Pest control service Terminix

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Pest control service Terminix
Phone number: +1 662-407-2573

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Ольга Беседина
One of the best pest control around here wouldn't use anyone else thanks for taking care of my home
2 months ago
Димка Астафьев
Shane does all of our inspections for our properties and he is amazing. I’ve never met a young man more knowledgeable in his field and a witty and funny as Shane. Everything he has ever told me would happen has happened and his plans to fix …
10 months ago
Николай Понедельник
They never showed up
10 months ago
Антон Трунов
Have tried over and over again to reach out to them. We have had this service and continue to have issues with ants. No one will call back, answer the phone or fix the issue. They expect you to pay on time for the service but do not do what …
11 months ago
Алексей Куклин
Great company, great service, and above all Great People! First they sent out Shane to do an inspection and he was so professional and knowledgeable to any questions that my husband and I had. Shane signed us up for termite and pest control …
10 months ago
Федор Слиньков
Very professional company and employees. Shane was great. We signed up for termite and pest control.
9 months ago
Виталий Пушкарев
Great service and controls of all bugs and insects but also got rid of my wasps, carpenter bees and dirt dobbers at no extra charge. Definitely recommend highly! Danny Dale
11 months ago
Александра Климентьева
Terminix have serviced our home for the last ten years. They give courteous and professional service. They are always prompt and keep us informed after each inspection.
4 months ago
Александра Яшукова
Fixed the problem
6 months ago
Анна Михайлова
Won't Anwar the phone
1 week ago
Елена Моховикова
3 weeks ago
Нютка Александрова
3 weeks ago
Тимур Нигматуллин
2 months ago

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