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Car alarm supplier Audio Mobile, 2123 Goodrich Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2123 Goodrich Ave, Austin, TX 78704, United States
Phone number: +1 512-912-7770

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Сергей Лихачёв
Victor is the absolute best! I first saw him a few years ago when I was in another vehicle and he fixed a bad install for me. I returned with the same system to get in my new car and he got me looking and sounding great in no time. He is so friendly and I will continue to reccomend him to anyone and all!
1 month ago
Спиридон Семёнов
This is the second time I have had the pleasure of using Audio Mobil services with owner, Victor. I needed to replace my back-up camera on my Hummer. Victor got me in quickly and within three hours had everything wired and working perfectly at a great price! I will always use Audio Mobile for all car radio and related needs. Victor is a true professional!!!
1 month ago
Иван Морозов
I called for a quote and availability. Victor got me in right now! He hooked my speakers and amp up , looking very professional by the way, all in 3 hours. And I didn't even buy the speakers or amp from him. Thank you Victor for great and fast work. I will be back. My wife's car needs an upgrade and we'll buy from you also..thanks again to Victor !!
10 months ago
Андрей Флейшер
Victor is great, always super helpful, honest and provides excellent work. Best car audio/video shop in town.
10 months ago
Nina Raccoon
Victor is great. Hooked up a amp for me at a reasonable price. The best part is helping support small local businesses here in town.
2 months ago
Юля Романова
The man who owned it is very nice, helpful and knowledgeable
1 month ago
Сергей Терентьев
Quality work, great service.
3 days ago
Iriska Iriska
Victor did a great job removing some audio equipment from my vehicle in a very timely and cost effective manner.
3 months ago
Сергей Миронов
Victor is one helluva honest person, and great to do business with. He installed a new tuner, six speakers and a backup camera in March, 2019 in my Class C RV, and quickly replaced the backup camera when it failed to work properly. I'll definitely be using him in the future for our mobile audio needs.
9 months ago
Алексей Морозов
I have used Audio Mobile several times. And every time I was extremely satisfied.
6 months ago
Басан Каминов
Victor helped me out with a subwoofer install that I couldn't get done at Best Buy. He did it fast and high quality. I will go to him from now on for future audio work. Thanks!
1 month ago
Мария Гаврильчик
Thanks Victor! 69' Chevelle sounds as good on the inside as it does on the out. Highly recommend!
9 months ago
Юлия Василевская
Victor is the man! He put in a custom system in my 62 Lincoln so we wouldn't have to cut anything original. Sounds amazing, looks terrific. He built the boxes himself, fit them perfectly, and came in at a very reasonable price. He built them on his day off too. Go see Victor!
1 month ago
Дарья Толумбаева
So far so good, super nice owner, does all the work himself so quality control is a non issue. I'll add pics when he's done
9 months ago
Руслан Чичикин
Victor is probably amongst the elite of auto audio/sound systems and installation. But, you'd never know it from his temperament. I contacted him with a detailed list of needs. He analyzed it, and made outstanding recommendations and suggestions. I estimate that he saved me $1,500 by simply asking a series of questions, the answers leading to refined questions, the result of which was a process that got me what I wanted, with quality that far exceeded my expectations. Victor is predictable: you email him; re emails you. You call, he calls. No delays. Big, well managed inventory. Neat. Tidy. Clean. Frugal. Treats your property better than you, unless you are some kind of a perfectionist! This is a really nice, mature, intelligent man, responsible, yet fun-loving enough to know that music is life. And good quality sound makes a big difference. Check him out. You will be delighted!
10 months ago
Леонид Беспалов
Victor is a true professional/expert in his field. After reading the reviews online of Audio Mobile, I drove from Buda to see if Victor could fix my truck radio. He quickly diagnosed the potential problem and had me back on the road after fixing the truck radio in less than an hour. If you need help for your car or truck radio/stereo system. -- go see Victor, you will be pleased and happy you did!
11 months ago
Сергей Шилкин
The owner was very knowledgeable about what my 1500 Chevy needed, and did a great install! He even installed a all-in-one sub woofer box in my truck that he didn't sell me. 5 months later the equipment is still working great and sounds amazing! I would recommend him to my friends and family and already have! Thank you sir! Scott M.
