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Beauty supply store Muldoon Beauty Supply, 349 Muldoon Rd, Anchorage, AK 99504, United States: 99 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 349 Muldoon Rd, Anchorage, AK 99504, United States
Phone number: +1 907-333-0660

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Nicholas Ehrlich
This place has been open for YEARS. All kinds of fun stuff here....and inexpensive. Pretty much has everything you need for many different hairtypes. They have it all ....from wigs N extensions....all kinds of hair color let's not forget trimmers and clippers too with a wide variety of hair products...but the owner is the #1 reason I will drive across town for this supply house. He has to be the friendliest man..... HANDS DOWN!
5 months ago
Lauren Matthews
I enjoy coming here a lot, I've been here about 4x in the last month haha. I buy their ponytails, bangs eyeliners and a couple of wigs. I like their ponytails, about 19 bucks each which I think is fair pricing for the nicer longer ones. They let you shop on your own no hassle and are quick and efficient. ????
9 months ago
karen renaud
Love this place, the human hair is great quality, and I love every human hair wig I have purchased there.
6 months ago
Terri Friedlander
I absolutely love it! I felt right at home and it was beyond easy to find the products I needed! I SHALL be returning!
10 months ago
Aminata Jalloh
The owner is very polite and very helpful..This is the only store I will shop... Thank you
7 months ago
evando sousa
Good customer Service. Been a buyer for over 20yrs
7 months ago
Carol H
Normally in stock with the hair essentials I need , but if not they can tell me why and offer an alternative!! Very friendly and helpful when I ask . They let you shop and enjoy their store , I could spend forever in there.. haha
8 months ago
lawrence pustelak
They are very nice store. I am bless to have this beauty store
1 month ago
Deirdre Preston
Fair prices employees are knowledgeable
11 months ago
Douglas Morgan
Prices are reasonable and the variety of products is great! They have tons of combs, beauty products, hair products, etc to choose from. Staff is kind and actually know a thing or two about ponytails, clip ins, etc. They also give military discounts!
10 months ago
Jeffery Guichelaar
Super nice and helpful here!!!!
6 months ago
Abby Boyer
Purchased many products here they provide great honest service and prices are reasonable ????
4 months ago
Corey Salisbury
I really love coming here. They are really helpful. I went around looking for a place to buy wigs and this was by far one of the best places. Not only do they have a decent selection of wigs they aren't just trying to sell you anything or get you to hurry up and buy. I was new to wigs and got help figuring out how to put it on, what style works on my face shape, how to style and take care of it, and etc. There was no charge for wig caps and I went home feeling good about my purchase and my experience. This is a really awesome place to go if you're looking for a good beauty supply store.
6 months ago
I love this place! I decided to stop by today and grab a wig with my friend. The manager was so kind and helpful!! He gave us tips on how to take care of the wigs because it was our first time purchasing one. I will definitely come again!! This wig store is the nicest out of the other locations in town. The staff is friendly unlike other locations !!
7 months ago
Lily Quach
Always friendly and helpful. Beat selection around. And better prices as far as Alaska goes. Repeat customer
6 months ago
Tobie Vogel
Great ppl
9 months ago
Josephine Patterson
They have the best ponytails and other hair products
4 months ago
Morgan Linzey
They close at 8. We went too late
10 months ago
ned johnson
Always has my favorite palmers cocoa butter lotion!
4 months ago
AJay Alicea
Helped with texture and best color
6 months ago
Helenna Leader
Love color
8 months ago
Cortney Bazemore
I'll say they are the best here because they have the products AND hair selection, as opposed to the other beauty supplies here that caters more so, to "just products." The guy that works there is pretty knowledgeable and helpful with ethnic hair needs, and he's ALWAYS pleasant when I come in. When he finds out what's in demand, he will usually order it.
7 months ago
Gianluca Scattoni
Been coming here for years, they are always so nice and helpful. They also know their stuff when it comes to hair and the products they carry.
