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Auto parts store AutoZone Auto Parts, 574 Main St, Rockland, ME 04841, United States: 128 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 574 Main St, Rockland, ME 04841, United States
Phone number: +1 207-594-1011

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Michael Galea
The young man offered to come out, take my bulb out from headlight and replaced it for me! I wasn't sure if it was blown or my wiring. I'd had this issue before. He told me it was definitely blown. Very nice, helpful man! Now I have both headlights working again!
3 months ago
Lisa X
Awesome! Not only did I get what I needed, but I was lucky enough to be there when Ainsley (Ainslie?) was in the store - she gave me great advice and helped me change my headlight. 10/10 would recommend. Thanks again!
6 months ago
William Littlefield
Helper saved me some cash today. Appreciate the help. Stay safe all.
5 months ago
the manager is great here. i dont necessarily agree with some of auto zones policies
5 months ago
Oliver Martinez
I was in the store yesterday and was assisted by Mark on a/c freon choices. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks to Mark and AutoZone.
8 months ago
Andrew Snyder
I was a store manager for an auto parts store for a lot of years and I have to say, the service I was given at this location was second to none. Ainsley was amazing and helped me find the part I needed when 2 other stores from a different chain said they couldn't help and sent me on my way. Thank you so much and I'll be coming back for sure!!
10 months ago
Saravana N
Seriously need some help behind the desk/phones that have actually been under the hood on a vehicle, but they usually have what you need in a pinch
3 months ago
Diane B
Great store,This place usually has what you need or can get it for you very quickly,all the employees are great with one exception an employee named Gail,she’s rude and has no automobile knowledge,don’t know how she’s lasted this long there,she won’t even try to help you,I try to avoid shopping when she’s working.
9 months ago
Kevin Moody
Nice and clean AutoZone. They are friendly and have a good parking lot to get in and out of. The few times I have gone, they have always been very friendly to their customers and to any children that are there. Some of the building appears to be a little torn up but that is expected. Overall, one of the better auto parts in the area.
8 months ago
Chris Bell
Stopped at 6:20pm, & they were still open (-8pm), due to my "service engine light" having come on for the 1st time ever. Asked if they would have the ability to diagnose trouble codes if I came back in the morning when it wasn't so cold. Both men, Mark & Casey, offered to help me right now. They didn't mind helping in the dark and cold (20°). Mark Dumont plugged a reader in under my steering wheel and was able to retrieve a code. Back inside Auto Zone, he did a 2 page printout advising me of the error code, info on the problem it indicted, the part needed (that they carried), & the cost! Mark then offered to check a few other issues I originally thought may have caused a problem. All this was done at no cost to me, in the most professional and friendly manner. I couldn't believe their kindness. Never even knew they could read car codes! While waiting in the store, I was also very aware of the friendly, knowledgeable service they were extending to all the other customers who were stopping in. This is a great store with a terrific, helpful, kind, well informed staff, here to answer questions & help solve problems. Can't say "thank you" enough!
2 months ago
Kyle Pace
The staff here are very helpful. They answer questions and have helped me to not buy the wrong part for my truck. I've really appreciated their help.
2 weeks ago
Victoria Deng
I went here today to get wiper blades,,Josh looked up the size that I needed to fit my car.,He showed me the different wiper blades. I selected a pair and paid for them. I asked Josh if there were instructions. He said "Don't worry about it,I will install them for you. Josh ,made it easy and he was very professional
4 months ago
Benjamin Beck
Josh and his staff have helped me on many occasions when I need parts for my 25 year old Isuzu Trooper. What's nice is if you need a little advice or help, they will provide it without making you go to a service station. I needed new windshield wipers and one was a real challenge to install, and they persisted until they got it done. They did not have to do that, but they did.. Thanks to Josh and his team.
2 months ago
Nanette Gray
Always happy to help! Employees are great! There is more in that store than you would expect go check it out!
