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Public library Turlock Public Library, 550 N Minaret Ave, Turlock, CA 95380, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 550 N Minaret Ave, Turlock, CA 95380, United States
Phone number: +1 209-664-8100

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Alex HTC
It's pretty okay. It's small with a small book selection but they also order books from other libraries for you. The bathrooms are slightly dirty for the most part. They open at 10 close at 8pm some days and others at 5pm. They have three charging tables and one in the entrance . They need more outlets. And tables. It's very small . The parking is pretty safe its combined to a senior center parking . They have drop off stations for cars as well the library can get pretty loud at times. They have small events for children . A couple rows if computers. They're a little slow. But they do the job. They have printers and scanned they even give you .20 cents courtesy . It's .10 for black and white basic printing . Staff is pretty nice.
7 months ago
Suzanne Reid
Great library experience everything well placed and easy to find. Personal are helpful in guiding you to the books you need. Nice place to come and relax while reading a book...
1 month ago
Robyn Mcmillan
Highly recommend very good service
5 months ago
Vasilis Petridis
Clean great staff wonderful selection of movies and books I love this place....
4 months ago
Robert Mohabeer
I like it, my kids love the library, and the staff is very helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly!
6 months ago
Stacey Milbrandt
Knowledgable, helpful Staff, able to order material from all other libraries and pick up at Turlock branch. Huge selection of Books and DVD's to choose from. The World at your fingertips through our small community library. Come check it out and learn.
6 months ago
Horrible experience! I needed to print important papers in ten minutes before closing. It took 7 minutes to log in. I only got to print half before getting kicked off. A white lady walks in at closing, says she is going to complain if she can’t print one page, the staff offers her to print from her phone but still denied me!! Incredible!!!!!
10 months ago
Waldo Pedreanez
Very nice and friendly staff and may God bless their souls
7 months ago
Miguel Vargas
It has a great collection of books for kids!
9 months ago
Duncan Ploetz
Nice, clean library. Fun educational activities for young children and reading activities for kids. Good selection of books, internet, research materials...
10 months ago
Eduardo Saule
My kids love the library. I like the extra activities they have year round. My kids love the summer reading program.
10 months ago
Heather Whitney
Librarians are very nice. Book selection is good too. We need a remodel though.
8 months ago
SUPPORT OUR LOCAL LIBRARY. I want to thank Jim he's kind, helpful and he most defiantly cares about this Library. Dianne (wow) I really put her to the test. Once or twice I almost could see her thinking just how concussed I got in the War …
9 months ago
Imre S
The women's bathroom could use some clorox but other than that, my family and I love our local library.
1 month ago
Henry Casillas
It's a great place to check out books.
4 weeks ago
Priyanga Nehru
I like the place, and the books, the computers, but the staff looks like tired anytime. I think they need to rest a little bit more.
7 months ago
Steve Walmsley
Friendly staff!
6 months ago
Pixie Melody
8 months ago

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