SKOR Cash and Carry

Wholesaler SKOR Cash and Carry, 1 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B 3P4, Canada: 23 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
SKOR Cash and Carry
Address: 1 Adelaide St N, London, ON N6B 3P4, Canada

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 42.9760190
Longitude: -81.2268952

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Matthew Quint
Great prices and good quality food my favorite cash n carry
5 months ago
Ivan Alban
the place is big, it has a great variety of products. frozen food, fresh vegetables, drinks, cleaning products, candy even chef’s uniforms. The place is clean and tidy, the staff very friendly. They close at 4 pm. The prices are very good compared to other places. parking near the door easy access.
8 months ago
Roque Alvarado
Great place to buy in Bulk quantities and you can find those rare gems and some good deals
8 months ago
Jonathan Klate
Very friendly and helpful staff. If they don't have what you're looking for in the floor, you can ask for help to see if they can source it for you. Absolutely amazing service!
2 months ago
Kelsey Hart
SiL picked up hotdogs a week and a half ago for a surprise party, didn’t check best before dates because one would assume that a food wholesaler rotates their stock. Hot dogs looked and tasted awful, checked package and found out they expired in March. And were still available for purchase in August. One of the kids is complaining of sore tummy, hopefully it’s nothing more than uncomfortable. Waiting to see what their proposed resolution will be.
8 months ago
Michael Russo
All great people work there.they are very helpful t o me and and a friend.we both are disabled and appreciate the help
10 months ago
Jerry Gamble
Its not a bad store I guess. You need a membership, but its cheap to get. May of the products are close to expired though, so be careful. At least the dairy is always fresh...
8 months ago
Zoe Koe
Very friendly and helpful staff
10 months ago
Steve Martin
excellent. Staff always amazing . I like the new look .
2 months ago
Akim Moss
The staff is so friendly and coming from out of town it's usually close to closing time and they are so wonderful about it I am so sad that it is closing I would shop they're not for the prices just for the people thank you
6 months ago
Tom Mynes
Pretty good prices on some bulk items
3 months ago
Kendrick Webb
The people are nice but strike 4 in a row not only having stock of what I buy $100s of things i get every month but give away what I begged for them to hold . I am done with you guys. Today was not a good day to travel all the way south London ...but they always have 14" pizza boxes in stock. Always. EDIT: turns out if you are nice to them they are AWESOME.
6 months ago
Mike K
Great staff , prices are competitive. The only problem most of the time is that lack of stuck. Big problem
8 months ago
Very helpful staff
4 months ago
Brian Baggott
Great selection and by far the cheapest place to get most of these supplies... I checked EVERYWHERE. I read the one bad review and it is complete fabrication. The staff are very friendly and are only there to help if and when you need them. Absolutely top notch. My only complaint is the very limited hours of operation.
4 months ago
Sean Meyer
Great service . Good soup base
4 months ago
helen Washington
Best deals in here. Best selection for stuff that are available in other stores
4 months ago
Sina Safayi
Staff is great. I come from out of town and often find what I drove 40 minutes for is out of stock. I am trying to call today but the phone doesn't seem to work.
4 months ago
Gerald R
Staff are great. Place has a nice selection of things. Prices vary depending on what you're looking for.
4 months ago
Herman German
The employees are becoming more friendly with every time my husband and I visit, and finding more selection of products in stocks and prices aren’t that bad
9 months ago
Chris Stanfield
I've only shopped here once so maybe I went in on a good day but people were friendly and helpful. I didn't have any problems!
4 months ago
Trudy Demario
Surprisingly, in many cases it is cheaper to purchase items from the supermarket instead. They do have candy that you will not find sold in Canadian supermarkets. Membership required.
8 months ago
Marilyn Mayo
Helpful and friendly people.
11 months ago

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