was annoyed that their printers couldn't read an Apple formatted USB drive, so had to drive back home and make some changes. When I returned, I was further perturbed that the default setting on the color printers was set to the heaviest stock, which increased the cost of the job I needed printed. So I went to one of the computers and signed in, figuring I'd just print off only the color pages. I tried twice to do this, with the help of Amanda, but it just wasn't working. I was wasting time. Amanda then offered to simply run off the color copies I needed. When she handed them to me and I asked 'how much?' She replied 'no charge, you've been here long enough wasting time.' That was impressive, and great customer service. Thank you Amanda!
4 months ago
Tyrone Robertson
Bad experience. My mom asked to have them reprint some old pictures from the 1930's and 1940's. They already printed some for her a few weeks prior and I have always had this done at Staples as well. The associate asked her boss who said they couldn't reprint the posed pictures due to copyright laws and that it was illegal. The woman kept repeating that it was a federal offense, that we could use their scanner, but it would still be illegal. I wasn't aware that Staples has now become the "photograph copying" police...
4 months ago
Lee Kirtley
Absolute waste of my time, went in to print a very small thing maybe a page long, the lady failed to mention i needed a credit card (for an 11 Cent purchase than needed a 5$ pre authorization). Sat there for 20 minutes waiting to speak to an employee who seemingly purposely avoided eye contact with me, ended up stealing a pack of sharpies just because i felt i needed compensation for the time i wasted walking into this awful buisness.
8 months ago
Jerry York
Terrible service. They don't greet, acknowledge, or try to help when they see you.
5 months ago
Meredith Scott
Purchased an Adobe product and unable to load serial number. Spoke to Xavier the store manager who was zero help. Stay away from Staples Braintree.$99 wasted.
4 months ago
Kelly Littlemore
They seem to have misleading store policies that vary from store to store. They do NOT pricematch all brick and mortar stores, unlike many of their near-by competitors, and while they were not overly rude, they definitely weren't looking to help me either. Not a great experience.
2 months ago
Lena Wu
Great experience with the printing department! Had some trouble printing out a big seating chart for a wedding and ended up needing to print it 3 times but only was charged for one print. They were very helpful figuring out the best way to print it in the right shade and size.
7 months ago
emmanuel alfaro
Tony was great. He took his time and answered all my questions. Very patient and knowledgeable.
5 months ago
Ok,good plau to get something for home office or things for kids for school.
5 months ago
Rebeca Mata
Worst customer service I’ve seen in any store
1 month ago
Karen Moule
A good store for office supplies and furniture.
4 months ago
Sushil Chaudhary
It was fine had some copies made
8 months ago
Donna Bowden
Not sure about the rest of the store. But Wanda in the printing department was very impatient and very rude. I haven’t use the fax machine in years and I was I’m just trying to get some help using the machines and she had the worst attitude and was insulting when she had to repeat things. She should not be in customer service if she can’t deal with people respectfully and patiently. I’m going somewhere Else from now on and I was suggest others do the same
5 months ago
Rachel Pitcher
GREAT Staff at this location! Alex's assistance was much appreciated!
8 months ago
Mary Garvey
Needed to make some oversized color copies. Amanda was very helpful. She walked me through the copy process.
5 months ago
Jack Sytsma
We use this place for our business printing. They do a good job but you need to be really specific. Be sure to check your order before you leave the store for this reason. There was a woman working there who could not get an order straight but it looks like she's gone. There is a new woman there named Wanda who is very helpful and professional.
8 months ago
Breanna Richards
Horrible customere service. Wanted something printed 5 pages. I refuse to do self service because it takes away jobs. They told me for them to copywhich would have have less then minute I would have to leave then for few hours. Dumb people and lost a customere for life
5 months ago
Jared Naegle
Very organized in categories and very nice people work thier. Don’t change a thing
5 months ago
Amanda Lawson
The print staff member was arrogant. The lady wouldn’t print a resume for me on heavy paper, instead pointing me to the self-serve machines that only print on low quality paper. She wouldn’t even show me how to do it, either. Extremely useless. Never going to staples again. Office Depot is right around the corner!
7 months ago
Chris Orchard
I hate this place. I called an hour before I drove there from Quincy to print something before going to the rmv. They said that they have computers and would be able to print something from my email. I drove 25 minutes to this store. Walked in and I was ignored by the woman behind the desk. She hardly paid attention to me and tried to answer me from 20 feet away. I politely said "excuse Me" and she finally walked over. Every computer had an out of order sign pinned to it. I asked her if there was any other way and she said no. I responded by asking if she had a suggestion on what I could do. She mentioned the library. Thanks, I just drove 30 min passed my library because I called and you said I could print something there. She didn't even apologize.
2 months ago
Lyne Morrow
Not sure about the rest of the store but the print section would get zero Stars if it would let me. My father passed away and I went to them for Memorial cards for the service. And they dragged their asses and after I cancelled the order they finally called me 24 hours later to give me the price quote that I requested more than a week ago. Seriously?! If you are local, just go to Printing Unlimited in Holbrook Ma. I'm getting them within 48 hours.
7 months ago
Kyle Moore
Worse store ever. I came during a time when it was not busy. I wanted to walk in buy a desktop and go but I have to wait for at least half an hour to have someone assist me. The service is excellent but they just need to put more people on the floor.
10 months ago
Markus Sivula
Great selection and friendly service
8 months ago
Lusady Taylor
Always a great place to shop
8 months ago
Sandeep Dhungel
Second time in a row the check out registers were rebooting. Only one checkout line. Go somewhere else.
6 months ago
Jeanne Barry
Do not carry plastic grommets for office desks.
4 months ago
Bill Westervelt
Great service at the print/copy area!
7 months ago
Rachal Payne
Copy and print service. Very friendly and helpful admist being very busy
5 months ago
Walt Thomas
Refused to refund a product that died and stopped working, manager was extremely unhelpful
3 months ago
Henry Clark
Oh my God! They are the worst! It took half an hour that they print 5 pages for me while they had just a couple of customers. Meanwhile they asked my name and family name several times to fill forms!! And worst than that, they don't make copies of your identity card or passport because it's ILLEGAL!!!
9 months ago
Ivan Gilevich
Good selection of office supplies and furniture
7 months ago
Daniel Sapp
UPS center doesn't get any attention. When it does, it takes multiple tries because the system gets offline. The staff keeps waliking away from you so the task at hand is left hanging. If I didn't need this overnighted I would certainly walk out the door.
7 months ago
Adis Nukic
Had what I needed and oened another register when things started backing up.
6 months ago
Ron Martin
Don't have my stuff in stock
4 months ago
Irie Tree
All good
6 months ago
Erika White
Bad experience with ,,, liquid screen protector ,,, nevere again
2 months ago
Art Guess
Print and marketing services gets a Zero on customer service
8 months ago
John Manthorpe
5 months ago
Find everything I was looking for
7 months ago
Terrible customer service printing department
11 months ago
Trina Buford
Friendly and convenient
7 months ago
Joel Northrop
The slowest fax ever! Please invest in a new fax.
6 months ago
Clean and helpful staff
2 months ago

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