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Immigration attorney Gursoy Immigration Lawyers, 1624 Voorhies Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States: 51 review of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Gursoy Immigration Lawyers
Rate: 4.4
Address: 1624 Voorhies Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States
Phone number: +1 718-646-5783

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I appreciate individual approach to my case. Thanks to the hard work you’ve done my wife and two minor kids were granted immigrant visas so our family could finally get reunited in US. Even during this unprecedented time office employee Valida Aliyeva was always in touch and kept me informed of any status changes and steps we had to take to achieve the end result. Great experience!!!
4 months ago
Paul Dandridge
I would like to recommend Gursoy Law Firm to athletes. They proved my extraordinary athletic ability and I got my green card within 4 months. Gursoy respects athletes very much and he is always ready to help. Also he helped my friend to get a green card. Denise is professional and she is done a good job. I also want to say about Valida, she is responsible and always ready to help. I want to thank all these people for making my dream come true.
8 months ago
Amazing attorney! He is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Highly experienced in the area of immigration. Immigration itself is a very stressful process and he made everything go smoothly for me. I truly believe that he is the best Brooklyn Immigration attorney!
7 months ago
Marina Ross
He is definitely the best out there! If you're looking for quality representation in the New York area, look no further. his work was impeccable, detail-oriented and organized, which made my process move smoothly. He is simply the most reliable and professional immigration attorney in Brooklyn! Recommended!
7 months ago
Kelly Twohig
I have had such a wonderful experience working with the Team at Gursoy especially Estefany and Valida. They are very detailed and knowledgeable. They were sensitive to the needs of my case and made sure my best interest was being represented at all times. My case was at a point where I felt it was over and they managed to get me successful results. I would like recommend them for all immigration issues.
7 months ago
Aamir Ansari
Best Brooklyn immigration lawyer! He is always available and has a lot of patience to explain the process and help you. He was very professional and attentive with everything involving my case. You owe it to yourself to go the best!
7 months ago
Michael Sanichanh
This law firm is amazing . They do everything in their power to make sure you are well prepared for your interview. Valida is amazing . Thank You for everything ????????
5 months ago
Tracy S
The team at Gursoy Immigration Lawyer in Brooklyn is super professional, extremely dedicated and trustworthy. They were amazing during our immigration process. Everything went well, and I highly recommended them to any immigration cases.
7 months ago
Monica Pham
If you need a reliable and professional immigration attorney in Brooklyn, I recommend you contact Gursoy Immigration Lawyers. They are one of the most caring attorneys I've know thorough the years. They know immigration law very well and think out the box to help you with your case. I would absolutely recommend anyone to go here!
7 months ago
Prabjit Bassi
Absolutely scammers over there, guys never pay all your money upfront to them and i do not even recommend anyone to go to them at all, you will lose all the money. I payed them 4000 to follow up with an asylum case and they dont even bother to reply to my emails which i was sending to request information about my status and plans. And their excuse is that they are busy!!!! I do not know what does this mean, i am also their work and i have an advantage over their time. Absolutely terrible service i do not know how the hell did they get good reviews here
5 months ago
Hari Guduru
Great attorney, extremely knowledgeable and well connected. He handles everyone with respect, courtesy, and professionalism! The best immigration attorney in Brooklyn!
7 months ago
Jessica Wathor
I highly recommend it. Thank you Valida for all what you do!
5 months ago
Anja Rullmann
I wouldn’t recommend Gursoy Law Firm. They are not professional. They just ask you money and return a terrible service. I hired them less then a year ago. I did not even get to talk with lawyer face to face. And I only talked to him at the USCIS meeting and he had no idea about my case. And after they ask me extra fee for the service I already paid for it. Only person seem knowledgeable was paralegal who used to work there. Unfortunately, they don’t give you update about your case, let you to talk to lawyer on the phone or give you an appointment neither reply your emails while they are still representing you. They very rude and unreliable. Very disappointed.
8 months ago
Sally Peacock
The team at Gursoy Immigration Lawyers, Broooklyn is second to none. My expectation were greatly exceeded and my process went flawlessly. Thank you very much!
7 months ago
He is dedicated, professional and with great knowledgeable of the law! His work far exceeded my expectations! Definitely the best immigration lawyer in Brooklyn!