4 months ago
Анатолий Кравченко
Austin Window Tint refered me to Victor. I couldn't be happier with the results of my speaker upgrade.
7 months ago
Юлия Тивикова
I met with Victor. He was very thorough, patient, and knew his stuff. He gave me advise and options to save me money before he showed me several of his own options that he could sale me. He really put himself in my shoes and was telling me my best options even if it could cost him my business. This is extremely rare these days. The items he did show and quote me were awesome and literally half the cost of the similar product at Best Buy. If I am unable to find what I'm looking for through the advise he gave me, I will definitely be going back to see him. In five minutes, he just seemed like a gentleman that truly cares about helping people whether he gets your business or not.
7 months ago
Юрий Костин
Victor is awesome!! He is such a sweet and friendly guy, super helpful, explains things so you understand, reasonable prices and fast work! I’m so happy with the radio he installed in my husband’s truck! He also walked me through how to use it.
2 weeks ago
Алексей Руднев
Couldn’t recommend this place more. Victor did a great job, great customer service, quick and very trustworthy. I originally took my car to the dealership and representative I had trusted for 10 years. He told me I needed a new radio and quoted me $1,000. I just had a 1 month old baby and needed a second opinion for a lot of reasons. Victor had my car 30 minutes and $50 later the radio worked. I can’t recommend him and this place enough!
10 months ago
Katerina Rodchenkova
Absolutely Recommend!!! Victor is the best car audio specialist period. He is super professional, sweet, and most helpful. I am a woman and he didn’t try to rip me off like those guys at Custom Sounds. His location is easy to get to, he is personable and was attentive throughout my communication with him. I have an 04 Honda and simply wanted to enable bluetooth capability to my stereo system and we ordered the part and had no luck because of needing the Honda audio code. We retrieved that from the dealership and still got no connection, it was an older radio/original factory. Victor had the appropriate parts to still get me up and functioning; I ended up upgrading the entire unit. Buuuut it was important to note, he did not push the upsell, I was the one who inquired about the needed part for the upgrade. I am confident if it werent my stereo that he would have had me out of there by 9:30 am and I was his first appointment on a Saturday morning. He really helped me and was most accomadating and even offered me some coffee while I was waiting. People who came in seem to really trust him, he’s very knowledgeable and super friendly. I cannot say enough about him. The audio is tremendous, may be slowly adding other upgrades later. Will definitely go back to him if I do.
11 months ago
Наталия Селезнёва
I came in not knowing much about stereos and I left it to Victor to pick out and install new door speakers and a 12" sub. He did a great job installing the equipment and it sounds amazing! The cost of all the parts and installation was VERY reasonable. I would highly recommend visiting Audio Mobile for any car stereo need.
3 weeks ago
Redvard Che
Was quoted a price and Victor stuck to it. Said it would take 4 hours and he finished just over 3. Victor has excellent customer service and his install looks like it came from the factory. Will return with any and all my future aftermarket car audio needs. Thank you Victor!!
1 month ago
Лусинэ Янян
Took my F150 in today with a viper car alarm I bought online and was amazed with the quality work and great price!! Highly recommend if your looking for professional installation at a low cost.
4 months ago
Катя Фурманова
Victor has done audio work on my Kia Optima, Toyota Camry, and two Toyota 4Runners of ours. He gives great prices, friendly service, great quality work and it gets done that same day. I highly recommend Victor to anyone who wants a great hard working guy who gets the job done right as far as audio work goes.
1 week ago
Ura Kip
Wanted to give a shout-out to Victor Elmur of Audio Mobile in Austin. Took my Hummer in this week for problems with my radio and within 5 minutes he had radio pulled and was already diagnosing issues. Decided to upgrade to newer Bluetooth technology with i-phone compatibility. Got a new Pioneer system installed in less than 24 hours from when I walked into his South Austin store. Great workmanship and service!! 5 stars out of 5!
