West Valley Pet Clinic

Veterinarian West Valley Pet Clinic, 22430 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States: 36 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
West Valley Pet Clinic
Rate: 4,3
Address: 22430 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, United States
Website: wvpetclinic.com
Phone number: +1 818-225-7160

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Latitude: 34.1682908
Longitude: -118.6153753

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Maninder Singh
This is the best clinic in l.a . I have an 8 weeks old duchhound puppy. Before I found them I called half a dozen clinics and vets that don't care about animals and only have $ signs in front of them. This clinic literally saves lives. My puppy is still in treatment, but they earned me as their client for life. Don't go anywhere else. I never posted a review before, but they are so great I just had to. Hopefully they will save my puppy's life.
6 months ago
Dominique Trahan
Let me explain my review: If you want a great vet, go there when Dr. Berens is available. She is ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑, compassionate, listens and knows my 3 dogs and 2 cats. We've been seeing her for years and referred others. Recently, I went on a day when she was not in, and saw Dr. Susan Katila. Sadly, it made me feel like I was in the DMV. I took my puppy who was very nervous, and after the exam, I was called and completely interrogated. She came in hot, asking all these questions, saying he is way more scared than other pups, asking about food aggression, etc. Basically, acting as if we did not do any training at all (we do). That upset me, and when I tried to answer back, I realized it was a lost cause. She enjoys her own voice more than listening to others I guess. When I was allowed to speak, she defensively told me she has been doing this for 30 years. Her bedside manner is a work in progress, I assume. I was told he was muzzled because he snapped. But I know puppy snaps, and I don't know which one she encountered. Either way, she does not understand pet or human psychology enough to know how to handle a scared pet, or how to relay information to the owner. I really don't want to go back, but because Dr. Berens is so great, I will. This is a cute, big puppy who was afraid. Judging him based on 10 minutes of an exam is not right. And if you don't want to be treated like I did, make sure you request Dr. Berens.
7 months ago
Gene Berken
I've been coming to west valley for 8 yrs with my doggie daughter and they are phenomenal. I won't go anywhere else!
7 months ago
Awesome! The technicians we kind and helpful. When I spoke with Dr. Berens she was relaxed and not rushed. She was so knowable and patient.
8 months ago
Cat Kim
Very caring clinc
10 months ago
Darlene Dubreuze
Dr. Berens is the best exotic vet in the area. She saw my new sun conure for a check up and was very helpful and knowledgeable, walking me through all of the information I needed on care and diet. I have been to other exotic veteranarians, for both birds and reptiles in the past, and none of them come even close to the experience of Dr. Berens or the low prices offered by West Valley Pet Clinic. Highly reccomend this clinic to anyone with birds or reptiles!
2 weeks ago
Melida Kringeler
Came in for my bird Dragon. Great care. Great people ????????????????
2 weeks ago
Samantha Stanley
Dr. Barrons is absolutely wonderful! I give her 5 stars but I have had and witnessed some very odd interactions with Dr. Katila who seems fairly consistently frazzled, and while Dr. Barrons takes the time to be considerate of my fearful rescue dog much of the other staff seem ill informed of proper body language to help ease his discomfort. Wish she would teach the rest of her staff this much appreciated skill. I also appreciate when vet tecs who lack this skill or the time to work on it allow me to participate in helping with tests that will be less scary for my dog if I am the one holding him and not a stranger. I understand this may not work for all dogs and their owners but tests, and check ups have gone much smoother, and my dog was clearly less panicked when I was included.
4 months ago
jennifer boyd
I have an emergency and they wld not see the bird today even though still 3 hours until they closed. I have to make an appointment. Despite my desperation, still he said no.
7 months ago
Maggie Guthrie
I brought in my cockatiel for a check up and my bird seems happier since I got home. Dr.Berens was very informative. I was very pleased with today's visit.
2 months ago
Carrie McNeal
Attentive and responsive at every level, from the first conversation with reception to every one thereafter. Very caring about every detail, and on top of everything!
2 months ago
Louis Orsi
They have a DR who is very good with birds. We don't live in the area but when we are here in our RV this is where we take our birds if one is not feeling well. She is very good.
7 months ago
Nick Ouellette
Very impressed with Jessica and the team for treating Juju's sprained claw. They were very professional, passionate and most importantly kind and gentle with handling my Conure. They were even able to take off the breeder tag on his limb. Great job, I'll definitely be back in the future.
6 months ago
Katie Philip
I had an Avian emergency for my Cockatiel and Dr. Beren was outstanding! The office was very busy, but the staff was extremely professional, friendly and the visit was surprisingly, very reasonably priced. I’m a Bird Mom for over 30 years, who’s been to a lot of Avian Vet’s and I am happy to report, that after treatment and 7 days of antibiotics, my Bird has made a full recovery. I highly recommend West Valley Animal Hostital.
2 weeks ago
Ashley Glover
Great vet. They are always nice and helpful and don't break the bank. They try to be accommodating and always call to check up on your pet after the appointment.
8 months ago
AJay Alicea
I had to put my dog to sleep worse day of my life ...all employees very understanding and kind.Thank you for your excellent service.
7 months ago
Amie Spengler
The staff is amazing and my cat immediately felt at ease with the Doctor. I brought my cat in for a second opinion because surgery would be required most likely. Although still expensive, it was MUCH more reasonable that another local animal clinic asking twice as much. I like that they also treat many varieties of pets, including birds and reptiles. I definitely recommend.
