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Gym Anytime Fitness, 209 Cornerstone Dr, Oskaloosa, IA 52577, United States: 16 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Gym Anytime Fitness
Address: 209 Cornerstone Dr, Oskaloosa, IA 52577, United States
Phone number: +1 641-673-5560

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Jerry Eskridge
Does not accept all insurance. Had a difficult time getting them to return calls, emails etc. They must have all the customers they want. Wouldn't return my sons call either. ☹️ Oskaloosa takes my insurance AND returned my call.
6 months ago
Small gym but the month to month price isn't to bad, 24 hours though.
1 month ago
Always CLEAN and Quiet! People are nice easily to get on equipment! Love it Here!
8 months ago
David Wagner
This is a wonderful gym. The manager, Tracy, is always so welcoming and helpful. We can come here anytime (24/7) and work out at our own pace. Love it...highly recommended!
9 months ago
Jess M
I really really love Oskaloosa Anytime Fitness. It is the cleanest gym I have been in and it is ALWAYS well kept and maintained. I enjoy coming into workout. Tracy is so nice to the members and cares about our fitness journey and goals. Anytime Fitness is very lucky to have her on their staff.
8 months ago
Tonya Daughtry
Always clean and picked up. Tracy goes out of her way to assure that the members are safe and happy. I come to Oskaloosa monthly for about 10 days and have been very please with this gym for the past 3 years. There is plenty of equipment for a beginner or someone more advance and wait times are minimal even at peak traffic hours. Very happy and Tracy returns calls quick and always works to fit request.
4 months ago
Christine H
Anytime fitness is a great place to workout, I love that I can go whenever I have time .Tracy the manager is very friendly and helpful, she always is wearing a warm inviting smile and says hi to me every time I walk in, she keeps the place very clean as well. I would highly recommend friends and family to come in and check out the oskaloosa Anytime fitness.
1 week ago
Albert Plunkett
Has the basics in regards to epuipment. However, if possible, I would recommend using a different gym for the following reasons: My first visit to this location and the evaluation for my potential CoOp’s group memberships resulted in- 1.) Upon entering the gym with my key card. I observed an elderly lady, with what appeared to be a glowering scowl, rush up to me and ask me if I was a member (as though I were sneaking in) naturally I expressed that I was from another location. 2.) Ms. (Owen) the general Manager, from my perspective, disregards civility and or tactics by scowling and screaming at anyone for any infraction before it occurs (in my case I was doing intervals on the treadmill and stepped off briefly to stretch and hydrate before returning; she angrily shouted across the room to “wipe down that treadmill!” This is unacceptable and it demoralizes potential patrons, falsely implicates and current alike. 2.) After Ms. Owen (I believe recognized that she had zero influence on my workout) she proceeded to scowl at me while shaking a trash bag in my proximity (I believe in an attempt to agitate me further). Perhaps this location is generally more palatable in regards to professionalism (I see it has some positive reviews). However, I suppose this is a lesson learned for this branch as I will take my group and sign elsewhere. Additionally, I may file further complaints beyond a review as the trash bag being ripped and slammed through the air in my space is borderline harassment IMO. I give it two stars as the equipment does meet the basics in my opinion.
8 months ago
Julie Mandrell
Everything is always kept clean and the staff is awesome! Been coming for a few weeks now and everything is always looking awesome.
11 months ago
Melissa Westbrook
Everything is always kept nice and clean.Tracy is such a good manager makes it easy to work out there .
9 months ago
Misty Stiverson
Friendly gym, clean and modern. Helpful manager.
4 months ago
Tiffany Scarlett
It's a great gym with an amazing atmosphere
1 week ago
Roman Kalmykov
Always clean, friendly, and technology access helps with staying committed to fitness goals. by Jessica Gituma | IA - Oskaloosa (209 Cornerstone Drive) I love the flexibility of accessing the gym! Anytime Fitness is innovative, taking into consideration the knowledge and ability of all members. The resources help beginners to know what to do and provide a network for those seeking support for long term fitness goals. The only thing that I did not like was the choice of the radio station broadcast throughout the gym. I prefer music and the time of day I go there was always this trashy radio talk on. Instead I would choose to listen to all is good! I love Anytime Fitness!!
1 week ago
Debbie Sladek
Great facility. Terrific staff and clean!
4 months ago
Jenna Olson
What a wonderful place to kick back and work out. Or just jog..
10 months ago
medichugh CCLS
Club is always kept clean, great staff and members!
4 months ago

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