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Address: 329 W 5th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States
Phone number: +1 907-272-2092

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 61.2178192
Longitude: -149.8885101

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Monica Roman
Absolutely decent shop. But I would like to see that there were smaller items that went out of date or have expired on the shelves. Been shopping there 2 times the last week and have bought 1 thing that goes out the same day, one thing that went out for the longest and something that had started to mold ... A bit boring having to look in the shelves for something that holds longer than a day. And maybe they will be better off having a box of things that go out to date at a reduced price, so who can handle it?
1 month ago
Teron Hess
Horrible customer service! Walked in with my 5 year old son no one said hello just looked at us like we were from another planet. Sat down and waited 6 minutes still nothing... I asked one of the guys if they would have time to cut his hair because he was going outside to smoke he said he had an appointment. Than another barber was free he avoided eye contact so I got my son and left. Not one hello not we will be with you shortly nothing must be because we were white...? ! Horrible experience very rude never will go back
10 months ago
Eun Noh
we got here so they ended up cutting my hair for three dollars and it looked horrible never coming back again
11 months ago
Veola Glover
My wife and I wandered into this establishment as an alternative to the Simon Mall across the street. Very amazing shop. Had an interesting conversation with the owner. This is the REAL DEAL. Fur Fur FUR. Genuine Alaskan bush hats, gloves and coats. The owner said a man only needs two of these hats in his life as they are made to last. And we are talking men who are outside, hunting, working, mushing and chopping wood to survive, not walking down sissy city streets.
3 months ago
C Noel
Jack cut my hair way to short. He then yelled at me when I wouldn’t pay for it. Horrible man and horrible customer service!
11 months ago
Roy Kimchi
Jack is the most inspiring and increadible person I've met in my life. Just step by to have a chat with him - you won't regret! :)
10 months ago
Serg Sneg
Jack Kim will take care of you with the best quality gear. He will tell you if you need it or if you don't with out hesitation either way. NOT a fashion store...this is for working gear.
1 month ago
nicole hale
It’s the experiences shared by Good Jack that make this shop so very special.
1 month ago

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