1 month ago
Lara Balint
Ainsley is the most knowledgeable parts person I’ve ever seen she knows more then most men do ! Saved me $100 on a battery installation at my local garage by offering to put it in for free and tested the old one first to be sure I needed it but that’s not the first time she’s helped and saved me a bunch of money luv this store
2 months ago
John Gomez
So friendly and great service, I always get welcoming service, even when I have no idea what I need they always do
2 months ago
Sandra Nichols
Josh and Alex helped me immensely. They dealt with the panic mode I was in like they've dealt with that behavior numerous times. These guys are top notch! I truly cannot thank them enough nor can I leave a 10 star rating which they deserve, it only allowed 5. Lol Thank you again guys!!! Laura Winstead-Myers
2 months ago
Lexie Richman
Decent priced parts
5 months ago
Jeffrey Bush
Knowledgeable staff won’t go anywhere else
1 month ago
Mechicca Wright
The guys were very helpful and polite. I owe them apple cider for their great attitudes!
5 months ago
Jeff Ballingall
What can you say . They almost always have the parts I need and their great on warranty exchanges.
4 months ago
Don palihena
Partly fun
4 months ago
Terry Hunnicutt
Always so helpful, best auto zone anywhere!
1 month ago
jo sternberg
Always beyond satisfied with their excellent service!
5 months ago
Jerry henri
Gail and team stayed open an extra 15 minutes today to make sure I got my Jeep back up and running. She was very helpful and even made a few jokes!
8 months ago
S Laplante
Super helpful staff . and so friendly.!!!!
10 months ago
Marty Stephenson
Ainsley is the best! She knows her stuff!
1 month ago
chad miller
Fast service. Willing to same-day store transfer if it's not in stock.
3 months ago
Kevin Heinrich
Autozone rocks..awesome staff
1 week ago
yahya alsalmi
Thank you sincerely for your donations and your time, the give aways were great and fun you all provided food and soft drinks for our grand opening at TIRE WAREHOUSE it was a great time had by all that came bye. your presence was definitely appreciated..from your local tire guys at TIRE WAREHOUSE
8 months ago
Maria H
Always on top of their game...instantly offer assistance & go out of their way to get u what u need.
3 months ago
Matthew Ross
Good service. When other places said I needed to have a battery / alternator/ starter out of the vehicle to check them. Autozone was able to do so while in the car. Then when diagnosed as bad they swapped out the battery for me right then and there. No questions asked. Plus a 10% military discount. Win win
5 months ago
Giragos Guluk
Can't complain. They had the part in stock that we needed, when the other place didn't. We're on vacation & they were a life saver!
4 months ago
Fausta Cabrera
Ainsley, the manager, is always so helpful!
1 month ago
Jay Baskar
Always there to get us what we need and if it isn’t in stock they get it in for us within a day, sometimes hours!
2 months ago
Mullin Studio
Woman's confusion cleared! No more worries !
4 months ago
Sarah Forbes
A gentleman by the name of Allex helped me with EXACTLY what I needed. Thank you Allex!!
6 months ago
Max Grigorev
Good selection, also offers a military discount and a rewards program. Easy to navigate inside.
4 months ago
jennifer boyd
Well stocked. Asst manager was very informative.
3 months ago
Anthony Ferragano
Friendly, knowledgeable and most of all "Helpful".
3 months ago
Austin Scogins
Good people in this store very helpful
8 months ago
Zakaria Sheikh
Great customer service!
1 month ago
Sara Makeovers
Amazing customer service!
5 months ago
Great service and I go here for all my auto parts
5 months ago
Errol Loanzon
Always have what I need or get it fast.
4 months ago
Cheskel Hirsch
I needed parts for my ford ranger and thwy always have them in stock or can get them same day usually.
4 months ago
Gina Fry
Incredibly helpful staff. They will immediately diagnose car issues. They will also do their best to install anything you buy.
7 months ago
Lauren Freeman
I tend to think of AutoZone as being a second-rate parts store focused more on decals than quality parts. However, I'm always surprised when I visit AutoZone in Rockland because the people are consistently knowledgeable and go out of their way to be helpful.
2 months ago
Dr bartoo
They umm.. guessed it... auto parts. The is this one cashier there...????????????
6 months ago
Muz Zle
Guy with the beard helped me out greatly appreciated!
5 months ago

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