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Address: 2317 Raspberry Rd, Anchorage, AK 99502, United States
Phone number: +1 907-243-2171

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Kannan Ramasamy
My (ancient) indirect water heater had rusted through, started leaking and needed replacement. I requested quotes from four different plumbing/heating companies and Circle Plumbing was the only one who got back to me, and it was the very next day. They gave me a quote up front and we scheduled a date (about a week later). They called me as they were headed over, the installer wore a mask, worked quickly, and cleaned up after he was done. Great communication throughout, no surprises, the work was quality, and I felt that the price was fair. I would highly recommend them, and they'll be the first I contact in the future if I need anything else.
5 months ago
Robert Tacke
D&S AC technician Eric was great! I called made an appointment he showed up early and was very professional and friendly. Assessed the problem and then fixed the problem all in a timely manner. I will definitely be calling D & S again if and when I need AC repairs or maintenance. Honesty and professionalism goes a long way!
5 months ago
James Pryor
We called Circle to get a heater installed in our garage and to get our furnace inspected. The first call was not returned. On the second call I got an appointment scheduled. Two people showed up and said they would only install the heater and would not inspect their furnace. They told us to call and get the furnace inspection scheduled ourselves. Zero customer service. They called and got the credit card at the end of the job last Thursday. It's Monday and I still don't have a receipt for the charge or a detailed bill. Once again we are on our second call with no response. When we got back to the house they had failed to turn the main house heat back on so it was 50 degrees. Glad it wasn't winter. I also smell gas outside and Enstar is going to inspect for a leak. (this turned out to be fine, no leak) . I've used them before and they've been good - I don't know who is in charge but something is falling apart. follow up at month later: I've now had the work inspected b/c we are selling the house and there is one code violations for improper placement of the independent shut off valve. I've called to see what Circle will do now that I've paid them almost $3K for work I may have to have fixed. 12.1.20 no response to the inspector's email to Circle and my follow up to see if they will fix the code error. I am having to hire another plumbing company to fix the error so I can pass the city inspection.
6 months ago
Alena F
I am very pleased with the service that I received. The techs (Jose and Bobby) that came out were knowledgable and experienced.
7 months ago
shari schaefer
Terrible customer service. Ordered parts and scheduled service to have parts installed. Tech came out and didn't have the right parts but charged me for a call out anyways. Management made no apologies or offer to order the right parts and install them for free.
7 months ago
Jan Evans
WOW! I’m not going anywhere else! Kelly came out to repair everything, this gentleman went above and beyond! The ladies who answered the phone have great customer service.
7 months ago
Colby Dunnican
Two friendly, respectful guys showed up from Drain Masters on time and got the job done. They made some suggestions that we'll follow. Would that every home service was this professional.
7 months ago
James Price
I had a problem with the heater in my garage, Ed was prompt, informative and when I asked about a noise I hadn't heard before after it being fixed, Ed stopped by the next day to see what the noise was. Excellent service, and I really appreciated Ed telling me about a rates and how much things would cost. Very upfront, no hidden fees. Would recommend Ed to family and friends.
2 weeks ago
Quinlynn Porter
Zach has worked on our combi-boiler twice and he is easy to work with, & answers all our questions. He is the most knowledgeable plumber (about our type of boiler), which is a relief! We have a tricky boiler to work on & it’s hard to get parts locally, but he always manages to get our heat running quickly.
7 months ago
Sam Sattazahn
I have always used Circle Plumbing & Heating. Until the last visit I would rate them a 5 but the last time I had my furnace serviced I wasn't too impressed. I have set up an appointment to have my furnace serviced again and will post my thoughts on the quality of the service I get next Monday. Because of the great work they did in the past I will give them one more chance.
8 months ago
Mark Henderson
We want to give Circle Plumbing and Heating a BIG thank you for a great job by plumber Chris. We had just finished a new countertop and sink install and were in need of a plumber to complete the final plumbing hookup and install the faucet and garbage disposal. Though very busy and actually maxed out for the week, Circle Plumbing understood our situation and was able to respond with only 2 days notice and fit us in to their busy schedule. Excellent response on short notice, a very fair price and a quality work.
8 months ago
Andy Martone
After a boiler freeze which resulted in many ruptured pipes I called Circle Plumbing. They had a crew out the next day and were able to fix the leaks. Great quality work and prices as expected for scope of work. I would highly recommend them!
5 months ago
I called circle because of a heat issue, they came out and performed a boiler tuneup and it was all ok and i gladly paid for this service. When it got real cold my home was not keeping warm, they sent a manager who checked my boiler no charge, performed a heat loss calculation no charge and provided a free estimate to add more baseboard in my home. The work was done and i am warm. WOW great service!
