Avenal State Prison

Prison Avenal State Prison, 1 Kings Way, Avenal, CA 93204, United States: 22 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Avenal State Prison
Rate: 3.6
Address: 1 Kings Way, Avenal, CA 93204, United States
Website: cdcr.ca.gov
Phone number: +1 559-386-0587

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 35.9743318
Longitude: -120.1233101

Location on the map


Rocco Basile
Bruh I booked this hotel for JUST A WEEK!! IT'S BEEN 10 YEARS!!?!?! They won't let me out, help ????
6 months ago
Tonk Sullivan
Great place 1 would give it a million out of 5 if I could highly recommend everything’s great about it
9 months ago
Margaret Dalbey
Spent 7 years of my life in this place
11 months ago
Tia Roberts
The staff assumes everyone knows what to do when visiting. Not everyone goes to a prison every day! Thank goodness for other visiting family members, I was so clueless. Desegregation aka population control should not even be happening. Can't wait for this place to no longer be a part of our lives.
7 months ago
Margaret Stevens
The place is awesome, dropping the soap was a great game to play and a learning experience.Last but not least, the free food is delicious.
6 months ago
Kezie Bruce
Need help, my hubby is transferring here. Do I need to reapply for approval in visiting? What are the rules for example (clothing, colors exct)? Is there nice safe hotels near by? Days the prisons allows visits?
6 months ago
raynold magundap
Learned a lot from that place
1 month ago
Samer Farida
Friendly staff, delicious food & great ambiance. Valet parking and a first class spa would just take it to the next level though.
7 months ago
Liz Petro
Not lon g ago I being there.well that rules change according title 115 for visitors.So please go to internet to have more inf.
6 months ago
Lisa Murphy
Great food and friendly place nice service and clean
7 months ago
Brigitte Laforest
It could have been a bit better... needs tending and more trees... the buildings are okay but need better food selections.
1 week ago
Rohit Kataria
Nice theme park ???????? I had lots of fun there.
5 months ago
Vanessa Sanchez
Friendly people quik unloadin receiving hrs 8am to 2:30pm easy check in..no overnite parkin rigs
5 months ago
Mary Ang
This review is for any native or people of Latino descent applying for any job in the administration building. As soon as I arrived for an interview I was given a questionnaire to fill out by the person that was supposed to greet interviewees, only I didn't get a greeting. Instead I was met with a cold stare, no pleasantries and was immediately threatened over and over again that If I didn't disclose past criminal history I would get caught and prosecuted because their background checks are soooo thorough. The funny thing was that the Caucasian female who had also come in for an interview for the same position was not given this same threat/warning and instead was greeted with a "red carpet" greeting, pleasantries and a warm smile. So I wonder why I would get this threat when another person wouldn't, well it's not too hard to figure out why. The resume and documents I had sent in to apply for the position showed nothing but an impeccable record, and even a decorated military record of which I earned with honor. This fat, entitled, digusting land whale that "greeted" me probably has no idea of the meaning of that word, honor. As it took all the honor from me not to spit in the disgusting face of that land whale. If you are of Latino background be ready to face discrimination if applying to the administration building in this place.
5 months ago
Jim Parent
It's a very nice and clean environment
5 months ago
holly Matz
Had a jam playing soccer.
6 months ago
Pashok Paleichuk
This place sucks. You can't even leave smh "land of the free"
10 months ago
Service Department
I visited my parent for 9 years and your cheeseburgers were trash. Fix it. Lol #jokes
9 months ago
Kim Snyder
It’s a business with a TERRIBLE product.
8 months ago
Deyvid Camilo
Lol learning experience yo
5 months ago
Abigail Jasinski
Friendly community.
5 months ago
Mensah Charles
8 months ago

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