The Law Offices of Stone & Stone, LLC

Legal services The Law Offices of Stone & Stone, LLC, 4126 Edgmont Ave, Brookhaven, PA 19015, United States: 5 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
The Law Offices of Stone & Stone, LLC
Rate: 4,2
Address: 4126 Edgmont Ave, Brookhaven, PA 19015, United States
Phone number: +1 484-480-3631

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Latitude: 39.8730054
Longitude: -75.3892522

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Tara Fletcher
Highly recommend! I'm blessed in that a family friend refereed me. Very responsive
8 months ago
Demetria Gordon
They are the best. Kind, helpful, affordable. Almost makes me feel,bad about taking lawyer jokes, almost.
10 months ago
Callie Butterworth
I have never left a bad review for anyone anywhere in my entire life. The reason I am writing this is not to cause Georgia any grief, but I hope that I can keep someone from making the same mistake I did by using Georgia to draw up a will. Without going into boring details I will summarize what happened to us. My mother had become very ill and she knew her time here on earth was limited. While she didn't have much to her name she wanted what she did have to go to the people that she wanted to have them. She also wanted to make sure that I was not involved in the decision making and the splitting of her assets. I had a very busy schedule and didn't have the time to take on any more. At our initial meeting with Georgia she was very pleasant and kind with my mother. However she seemed to have limited knowledge about what we were there for although it stated on her advertisement that she was a family law attorney specializing in estates. A number of our questions were answered like she was not really sure and she would say I think, or let me double check on that...After talking a bit it was obvious we had different views on alot of things but that made no difference to me. However I could sense by her tone of voice and her body language that she was not very fond of me. I dismissed it as I know firsthand that some lawyers do not like to be questioned but would rather have you accept everything they say as correct and true. We left our meeting and agreed to come back and finish up with the will in about a week. When we came back for the meeting Georgia was apparently having a bad day and did not have everything ready. So we waited and waited which was not easy when you have terminal cancer and you just want to be at home in your bed. When she had gotten it all together I watched as she rushed my mother barley taking they time to explain anything other than where to sign. She placed a form in front of me to sign and as I started to read it she said something to the effect of oh this is just .....and I just need you to sign it right here. But I questioned her about the way that she had written my name on the document as it wasn't my given name but a variation of it and not correct. She gave a reason why she did it like that but would not change it so I refused to sign it. So we got home and some time after we looked at the will. Georgia had done EXACTLY what we did NOT want. She left me as the power of attorney the very thing we stressed was the most important thing. Was this done on purpose? We will never know for sure but IMO it was. So we thought well we are glad we saw this before Mom had passed we can just call her up and let her know about her mistake and surely she would fix it. After explaining what happened she did offer to fix it. And even offered to come out to the house to do so as mom was too week to leave the house at this point, but she said it would cost us another 200 dollars to fix her mistake. I was very upset at this point. This woman had no intention of owning up to her mistakes or fixing them. After doing some research I discovered I could simply fill out a document for free and have the change made without involvib ng her. Of course she knew this but it was not going to get her another 200 dollars from my dying mother so I guess she just kept it to herself. I hope that this review can save someone from making the same horrible choice we made by hiring Georgia who is clearly incompetent at best and dishonest and immoral at worst. Please do not use her to do anything for you or your loved ones. There are so many better choices out there and this one here is at the very bottom of a very long list. Thank you for reading and may God bless you and yours...
5 days ago
Ghassan Fakhri
Highly recommended!!! After being told by numerous lawyers that what I was asking for was literally impossible(motion for reconsideration), I spoke with Mr. Stone who told me that there would be a possible chance for a denial. I left the consultation feeling sure that he was the one to get the job done. Truth be told, not only did Mr. Stone knock it out on the first try, he didn’t have to provide the court with the supplemental brief that is normally required after filing a motion for reconsideration . The plaintiffs motion for summary judgment was RESCINDED,VACATED AND STRICKEN. Thank you,thank you, thank you!!!
2 months ago
April Gullick
Great family law practice.
6 months ago

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