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Thrift store New Life Center Thrift Store, 221 19th St N, Fargo, ND 58102, United States: 88 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 221 19th St N, Fargo, ND 58102, United States
Phone number: +1 701-532-4459

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Brent Rasmussen
Always friendly place and very organized and live the music they have on!
10 months ago
Haymer Cardona
What a wonderful thrift store! Easy to get to plenty of parking The store is huge!! The used furniture selection is fantastic and hardly any blemishes Clothing jewelry kitchen goodies And much more The staff are friendly and helpful And it goes to a great cause New Life Center helped save my life I am forever in there debt Thank you all Jamie
10 months ago
Denice hinkson
Very nice , clean, friendly service. I loved it. Will always go back
2 days ago
Ariel Sinica
I received a clothing voucher (a blezzing) from the Salvation Army for the New Life thrift store. I was very impressed with the clothing selection and the whole thrift store in general. The re- model of the thrift store is clean, open, organized and smells fresh. A relaxed, fun and enlightening visit with many more to come. ????????????????????????️ ☺️ The employee z are cheerful, friendly and helpful . I did ask to see if they happened to be hiring and since they are not, Im going to call on Monday and speak with a manager about volunteering. ????
2 months ago
Tu Nguyn
Very clean, I love how they really pick through their items so you aren’t looking through a bunch of junk like at Goodwill or Savers. I am willing to pay a bit more to look through a clean store where all the items are of higher quality!
6 months ago
Very clean and organized! Great prices!
3 days ago
Kylie Rose
Questionably the most expensive thrift store I have ever been in. The prices are absolutely ridiculous and unfair! The entire store smells of rotten cat carcass and urine. The smell was so disgusting I gagged upon entering. Positive side! The staff was kind and welcoming. Sadly, I won't be returning.
7 months ago
patrico tyrell
Found an awesome piece of furniture and a nice jacket for work at a reasonable cost. The staff were more than helpful and very friendly. Definitely a benefit to the community.
9 months ago
Gaurav Sharma
Staffing is excellent. The store is fairly small and extremely curated. Very interesting stuff but leans somewhat high end which I didn't expect at a thrift store that supports a homeless shelter. I guess that they may be preferentially give their low end donations to their clients. Having said that, there is treasure here to be found, but most of it has a higher price than I prefer.
10 months ago
Nick Avery
Great place, great prices for quality of clothes, very friendly and helpful staff!
8 months ago
Robert P
First rate. Excellent mdse. Best I've ever shopped at.
10 months ago
As an employee, I cannot say enough about the quality people I have a chance to work with each day at the New Life Center. The staff is ministry minded, helping individuals during a difficult time of their lives. In conversation with guests, I hear two or three times a month, "this place saved my life." I am grateful that the New Life Center is providing warm beds for over 100 men nightly, serving on average of 250 meals a day, and giving away as much as is sold in the Thrift Store, to those in need. In addition to meeting these basic needs, the New Life Center helps guests to discover value and find hope by addressing the issues that led to homelessness and offering opportunities to learn and grow in their relationship with Christ.
1 month ago
Kevin Quek
They need more donations for variety. Prices have increased. I do like that they are ADA accessible, I can get my scooter in and function just fine.
6 months ago
Katrina Uher
Great prices on everything. You never know what you'll find here. Clothing is really good selection except for the size jeans I wear...34x32
6 months ago
The staff at New Life thrift store is always very courtesy and very polite
1 week ago
Brittany H
Love the New Life Market area! It's just like shopping at a boutique and less expensive. I really like the new look of the store and the parking lot sales are the best! Can't beat $1 shoes
6 months ago
Sydney Legg
Great thrift store!! You can find awesome stuff here and there's always new things every day! Best place in town to buy cards too!!
1 week ago
sot psev
New building, still have $80 used jackets in the front of the store? I'm going back to see if this once jem of a thrift store has redeemed itself and will post my review . 4 months ago it was overpriced, haven't been back since. Was one of my favorite stores in Fargo. Is the old guy with white hair and beard named Dave that is an antique collector still pricing your items?
10 months ago
Molly m
Good place to shop good prices lot of nice stuff
11 months ago
Drew Jeffcoat
This was my first-ever New Life Store shopping trip. I was glad to see the prices are very, very low. I need a winter coat so I'll check back frequently as winter approaches.
9 months ago
Paul Jerskey
Great prices, great quality of items! Super cute!
8 months ago
Cindy Welch
They do good work but poor people can't afford to shop there anymore
1 week ago
Jami Wentworth
Well put together store. Staff is very friendly and helpful.
1 week ago
tristan lamay
Amazingly run down and horrid shopping experience at the thrift store. The place has gone to vermin over the last couple of years, so sad. I bought a nice looking couch that turned out to be infested with bed bugs. Probably my fault as I should have inspected it more closely. What happened to the New Life Center Thrift Store? It used to be a great place to shop. What once was a friendly place is creepy and dirty. I'm never going there again!
6 months ago
joel daskal
GREAT place with GREAT stuff. Not to mention a caring and helpful staff---this is the place to go!
10 months ago
michael hildenbrand
I think it's the best thrift store in the fargo Moorhead area
11 months ago
Alan Katzen
New location and store set up. Great prices to renew your seasonal clothes. Awesome place to send your leftovers instead of clogging your closets.
1 week ago
Chloe Weyrauch
Giving people with a calling to help those with no resources of their own. Considering the thrift store works with society's castoffs, they do an awesome job merchandising.
2 months ago
Rob B
Its an amazing thing that they do at the NLC. It is absolutely heart warming that they provide meals to anyone who walks through their doors along with providing the word of God to their residents. No one should go to bed hungry in Fargo and they make sure of that.
6 months ago
Doug Smet
Great place to find fun and affordable clothing and other cool stuff.
6 months ago
Justin Dryden
I think new life thrifty store is cheapest place in Town
10 months ago
Sofia Ahern
Nice little second hand store, the prices are very fair.
10 months ago
Jennifer Eldridge
Alwaus find something good.
8 months ago
Brittany Varnum
It's a tough job and the New Life Center does it day after day. I will be dropping for shirts today.
3 months ago
aman chahal
The person I spoke to on the phone was insulting and degrading. He called me a moron for getting times wrong when I was going by the times listed on their website. And then, to top it all off, I did not get to eat that day because of this guy.
4 months ago
Sara Zak
Great thrift store, very organized and clean. Male cashier was unfriendly and slow.
1 month ago
Maruja Harris
Got a few great deals on shirts!
9 months ago
Tuitoek Tess
Great stuff at great prices!!!!!
8 months ago
Rhianna Pollard
Spendy for a thrift store. Some of the stuff more than buying new.
1 week ago
Keiko Sakamoto
Very cute!!
7 months ago
Bernadette Parsley
Love this thrift store.
6 months ago
Catherine Sykes
Nice new store location, miss the Old one, but much nicer now, pricing is all over the place, some items are 'Thrifty' many are priced out to maximum online prices, too bad.
11 months ago
Dennis Greany
Good deal.
6 months ago
Val Lever
Prices are too high.
6 months ago
Tonkie Nelson
Lots of deals
3 months ago
Ameena Mohib
Great place to shop
10 months ago
karen bailey
Inexpensive new and used items
6 months ago
Gerald Brennan
Clean bright stre
6 months ago
Melinda Gallimore
Good prices
11 months ago
Billy Mettlen
Helpful staff, good people.
6 months ago

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