7 months ago
Sam Recker
I would recommend Gursoy Law Firm to everyone. I’m so grateful that Mr. Gursoy was my lawyer and his staff is very kind, helpful and knowledgeable and informative every step of the way. Gursoy Law Firm has done an excellent job of my husband case. Thank you all. Special thanks to Valida She is the best!
1 month ago
Alema Fazlic
I applied 4 years ago for a green card for my wife and after 2 years he was unable to tell me why the case was denied. I applied again and paid another fee and the same issue happened. I asked a different lawyer who informed me some documents were missing and I was not aware of any of this information. I recently asked for a copy of my file and it has been about a year and I have not got my file still. During my last visit, I went to demand my file and the workers there were very unprofessional and rude. I made sure they got all their payments before hand every time and it has been over 4 years and no one was able to help me with my case. I would not recommend to anyone.
8 months ago
Cindi Lee
My Spouse and I found this Law firm online and decided to take a chance to use them during our immigration process. They were very personable, polite, and informative every step of the way. when I had any questions or needed any information i got an immediate response. The office called verifying updates from USCIS. Making appointments were fast and easy. The Lawyer was very polite, helpful and punctual. In terms of price, their office fees are very reasonable priced considering other law office fees. I would recommend anyone shopping around for an immigration Lawyer Gursoy, is a fine option, Just be sure to follow all their recommendations to the 'T' and things should work out well. Special thanks to Valida.
2 months ago
neel garg
Gursoy Law Firm has done an excellent job of my case. They were very personable, polite and informative every step of the way. I got my permanent green card even earlier than expected ...
11 months ago
Alex Harvey
I liked the work of Gursoy Immigration Lawyers! I got a good immigration lawyer brooklyn. He is a true professional in his field! He will always help and prompt. Recommend and thank you!
11 months ago
Trina Barker
Mr. Gursoy was my deportation attorney for many years. My asylum case was complex and not without extreme difficulty, but Mr. Gursoy believed in me, he believed in my case. Not only does he represent what is best in attorney's he represents integrity. I always felt cared for, considered and listened too, and really felt like I had someone unequivocally in my corner that was going to fight for me. I would have Mr. Gursoy represent me for the rest of my life because he's good people and the best immigration attorney
3 weeks ago
Mike Hubble
I would definitely recommend this firm to everyone. Special thanks to Valida and Samira for doing fantastic job; being polite, professional and informative every step of the way. I received my permanent green card even sooner than expected which was great and I wouldn’t have achieved this if I’d not gotten a professional support and great advice on proper paperwork preparation in the process. Gursoy Law played a key role for it. I am going to work with them for my citizenship application as well!
2 months ago
Ashley Phillips
Gursoy law firm did a great job at handling my case. Denise was very professional and responsive. I would absolutely recommend this firm for employment based green card cases !!!!
11 months ago
Mr. Gursory and his team have done an excellent job in assisting me to acquire my green card. The entire process was handled in an extremely professional and efficient way. Thank you for your personal time and dedication in this immigration process. I highly recommend this Brooklyn immigration lawyer.
3 months ago
Porn Star
Mr. Gursory and his team have done an excellent job in assisting me to acquire my green card. The entire process was handled in an extremely professional and efficient way. Thank you for your personal time and dedication in this immigration process. I highly recommend this Brooklyn Immigration lawyer.
1 month ago
scott forler
I had such a great experience with this law office. I definitely recommend it ????. The stuff is nice . Valida is the one responsible on my file she was awesome she followed my procedure till the end she advised me and i got approved. The prices are reasonable. Definitely recommend ????
4 months ago
Ej Vatter
One of the best law firms: Knowledge, professional, caring!
7 months ago
Antonnacio Clarke
It’s the worst lawyer I ever deal with the stuff very rude every time you call they don’t have any answer for your question The only care about money nothing else
5 months ago
Katherine Kelton
Gursoy law firm did a great job at handling my case. Denise was very professional and responsive. I would absolutely recommend this firm for employment based green card cases.
1 month ago
jagsir sidhu
When I moved to America, I did not have legal literacy. Friends advised me the best Brooklyn immigration lawyer. Now I always turn to him when legal questions arise. Satisfied with his services.
2 months ago
megan clauson
I didnt had great experience with this place. They left me in a bad place and it took years to come out of it.