1 month ago
Лилия Ошовская
Victor has helped me on very difficult installations with professional quality workmanship . Backup camera, 5 stage amp, sub woofer enclosure, installed all new speakers in crew cab truck. Then did nice job on RV so iPhone would work thru system. Would recommend Audio Mobile for quality install at a great price.
7 months ago
Надеждочка Горбачева
Got some Polk audio speakers installed into my '11 Wrangler yesterday because the bass was shot and the sound was flat all over. Took him only a few hours, great price, and system sounds perfect
7 months ago
Максим Добромыслов
Victor is the man! I went to places like best buy, frys etc, and they all quoted me at 225 plus AND said installation will be 2 weeks from now. Then a friend recommended victor, he got it done same day i wanted it for 225.
2 months ago
Яна Федина
Outstanding Customer Service and does a wonderful job! Highly recommend Audio Mobile!
7 months ago
Александр Чурилин
Victor is a great guy, and this place has great service!
7 months ago
Сергей Царьков
After getting quotes from Best Buy ($400) and quotes from Custom Sounds ($300), I thought I would call Austin Mobile and inquire about how much it would cost to get my car stereo installed. Victor quoted me $225 at 5:30pm in the afternoon, I stopped by at 5:45pm, he installed everything in less than 15 minutes and I was out of there by 6pm... I loved this place for 3 reasons: 1) Victor runs his own own business - Support the small guys, it is an awesome thing to do! 2) He is was really fast and knowledgable.. 3) My stereo sounds AMAZING! He checked all the speakers, even tweaked them a bit to make sure the sound was up-to-standard.... I would definitely go here again!
6 months ago
Андрей Тиунов
He stole the rear camera that was in the radio kit bought on amazon. i bought an XO Vision HTC36 Backup Camera with Nightvision but this is not what is installed on my truck. Victor did a swap out. dont just walk, run away from this place. He is a thief....
11 months ago
Евгения Семёнова
Victor is fair, honest, and does good work. One of those shops you trust implicitly.
10 months ago
Анна Чернышева
Victor is a true car audio expert who shoots straight and prevents the customer from making dumb choices. He also is willing to install products you purchase elsewhere (online) and help answer your questions about said products. I have a 1990's chevy truck and bought an amp, subwoofers, and box off Amazon and brought the whole mess to Victor for him to install. Perfect installation. Lifetime warranty, though I did drive away without a receipt, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to reconnect with him on this in years to come if I should need to. If you do go this route and bring your own equipment instead of buying from him, I recommend you let him select the wiring kit. So many wiring kits you buy online are garbage and he's going to use a properly robust gauge of wire.
7 months ago
Паша Шолохов
I was skeptical about google reviews ... I thought they were probably a bunch of fake friends making up glowing reviews. But Victor was the best reviewed car stereo installer in Austin, so I gave him a chance. I had already bought a stereo for my Explorer. Victor said, " I need to make sure it will fit ..." He came back and said it was just right (something I already knew). Then he quoted me a good price. And went to work IMMEDIATELY while I waited, because his other job was to be picked up the next day. He found that my system wasn't going to be able to FADE front to back because of my pre-installed amp. He told me all about it. He found the left front speaker to be dead (which I already suspected). He brought me into the work area to show me that the speaker was bad, and he waited for me to ask for new speakers ... he sold me Polk Audios, for less than retail, but more than you could buy them online ... perfectly reasonable for a brick and mortar business. I needed the speakers but didn't have the cash on me. Victor trusted me to bring him another $50 later. OMG, can you say, "Neighborhood business?" I went out of my way to make sure Victor was paid, as you might imagine, so rare are real human beings in business these days. Another thing: I think Victor is hispanic ... but he speaks English as well as I do, and that is very important to me. In short, I cannot more highly recommend his shop. Please support him, and say, "No," to non-local franchises. He won't lie to you, nor take advantage ... he will offer you a fair deal and he CAN be trusted. I WILL be going back to him when I want to upgrade my system to SIRIUSXM. Thanks, Victor ... it was a rare privilege doing business with you ... I hope you prosper, here, in our beautiful city.
4 months ago
Ольга Плотникова
Well I just got off the phone with a guy and he was extremely rude and just told me he could not help me. Way to keep your clients.
7 months ago

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