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Special education school Riverview School, 551 MA-6A, East Sandwich, MA 02537, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 551 MA-6A, East Sandwich, MA 02537, United States
Website: riverviewschool.org
Phone number: +1 508-888-0489

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I like this school because there are activities that students can do and learn. the staff here are very nice and helpful when you need it. and you can learn about independence to help you in grow. the food is excellent and I recommend this school.
6 months ago
Los Rodriguez
I was there in 80s, it was horrible. My parents thought they was doing a favor They where wrong. I don't recommended this school. They where horrible to me.
6 months ago
Brian Davidson
I love this school and my friends. However sometimes I feel like GROW doesn’t have independence ❤️❤️❤️????????☺️☺️????????♥️????????❤️ It is a great school though. I would recommend this, and visit anytime after I graduate
6 months ago
Daniel Osorio
I love all the things that this place offers. my favorite activity is band and chorus. I love band because if I am having a tough day at school i know that I can go to practice and let all my stress go and play music with friends. thank you to Mr Simpson and all the academic and dorm staff for helping me these 3 years.
6 months ago
Craig Parker
Riverview School has the very best staff and students to help you become independent and live on your own when you graduate. Went there for 6 wonderful years and they have a lot of activities and opportunities to offer. It also offers the ski trip which is the best! A very good education and dormitory arrangement too!
5 months ago
Lora Orion
Back in 1976 Riverview School was the most horrible experience of my entire life! Today at sixty years old the memories still haunt me to this day! My Parents thought that they were doing something wonderful but, little did they know until after I graduated in 1978 the pain that I endured during my three years at Riverview some of the staff were just as cruel as the students were mainly the housemothers. As I look at Riverview and how much that it has grown through out the years it looks warm and inviting real dorms and beautiful landscaping . I'm sure that the students are treated so much better then we were treated . I wish that I could say how cheated I feel at not being able to enjoy my Senior year when it was nothing but, a horror , parents I urge you to speak to your children in Private on the phone without the staff listening in to your very private calls from Your kids we did not have this luxury back in 1976 house mothers listen in to your calls and etc. Please take into consideration the needs and wants of your Children so that when they leave Riverview that can say tboarding at school and learning was the most awesome experience of their life.
6 months ago
Don McMoneagle
Our son is entering his 3 school year as a resident at the Riverview School. He has grown and matured a great deal since entering Riverview, both academically and socially. He now has a great group of friends and is excelling a great deal inside the classroom and out. Whether you are looking for a day or a residential program for your child, I highly recommend Riverview for your exceptional child, truly a special place!
7 months ago
marla cove
This school does a great job by giving young adult the experience to grow and to do things that will get out of there Comfort zone
7 months ago
Marc Rigo
I was there in 1969 Mr Janse was the head master, he would hold school assemblies & preach to us all about the dangers of smoking all the while he was smoking a cigarette giving his lecture. Yeah, he was special, then there was Mr Redman, a peculiar man he was, very sneaky, he'd stalked students trying to catch them doing stuff they shouldn't. Guess he always wanted to be a cop but couldn't make the cut, not surprising. Then there were the dorm house mothers, I had Mrs. Adam's for a couple of months, she was an abusive old witch that should never have been allowed around children, she liked to lock you down in the cellar all night if you misbehaved, or if she just didn't like you, she liked to tell us all stories about creepy stuff that lived down in that cellar. Talk about tormenting kids, that wrinkled up old prune was mean as hell, I hope she died a slow painful death. I hated it there, some of the kids were nice, we had some good times, others were snobs who thought they were better than you & liked to parade around like they were important. In conclusion, if you love your kids don't send them to this place, especially if they are going to be boarding, sending them away is like telling them that you'd rather not be bothered by their presence, why did you bother having kids if you only wanted to be a part time parent? Your kids will hate you for it & they'll remember this when it's time for you to be sent away to some "home"
8 months ago
Lawrence Williams
Riverview is my brothers school and it is absolutely amazing. He has improved so much, both socially and academically and all the kids there are great. It's exactly like a real high school with sports programs, fine arts and more. The campus is beautiful and I don't think there is another school out there for special needs kids that would be better. Also, check out their new restaurant Cafe Riverview for amazing meals and even better service :)
8 months ago
Brian Mcavoy
Riverview school was aswome I had trust issues when I started now it help me be better person when I was there from 2011 to 2014 I can’t stay Thank you Enough
6 months ago
Jay Mullis
Not a bad school but not ideal for someone with an IQ above 80 or so. The curriculum doesn't really adapt to individuals needs and the staff seem to prefer the lower functioning students. Yes the community is very nice they make kids feel welcome and feel like their same age peers with things like sports arts the prom and class trips etc. But the post secondary component is truly too basic to be the last school your child will need.
7 months ago
Shannon Bloodworth
Riverview is a really great school.i was there from 85 to 89 and it was a great experience,I would recommend it to anyone who wants a new school where history come alive,brad Lund
5 months ago
Derrick Geer
it a really bad school
6 days ago
Harold Powell
The restaurant operated by the school, in which the students from the school learn vocational skills, is simply great. Their sandwiches are without peer - get "The Herbie," and you will thank yourself all afternoon! Food is delicious - Five Stars!
3 months ago
Claudia Rios
Totally agree with "Hannah Peskin". I didn't learn enough there. I graduated in 1980. Though it helped me get through and graduate college (B.A. in Art at East Stroudsburg University, 1984), there are still a LOT of things I didn't learn that even the "lowest educated group" of people who were of the same grade level as I was from a regular high school already knew. I had loved it when I was there. It felt safe and no one made fun of you, but they only taught you the bare basics. It would have been nice if they taught courses like Calculus - or just things they would teach in a regular high school. I don't feel I was educated enough. As a result, I fall "between the cracks". I don't quite fit in with "non-disabled" people out there, but I no longer fit in with others I had gone to Riverview with. I'm in a place all by myself out in the world, and at times it really kind of sucks. But it is what it is...
1 week ago
Isabelle Hidaka
Really good school if you are into preforming arts
5 months ago
Ra Ra
One of best schools to go to
7 months ago
AndreaL Farrow
Riverview is top notch in all aspects: staff, teachers, food, sports, activities, location, beautiful facilities, environment...!
5 months ago
Lennon Rogers
I go to Riverview School I'm in the GROW Program and I just love this school so much!!!! I love everything about it!!! :D
2 months ago
Jamey Brigley
The best school for me
9 months ago
James Curtis
One of the best schools
9 months ago
Susana Loza
This place is the best
2 months ago
Isabella Zhu
9 months ago
james chumney
8 months ago
David Stewart
7 months ago
Maggie E
11 months ago
Barry Luka
5 months ago