10 months ago
carissa smith
Definitely hard to find the colors for extensions that I want, and I found them here! Very organized and a great variety. I’ll definitely be returning here for all hair needs!
10 months ago
Kayla Lorbeski
They have wigs and hair of all price ranges and quality. You can find a cheap costume wig, synthetic blends or human hair. I’ve gotten pieces for $30-$200 from this location and love them all. Owners are very polite and helpful.
4 weeks ago
Martha Juarez
I love it here. They don’t Hoover over you as you browse the store. Very knowledgeable on hair, and different reproduces I’ve asked for. Very friendly, husband and wife team. Gives you his honest opinion, and has great recommendations.
10 months ago
Kara Houser
Good place for your hair products and customer services is good too
7 months ago
Fakiz Fromhell
I'd give it 4 stars but at the time I visited they had just had a big sale so their stock of wigs was pretty low. It was a bummer. But I could tell by the displays that normally they have a great selection. Plus, the man who was working there (probably the owner) was really friendly and helpful when I needed assistance but didn't follow me around constantly asking if I need anything or trying to push certain items on me. A pushy sales staff is often enough to make me just leave without anything or to find a different store to try. So, overall it was a good experience. I'll change my rating to 4 if they have better stock next time.
8 months ago
Aaron Bruewer
Best customer service in town! I’ve been to every wig store in Anchorage and they were by far the nicest and way more welcoming than the other stores! The synthetic wigs look like real hair and feel great too! My go to store for hair!
7 months ago
red perry
Great for Black Hair Care Products
6 months ago
Brenda Wright
It is a nice and wonderful place, I shop here always because I always get anything I want and the owners are so friendly. I love the place
6 months ago
Jameel Nag
The gentleman and lady whom work there are so amazing and helpful.and don't mind how long it takes me to find what makes me feel good so patient and very help always answering my week ask a lot embarrassing for me but I wish more people were as kind here's a few of styles that I go to.them.for
4 months ago
Edward Lott
Owner was very friendly and hospitable. Pleasant smile and voice.
6 months ago
juan martinez
Love the owners!! The Male owner is always helpful and polite
4 months ago
medley morgan
Had lots of what we needed one so many different colors. Staff was super friendly and gave their option when asked. Great product for reasonable prices.
4 months ago
Tonya Underwood
great products but don’t open on time. supposed to open at 9:30am during the week but nobody is here and it’s 5 mins after 9:30.
4 months ago
Rebecca Marsella
The owner is always nice and very friendly. Great products. I only shop here.
4 weeks ago
Dale Drennen
The owners are always so lovely and helpful.
6 months ago
Chris Bengs
Very friendly
8 months ago
Jonathan Dingus
They got all wigs I wanted.
7 months ago
Francisco Pataro
They're always so nice and helpful, especially when I come in to look for a new lacefront to change up my look. Even though the male manager had very important emergency to handle over the phone, he still treated us nicely and paid attention to us when he could get the chance. The women there are also very very friendly with me, I don't go anywhere else in alaska for a better selection of quality wigs or quality service!
4 months ago
Julie Ball
Bill is always helpful and kind.
6 months ago
Ruth Movido
Being new in town, I came across this supply shop and I love the friendliness of the owners. I have been here for 8months now and this is where I go when I need something. They carry a large amount of items and the prices are fair.
10 months ago
Dawn Haws
I love this hair store. The mangers are so nice and they don't harass you like most beauty shops tend to do. Get your military discount here! Yeah!
2 months ago
Erika Kling
Great atmosphere, and prices are out of this world
6 months ago
Jack McDevitt
Always find what I need and good service
4 weeks ago
Stefanie Smith
I enjoy coming here!!! Always greeted with a smile, along with fast checkout and service!!!????
4 months ago
wayne criswell
Great store and friendly service!
7 months ago
Pavel Chinyanin
Great prices!
6 months ago
Serena Taylor
Always great service
6 months ago

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