Pleasant Valley State Prison

Prison Pleasant Valley State Prison, 24863 W Jayne Ave, Coalinga, CA 93210, United States: 12 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Pleasant Valley State Prison
Rate: 3.7
Address: 24863 W Jayne Ave, Coalinga, CA 93210, United States
Phone number: +1 559-935-4900

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 36.1296774
Longitude: -120.2491987

Location on the map


Gary Aubrey
Hopefully I can take a tour of the prison, looks like a some sort of facility ? ????
7 months ago
sohail Faraz
visited this place on a bad day.. had food poisoning when it came to check in. at the end of the process, they wanted me to squat and cough,, so what came next,, hershey squirts galore ! ankles got all wet, when was the last time i had corn? like a week ago.
4 months ago
Rich Koch
Awesome Food! Had the shanked ribs with the tossed salad. 5/5 would steal that old ladies purse again
8 months ago
Jon Carrube
Man let me tell you something. .. the only thing pleasant about Pleasant Valley State Prison is the name. The food is the worst I've ever had in any prison I've ever been to. When it rains all the cells flood and the electric toilets stop working and depending on the officer, it could take hours for them to flip the breaker. There are many more UN-pleasant things to say about Pleasant Valley but that would be it's own novel. .. if Google had lower than one star that would be my choice.
3 months ago
Helen Grynkiewicz
I found the workers and the supervisor the day of April 1 2017 very pleasant and helpful to me. I am so grateful I was able to visit my love one. No April fool!
6 months ago
Henger Ydrogo
My bf just got transferred here Wednesday n I haven't heard from him when will he be able to make a call
10 months ago
Lauren Diffenderfer
Loved this place, can’t wait to go back for summer camp again! Miss my buddy
9 months ago
Nicole Biel
Well. I was here for about a year I learned alot about life and now I'm on track thinking about what's to come in life possitive thinking brings positivity working hard and loving who you are and great thing are sure to fallow .... Damon Hill. Aw.4532
1 month ago
Zach Burton
Anyone knows if there's gonna be visits at the moment on yard C.
8 months ago
Jerry Tesana
I Love You Junior
1 month ago
Sue Sheetz
Mi Amorcito
8 months ago
nick vaessens
Gianna. Lennix Palma
4 months ago

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