4 months ago
Anthony Greenblatt
Took 2 weeks to get anything done. When they finally fixed our furnace, they said not to turn it above 70 incase of carbon monoxide. It turned off twice. The second time I called, they got upset and said their technician came out yeaterday twice and it was working and got really defensive and rude. Well now it isnt now. Called to compmain about the rude employee and the woman who answered "laughed" when I said the gentlemen she transferred me too was rude. FIX WHAT WE PAID YOU TO DO!!!
5 months ago
Manasi Suryavanshi
Job done with good quality of work and fair price and no hidden costs. Don't forget to ask for a the "special" discount or senior discount if you are qualified. I will call again.
6 months ago
Jonas Mijer
The people are rude, abrupt and customer service is entirely lacking. Mark has a horrible personality and should not be in charge of or even work for any business. Stay far away from this company
5 months ago
Keaton Guess
I had exceptional service from the start with Circle Plumbing and Heating. From the receptionist who returned my call right away to my heating expert Ed, they did everything right. Ed had everything I needed for my boiler in his truck and in less than 2 hours, heats up and running. Keep up the good work guys!
8 months ago
Andie Gordman
Over the years, Circle has done a variety of work for us and it's always top notch (new hot water heater, regular maintenance/repair work, etc.). But the reason I'm writing this is because Circle came to our house within an hour of the 7.0 earthquake and fixed our flooding hot water heater. They were calm and collected during a crazy time and got the leak stopped immediately. They also checked for broken gas lines while they were there. Great company!
6 months ago
D Kum
The estimator who came out did a great job of describing what would and could happen and offering us options. The installers did a good install, moved quickly, and cleaned up after. Everyone communicated well. No surprises or issues with the furnace replacement. Being in the building trades myself, I think these guys are a good shop, and I'd recommend using them or at least getting a quote.
2 months ago
Ashley Todd
I've been using Circle since 1996 and had excellent service and fair pricing. Lately though, i've had unsatisfactory service in that my lift station overflowed and when the plumber came and removed the cover he completely missed the build-up on the pump so went to office to get new pump (was gone 1 hour and office only a few blocks away) and returned, he noticed the build-up and flicked it off and lo and behold the pump worked! He then charged me over $200 for his time and expertise! Rip off!
7 months ago
Lee Govatos
Carrier Furnace under warranty went out during coldest month of year, technician said no one had parts anywhere in country and he would offer me $500 credit towards a new $5000 furnace. Called Carrier to complain, after that parts overnighted after I paid shipping and labor for 2 technician visits. Do not use these scam artists and don't install Carrier systems in Alaska, they only did the work when I called Carrier directly. After sending email to owners I was reimbursed $100. This place is a joke.
7 months ago
Mayra Alvarado
These guys are as crooked and dishonest as they come. Had what I thought was a quote coming, though they had logged it as a service call. With nothing to service, the tech promised me a quote for a boiler replacement and left. Mark at the office then immediately emailed demanding $130 for the “service call.” His rudeness, lack of class and tact leave you feeling in need of a shower. End result is I will NEVER do business with Circle Plumbing, and suggest you do not either.
6 months ago
samuel shimelis
Left a message and they returned my call that day, and scheduled service for the next day. Ed came out and fixed my furnace promptly and quickly. Great service all around, and I'm happy to have my furnace issue resolved.
4 weeks ago
Beverly Thomas
I have been a Circle customer for 10 years and appreciate the response time and the service. Today I had a question about a repair issue and was very happy with the fair outcome. I truly feel like a valued customer and highly recommend Circle Plumbing.
10 months ago
Carmela King
We recently had a floor drain in the garage repaired. While the actual repair was acceptable, the plumber had an accidental (I assume accidental) discharge of some grey fluid that went everywhere in the garage. It covered my toolbox and more importantly - it sprayed on the supercub aircraft wing I have been working on. The wing was partially recovered and now that material has to be removed and replaced. It will take me several hours to do this. He said nothing to my wife about the discharge. He tried to clean it up but did a less than acceptable job. I am still finding spots of the material around the garage. I called the service manager to complain but he never returned my call. I would not recommend these guys.
4 months ago
Barbara Sorrow
We had been using Circle P&H for 30 years. Our last experience was so incompetent that we will be looking for another plumber. We needed them to replace a check valve leading to our well holding tank. The plumber they sent was so unskilled with the torch that he burned walls, a door and wiring controlling our well in a nearby conduit. He also did not drain the pipes before cutting into them resulting in a minor flood. Management did pay our well bill to replace the wiring damage. But it took a lot to convince them, including photos. Our bill was 2x the quote, since the plumber took a long time afterwards placing blame elsewhere and writing a lot of CYA on our bill. Plus Circle P&H was replacing a value they put in 3 years ago. The original valve lasted 20+ years. So they are either putting in subpar valves or not standing by their work.
