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Gym Planet Fitness, 17151 N Juanita Loop, Eagle River, AK 99577, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 17151 N Juanita Loop, Eagle River, AK 99577, United States
Phone number: +1 907-694-5566

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Kay Swords
Nice gym and great staff. Both Lauren and Caitlyn are awesome employees! These ladies welcome you into the gym with a friendly and warm hello, usually by name. They have spent the extra time to know you and your preferences for tanning, total body enhancement, massage, etc. I always see them taking extra diligence to make sure the gym is a clean and sanitized facility. Their excellent customer service makes me happy to come to the gym. The machines are well taken care of. I would recommend this gym to any friend is the area who is looking for a place to workout.
6 months ago
Scott Pelkey
Good place to workout. Have a machine for just about everything you need. Keep things clean as well. Enjoy the tanning booths and massage chairs. Friendly staff. Lauren and Caitlyn have always struck a conversation with me to make me feel welcome. Excellent customer service.
6 months ago
tiana molala
Always a clean establishment, doing its best to mitigate Covid-19 and still provide a place to workout. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Lauren, Mia, and Casey are always super eager to answer any questions new customers may have.
6 months ago
Bert Brook
Always clean; great equipment, warm, friendly staff, set up for social distancing. Flexible hours.
5 months ago
frank pontrelli
Lauren, Mia and Catlyn are fantastic! These young ladies are attentive to the patrons and always give a positive vibe. They deserve pay raise for going above and beyond to ensure a good experience while here.
6 months ago
Absolute T
This Planet Fitness is bar far the best gym I’ve ever been to. It’s incredibly clean, the equipment is in really good shape and has a lot of great features, and the staff is always super welcoming and helpful! Lauren always greets me with a smile and is very personable, and I always see her and Caitlyn making their rounds through the gym making sure the workout stations are clean and the Covid stations have cleaner and towels. Definitely glad I signed up here.
6 months ago
Park Haddon
Lauren, Caitlyn and Roland are always on point! Expect excellent customer service from these three! There’s a reason I keep coming back to the Eagle River Planet Fitness besides the black card lounge. It would not be the same without these three!
6 months ago
Wayne Alleyne
Love Planet Fitness. The staff is always so helpful and nice. They are taking all measures to stay open for their customers and provide a safe clean place to workout.
8 months ago
Zaira Ampongan
I love this gym! I’ve been at all hours of the day and yes it may look busy but there ouch equipment- I’ve not had to wait! The staff is amazing, so helpful and friendly. They make it a point to get to know you- especially Mickey and the Manager guy with the cool tats (didn’t catch his name). They are the BEST! The place is always spotless, the spa area is incredible, love being able to bring my daughters to join me in workouts, and it’s just so nice! Very happy this place is 10 min from home!!!! Great addition ❤️
5 months ago
Mark Tannenbaum
Great staff, clean open environment. Alyssa is always great and welcomes you with a smile (behind the mask of course)
9 months ago
Roopa Wilson
I've been a member at planet fitness for about 6 months. I was ecstatic when i heard that the one in eagle river was finally open! It's much closer to my home and way more convenient. All the equipment in there was very new and user friendly. Staff was great! I highly recommend this as a good gym to go to! The only reason I am giving this review 4 stars is because I was disappointed there wasnt more of a free floor zone, somewhere to lay out a mat and stretch, maybe do some body weight exercises or other things of that sort. Other than that I have had a great experience with planet fitness as a whole and plan to return often.
5 months ago
Will Barbour
Nice staff. Machines are really easy to use with the pictures. I have the black card membership and the hydro lounges/beds are amazing after a workout.
2 months ago
Sunil B
Clean spacious. Fun!
6 months ago
Carly Rayford
I really do like how much the gym membership is, the ambiance, how nice and new the equipments are, Including it is a 24hr gym. The only thing is i do wish you have a sauna or a steam for aching muscles and relaxation. I understand that it could be expensive installing and maintaining one but i, and probably not just me, don't mind paying $10-15 more for it. Other than that, it's awesome!
4 months ago
Tony Pushard
Eagle River branch is BRAND NEW! One gal that opens in the morning is superb in customer service.
9 months ago
wirley kennerson
PF Eagle River is clean, quiet and just what I need to supplement my normal work physical demands without extending co-worker into my personal time.
1 month ago
Michael Zottarelli
Their variety of equipment is pretty poor, I wouldn’t suggest anyone looking for a wide variety of free weights and the ability to lift heavy I wouldn’t step foot in there. Also their showers in the men’s locker room have very poor pressure and is often very crowded. Pretty disappointed with this being a new facility doesn’t really cater to everyone being a “judgement free zone”
3 months ago
Patrick Shelton
Great price for a nice gym! Need to work on those low pressure, low heat showers though. Lukewarm water dripping down isn't satisfying after a work out.
9 months ago
William Hadley
Clean, helpful staff
6 months ago
brady calhoun
Very well kept up good machines
11 months ago
Harris Williams
fabulous facility. staff friendly courteous and helpful.
3 months ago
Natasha Mora
I originally got my membership for the ability to take showers at my convenience. I live on a few acres in an RV at the base of a mountain surrounded by woods on the other three sides. Theres no plumbing, electric or gas, completely off grid. I work construction all day&several more hours on my place&necessary chores on my property whenever my work day is finally done. So i often miss making to Alice Mays (our little area of Alaska's local laundry/shower/gas station mart) to shower. So being able to uss the facilkties 24/7 is perfect for me. So i have a Black Card, and was very excited to use all areas of the well as showed at my convenience...However ive been there only once&the new gym has been open in Eagle River for a month now. Why? Due to the almost freezing water in the showers. The water was warm when I first got in,within the time it took me to get shampoo in my hair&soap everywhere else the water when from almost uncomfortable to beyond unbearable. I could barely wash off what products I had already applied before shutting off the water,wraping up in towels&hugging my knees to my chest to regain body heat enough to get dressed. I still had some shampoo in my hair even (my hair is alsmost down to my thighs&very thick)&wasnt able to take a full shower or wash properly. After the shivering subsided to a slight shake, I got dressed&left. The outside temperature was around -12°F, which feels like -25°F with freezing wet hair&already lowered to the core body temp. I ended up catching a cold which caused me to miss work for several days. I am just now getting over it,almost 2weeks later. Needless to say I havent been back, however I now have a Black Card Membership that I'm paying for and cant use. So I'm not really sure what to do at this point. Is there anyway to find out if this issue has been resolved without causing myself or my life another round of damage? Or am I just another idiotic American paying for a gym membership that they never use? I really would appreciate not being in the latter of the two if thats possible...?...! So PLEASE, if you can figure out a way to turn the water temp WAY UP, it would be immensely appreciated!!
5 months ago
Jeremy Pina
Wish they have a sauna instead of all these tanning booths.
1 week ago
Lisa Lackman
Shiny new equipment, everthing imaginable. Dumped my old club as soon as they opened.
5 months ago
Kim Liimatainen
Great workout
6 months ago
Alexis Roggero
8 months ago
Kuljeet Bhinder
9 months ago
Betty Orme
8 months ago

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