Georgetown Pottery

Pottery store Georgetown Pottery, 755 5 Islands Rd, Georgetown, ME 04548, United States: 24 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Georgetown Pottery
Rate: 4.6
Address: 755 5 Islands Rd, Georgetown, ME 04548, United States
Phone number: +1 207-371-2801

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 43.8063380
Longitude: -69.7568390

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Timmy Heath
4 months ago
Katherine Brennan
After an E-Mail request to order a G12 Shaving Scuttle and ship it to germany I get the answer, that it is possible. I just had to give them my full address. It take a day or so to get a quote to germany, they (Jess) said. I did so and get no answer after that. A couple days later, as I asked again, if they get my last E-Mail, I get no answer. It is now 10 days ago and I ordered somewhere else a similar Shaving Scuttle. That is in my eyes bad support.
6 months ago
Lisa Rogers
I was up in Maine for a family reunion and we were told that visiting this establishment was a must! When I got there I could see why! There were so many unique pieces to choose from! Really beautiful stuff and it was so hard to choose I would have taken the whole store! ????
9 months ago
Brandt Miller
My husband bought me a couple of coffee mugs and salt/pepper shakers with lighthouses on them. Absolutely beautiful!! Your workmanship is incredible!! Knowing that these products are handmade and with materials from the area is important to us. Thank you.????
1 month ago
Alejandra Valencia
This place is beautiful. I want to buy everything. ????
7 months ago
annu singh
To put this review in perspective, I am not really a big proponent of or into making pottery. However, WOW I was extremely impressed with this establishment. Amazing and very large collection of items that I have not seen anywhere else at a reasonable price. The uniqueness of items is what made the visit interesting. Not cheap but hand made here not in Asia which should count for something right. Most pieces would look great in any home.
3 months ago
Toni D
Love this place. Been coming here for many years. My house is decorated with their pottery. Beautiful. Always professional and helpful. Only Potter I will go to.
2 months ago
Destiny candido
Great place for gift ideas. Wish I had the money or cabinet space to fully stock my house. Had an interesting salt shaker sea urchin design I had never seen before.
3 months ago
Irliky Golicht
Beautiful pottery don't stop with your wife lol
2 months ago
Kyle Tanner
Best local Maine Pottery shop ! Amazing designs and reasonable pricing.
1 month ago
Shaunte Thomas
Very nice collection . Will come back
7 months ago
Seba Deneuve
Very impressive, well made pottery!
3 months ago
Lillian Tarafa
Great selection. Priced way to high.
3 months ago
Emily Hyde
Neat little store. Lots of items from local artisans. They make a lot of pottery items there at this store as well. HVe other store in the area as well.
7 months ago
Dzhon Cherkez
Beautiful fair priced handmade works!!!
1 month ago
Carleton Young
I ordered an absolutely GORGEOUS and great quality/functioning piece of useful pottery! The G12 shaving scuttle exceeded my expectations, being a perfect functioning scuttle that pleases the eye in gleaming hamada-purple. The craftsmanship is perfect and couldn't be better in my eyes...Five Stars easy...I look forward to ordering from their unique store again! Thank You Karen & Georgetown Pottery!
1 month ago
Ludvic Petrocoff
Such great people! Have been using their mugs for years and recommend them to all!
7 months ago
Felicia Wesley
Classic pottery for every day use!
3 months ago
Jonathan Davis
The one and only, And I came Ct. All ways buy a Butter Keeper!!!
1 month ago
Jowita Jablonska
I was able to shop here in January, when most of tbe touristy places are shuttered. Quality artisan products is bonus in top of that.
4 months ago
Raymond Fisher
Understated style; this is where I get nearly all of my Mother's Christmas gifts.
2 months ago
Sandra Guillen
Beautiful handcrafted pottery on the coast of Maine.
5 months ago
Dora Gomez
Very limited options
5 months ago
Kail S
Beautiful gallery many unique pieces
4 months ago

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