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Recruiter Recruiting in Motion - Portland ME, 477 Congress St 5th floor, Portland, ME 04101, United States: 8 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 477 Congress St 5th floor, Portland, ME 04101, United States
Phone number: +1 207-558-8730

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Sarah Schatz
Stacy Savage was the recruiter I worked with. She was very responsive to my questions and answered emails in a timely manner, and was very professional. She placed me in a position within two weeks. I would highly recommend Recruiting in Motion.
7 months ago
Dom Allen
Working with Stacy was a positive experience. I felt as though she understood my goals and advocated for me, while considering what a was searching for in an employer.
6 months ago
Lazaro Torres
I had applied recently for a highly desirable company position through James Tillotson and Stacy Savage with Recruiting in Motion. The communication between us could not have been better as James and Stacy kept me in the loop every step of the way, stating I was an excellent fit for the role and providing complete details of all stages in the process from when my application was submitted to their client until my candidacy officially ended. Due to an unusually long delay in receiving a response from the company regarding my status as a candidate and thus trying to ensure the hiring manager was reviewing my credentials, James was very proactive in recommending I draft a cover letter reemphasizing my genuine interest in the position and the company for which James would send to the client. I fully endorsed this course of action, and the below letter was submitted on my behalf: "Thank you for presenting me for the role with [company name withheld]. Reiterating from my earlier cover letter to you and our initial phone screen about the open position, I believe my professional background, experience and skill sets align extremely well with the job description. As mentioned, another positive is the company being in [industry withheld], which reflects my predominant industry and true strengths and interests. Following our discussion I conducted extensive research on the company, including its fascinating history and financial picture, and was favorably impressed. Based on the above I am highly interested in pursuing this robust, broadly-focused opportunity further and would appreciate if you could send this letter to the appropriate parties at [company name withheld]." Shortly thereafter, James shared with me that the client would not be moving me forward. No meaningful feedback was provided by the client, but more importantly, the lack of communication from the client throughout the process was quite frustrating and simply unprofessional. Although undoubtedly a disappointing outcome, James, Stacy and I did all we possibly could to promote my candidacy. Both were fantastic and a true joy to work with - definitely one of my best experiences with an executive recruiter! And they continue to review opportunities to identify the perfect fit for me! That's full service - beginning to end.
5 months ago
Stacy Bentler
I had a wonderful experience with Recruiting in Motion. Dealing with them was a pleasure and I was impressed with how they went out of their way to make sure that i knew everything about the job. James and Stacey were fully transparent about everything which was very refreshing. I would absolutely recommend them as a service.
3 weeks ago
naslin pavithra
I have worked with plenty of local staffing firms and never once have I experienced the level of comfort and accommodation that I received here. When I met with james his approach was entirely different, it was very personalized and he was more focused on finding the right job for me opposed to just fulfilling a roll for some company. We consistently stayed in touch until the right opportunity came my way and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully I won’t be needing to go to a staffing firm again but if I do it will be here again
8 months ago
Shirley Austin
James was absolutely amazing quickly helped me get hired gave me tips on my resume and just made the process super easy and they all seemed to really care.
5 months ago
Liesl Hager
Dealing with James and Stacy was an absolute pleasure. Professional, caring, direct, and with timely turnaround. Couldn't have asked for a better process.
6 months ago
Jim Orkis
Thanks again James!!!
6 months ago

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