8 months ago
nnamdi igwiloh
I'm 22 and new to owning my own pet. I adopted my cat a little over a year ago and while her overall health is great, she is prone to ear infections. So far I have had to visit three separate vets, and the bill has been anywhere from 300-1,050 for the same procedure! And don't get me started on wait times! That is not the case with West Valley, I mean the difference was truly night and day! They we're ready to work around my schedule, and I was in with a vet-tech within 30 minutes! My kitty gets very anxious during car rides, but the lovely red-head (I'm so sorry, I know I asked your name but I did not remember, I do remember her saying she’s still a bit new) vet-tech took her time getting her comfortable, explained anything she was going to do before doing it. I really appreciated this as a new pet owner. After she left she apologized that the vet would be back in, but it might take a while because they we're very busy. I hunkered down and prepared for a long wait, and the vet was in WITHIN THE HOUR. Mind you I have waited longer for my own primary doctor on slow days. You could tell this woman really knew animals and was very experienced. My cat is not the easiest patient, and even bit her at one point, still with all the hiccups this second check took maybe 15 minutes. My cat chomped down on her hand at one point and she just kept on trucking on. She then took additional time to explain, and thoroughly educate me on what was going on. I found out her breed is prone to ear infections, something no other vet had shared with me. At my last vet, this means I would have had to continue coming in for cleanings and meds ever year. For a business making up to 1k on these visits, I can see why my cat’s annual ear infections would be very profitable. This was NOT the case with West Valley. The vet explained these issues to me, and taught me how to maintain the problem on my own, because while they loved Koshka, they didn’t want to see her back again any time soon. Finally, I would sell my car before I let my kitty stay sick, but I am 22 and money is tough right now. They were discreet when bringing me the bill, but oh man they didn’t have to be. I almost cried!! Saying it was a fraction of my old bill was an understatement! I would have gladly paid much more for the kindness and thoroughness! Finally before leaving they apologized again for the long wait, as ‘they were unusually busy that day and a bit short staffed’ (it’s the Thursday before labor day weekend). I almost laughed! I was in and out of this office in around two hours. I almost laughed because 50% of that time was spent with a vet-tech or the vet while they explained everything to me and on cleaning my kitty’s ears. I wish my own doctors were this wonderful! Overall I could not be more thrilled with my visit. This is going to be my new vet moving forward, and I cannot wait to refer every pet owner I know to them! Thank you again West Valley! (I've attached a picture of my tiny gremlin below as I will take any opportunity to show her off)
9 months ago
Bill Sanchez
Great Vet, staff services fantastic
7 months ago
J Mikell
Very happy with this vet clinic. Highly recommend
10 months ago
Nick Sparr
I have absolutely never had a problem with this clinic. The staff is amazing and the Vets are just as great. I don't ever find their prices to be outrageous and they are always very open about the charges they give you. They call you to remind you about appointments, send you cards and even have an entire online system that allows you to see what has been and needs to be done. I love they are the open 7 days a week as well!
10 months ago
Luke Soojian
Smart,easy to understand and great with all pets{includes staff and Drs}. P.S. Wonderful people.
2 weeks ago
Erica Longstreet
Great care and service.
4 months ago
tanu rawat
This clinic falls far below the standard of care expected of a veterinary practice. They showed no compassion for my critically sick bird needing immediate veterinary care and interfered with his emergency care. The bird barely survived. The bird and pet owner deserved better. The bird had been a long time patient under their care and the bird's owner always paid their steep charges at the time services were rendered or when over priced prescriptions were filled by them. Don't be misled by their supposedly advanced credentials. If they don't care, their qualifications are futile.
6 months ago
Aminat Ajiboro
Very nice people. Took care of my bird first time around. However later on in a state of emergency, little was done to help me find an available avian doctor. Leading me in a never ending chase to find one ultimately ending with my bird's passing. If something is wrong STRESS how much of an emergency something is.
8 months ago
Walter Espinales
We r taking all our pets over there (leopard geckos, a cat, bunnies) and very happy with professionalisms and service they provide. ????????????????❤️
2 months ago
Kory Drake
Dr. Berens is kind and knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. We brought in our sick Cockatiel "Mo" and he is doing much better due to the fabulous care at West Valley Pet Clinic.
3 months ago
Tyler Kelch
If you love your animal do not take your animal here
6 months ago
Nathaniel Spencer
Dr, Berens and staff are clear, compassionate, adept and professional. They have saved my dog's life, and I recommend them unconditionally.
2 weeks ago
Isaac Moradi
horrible customer service. Dr. Berend is a transactionally based business owner. In this industry I will only work with RELATIONSHIP BASED owners! Vet doctors should be passionate about helping sick animals, not about making money and running away from problems. I DO NOT RECOMMEND! please help me find a good doctor someone :(
6 months ago
Bryan Guilliam
Nice staff and good deals on vaccinations.
6 months ago
Nida Suresh
Hey Ronald, why leave a negative post like that and not give a reason?
2 weeks ago
Luciano Riges
Specialized bird doctor
9 months ago
Patrick McAlinden
Stay away from this place
11 months ago
Genaro Cruz
They took care of my kitty.
6 months ago
J Schlarmann
the doctor was very nice and professional , glad we are taking my cat here I really believe he's in good hands ????????????
6 months ago

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