7 months ago
Raghunath Krishnan
Unfair and unprofessional! Shocking! Be safe!
9 months ago
Laughing Monkey
I would absolutely recommend Gursoy Law Office. The staff has always been pleasant to communicate with, and they were very professional. We're grateful to have been able to work with them as our green card lawyer!
11 months ago
Gursoy helped me from start to finish for my Green Card, it was a seamless process and I received my card in record timing. Highly recommend!
1 week ago
Jennifer McMullen
Best law firm in Brooklyn. They’re so professional and efficient. They helped me get my citizenship. Thank you guys
3 weeks ago
Alaa H
A Brooklyn immigration lawyer helped me resolve the issue of living in the United States. For a long time I could not find a specialist who would take up my business. Everything went very quickly and without big financial losses.
11 months ago
Everly Halley
We contacted here not so long ago, in principle, I was satisfied with your services, brooklyn immigration lawyer, did everything possible so that the law was on my side, I was satisfied with the services.
1 month ago
nathan diss
I had a terrible experience with this lawyer. They just care the money not you. Please go to another lawyer if you care your future or career. Don't waste your time with this people.
2 months ago
Austin Kurtz
I couldn't be happier with them my husband permanent residency was aproved thanks to gursoy law firm. The lawyer we had was very polite and ontime . Thanks to valida and the lawyer that went with us he was great immigration problems gursoy lawyers.
1 month ago
Jared Ison
Honest and conscientious company. Helped to get a green card, special thanks to Samira. People are working here not for show, but really trying to help, for which they respect! Thx!
4 weeks ago
Charif Abdul
Mr. Gursoy did an excellent job as my asylum lawyer. Highly recommended and very professional. 5 stars plus!!
5 months ago
samardhreddy kadiri
Mike came through for me once again, after receiving my green card three years ago, I was sent a letter of intend to revoke, mike went to work file in paperwork and he won the case . I encourage everyone to refer people to this law firm .
2 months ago
Catelynn Sherman
I had a difficult situation , Gursoy was able to resolve for a fraction of the price of other lawyers ... Their clients are 1st priority and Valida is amazing ... I cant thank them enough .
1 month ago
Johnny Cruz
I tried it first, filed out the forms correct. Was turned down. Went to the immigration lawyer in Brooklyn and found out I did not send enough information, Get a good attorney like Mr. Gursoy, they know what to do and what to say..
5 months ago
Annette Bannerman
There are not enough words to express my gratitude to the team at Gursoy law firm. I went to Gursoy with a very complicated case. As a teenager I was smuggled into the United States and was intercepted by agents I was told by an older adult to provide the agents with incorrect information such as name and date of birth which I did. I was held in custody and then deported to my home country. After many years I returned to the United States and applied to adjust my status with another law firm and was denied.I went to quite a few law firms that told me “the chances of approval was ver slim” those words didn’t sit well with me so I decided to keep searching for better responses I then went to Gursoy law firm and met with Valida and the team who then explained the reason I was continuously being denied, and what can be done to get a favorable outcome, they then hastily filed all the required paper works and walked me through the process after which I felt a renewed sense of confidence that someone knew what they were doing. A few months later the impossible was done APPROVED!!! I just want to thank everyone at Gursoy for taking on my case and showing the interest and care that you did I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
4 months ago
Harris Williams
My wife and I got out of the green card interview just yesterday afternoon and by 5pm I found out that my green card was on its way to our address! We couldnt be happier! We thank GursoyLaw for taking our case and special thanks to Mrs.Valida for being very professional and responsive to help us get through this stressful period! Mrs.Valida is a rough and tough, no non-sense kinda women who had no problem bashing my wife for not being serious enough and me for being too serious???? about a life changing process! She got us ready the way we probably couldn’t have without her advices, guidance and support! Thanks to her i am finally able to go back to my country to see my family after 26 yrs! Thank you for all the help!! Kazim
5 months ago
Brad Austen
my case was not easy and they made it seem easy they are very professional.
11 months ago
Erran Long
He gave me extended advice and removed me from the deportation procedure from the USA, and now I am a permanent resident.
9 months ago
Ant PoP
Never trust this lawyer. Such a bad experience.
3 weeks ago
Aaradhya Arkatkar
If you choose this office your are making a good decision
6 months ago

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