9 months ago
Joi Mcintyre
I was riding south on Elmore after coming off of DrMLK Avenue, before I could get off the little bridge, the Circle Plumbing van was tailgating me so I slowed down so that he could pass. Rather than pass me, he tailgated me all the way to Dowling where I turned right and he came pass me, rolled his window down and cussed me out. I called the business to report this driver of the company’s vehicle. Now if this was a stolen van, I get it, but if these are the type of people working for you, who didn’t know if I was a customer, potential future customer or what, that’s sad. I suggest Circle Plumbing screen their employees a little closer. Totally disappointed.
10 months ago
Derrick Young
Customer since 2001. Over the last several years the quality of service has declined. The techs consistently take short cuts to avoid anything that may be difficult. Our rental company has moved away from Circle.
7 months ago
Michelle Fundora
We used Circle Plumbing several times for a number of small jobs around our house and we were always pleased. Great customer service, knowledgeable workers and fair prices. We recently had them replace our hot water heater and boiler. I was so glad we used them. They were so kind, brought us space heaters, worked long hours to get our system on and working as fast as they could and answered all our questions every step of the way. I would only trust Circle for my plumbing and heating needs! Laura Oates Butcher
10 months ago
Amos Waranch
My wife and I went through the Energy Audit and replaced our Hot water tank and furnace. Circle replaced both units in our home in one day and we were up and running with an energy efficient Heater and Hot water tank. We are vey pleased with the Technician, the work and the price. We later had them install some gas pipes to hook up our new gas range, once again we were very pleased with the Technicians and Circle Plumbing.
1 month ago
James Cherrett
Drew has done a great job of servicing my furnace. His detailed inspection report that followed my last service also helps to reassure me of the expected continued life of my Trane. This is a great company and I always feel like a family member when I call them--they're that helpful and concerned. Can't recommend them highly enough.
3 months ago
Daniel Rhee
I had the same guy (Steve) come out three times. The first time it was okay. Second time he decide that it was okay to put his weight on my brand new dryer to relax while he filled out paperwork. I had to ask him to move. Then when he did come back to replace the pipe he left the rusted pipe and scrap all in the bathroom sink and floor. After he left I went to look and was disgusted because my bathroom was clean and now I have to clean up his mess. $125.00 for just coming out and then do disrespect my house. I will never use this company again. Not to mention he damaged my brand new washer. Then lied. Do not have them come out to your house. He is lies and will treat you house like trash.
7 months ago
Jason Lewis
Fabulous people and fantastic service!
6 months ago
Scott March
In the past, we have had good experiences, however after a pre-buy home inspection we needed a boiler & heating inspection as well as a leak fixed. We called Circle because of our previous experience with them. The system passed the inspection however, instead of fixing our leak, they installed a condinsate neutralizer and ignored the leak they were hired to fix. While he apprentice installed the neutralizer, the journeyman sat in the truck smoking his cigarettes and leaving butts in my driveway. Guess what? After passing their inspection, we still had the leak. They were called back and just tightened a hose clamp that was installed too loose by the previous install of the neutralizer. After another call, they said there were lots of leaks before they came, my question was "how could it pass inspection then?" Yeah, they wouldn't come out and look at it again. We were left with a leaking boiler (now fixed by someone else)
1 month ago
Peggy Allen
Week without heat. After 4 visits, two parts installations and $750 paid to another firm, Ed from Circle found a loose wire, recommended we install one relay to replace hodge-podge of wiring, all for price of service call. Very pleased and will follow his recommendation.
4 months ago
Eustacio Abreu
Horrible experience budy of mine wasted $500 on dumbass plumber that couldn't figure out how to diagnose plumbing problem . They came out twice and both times they left with money and I still had plumbing issues plumber said I needed a hot water heater ($1400). mountain mechanical(another plumbing company) came out and diagnosed and fixed problem in two hrs it was just a shower handle cartridge . So for diagnostic material and labor $325. best experience a ever had with mountain mechanical plumbing. Moral of the story do not use circle plumbing and heating.
8 months ago
Bryce Kolodziej
I purchased a Navien combi-boiler from Circle Plumbing December 2012. The initial service was great. In 2015 the unit began to leak which required the plastic part - Auto vent to be replace. The tech gave me the option to order it myself with the part number he provided. I couldn't find it, so the part was never replaced. January of this year the old part began to leak again. Made a call to Circle to have them service the unit and replace the leaking part. The tech came out without the part to view the unit and I guess verify that it still was the same part leaking. I initially wasn't charged for this visit. The part was ordered and arrived a week and half later at a cost of $75 bucks for plastic! The tech replaced the part and cleaned the unit at a cost of $330! I received a call today that I wasn't charged for the initial visit at $130 per hour - the tech looked at the unit with no worked done on it. I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy - their commercial states your treated like family - bullshit - they just want your money!
9 months ago
They were able to come out the same day. My technician, Ed, was very fast at troubleshooting and fixing our boiler.
9 months ago

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