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Astrologer Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap - Best Astrologer in Lucknow, Palmist in Lucknow, Vastu Consultant in Lucknow, 567 24 k, Jail Road, near Kalyan Mandap, Anand Nagar, Alambagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226005, India: 96 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 567 24 k, Jail Road, near Kalyan Mandap, Anand Nagar, Alambagh, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226005, India
Phone number: +91 96486 41111

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Brenda Wood
I m Faizan from Lucknow. I have a shop of Gold and silver and Gemsstone in Lucknow. In which I m facing a issues. But when I show my kundli to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap ji. The prediction is very Accurate. Best Astrologer in Lucknow according to me. Pandit je also tells me about some Vastu Remedies which was very helpful. Thanks to Sir.
2 months ago
Sandra Vejar
I m ZeesHan Ahmad from lucknow. I m facing a financial issues in my business. Through Google when I search Astrologer in Lucknow I got pandit jee number very well knowledge of Astrology. The kundi predictions is very high level. Best Astrologer in lucknow. Planets works on each person its not about your religion its about the power which works on every person equal. By Vastu remedies guru ji also tells the best remedies which help us a lot. Thanks to Pandit ji.
2 months ago
Meg Wert
When I search Astrologer in lucknow. I just got guru Ji number. Best Astrologer in lucknow. Owsm knowledge of Astrology. I just ask remedies for my business. Now after few days remedies are working and I m getting profit in my business. Thanks to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap. Famous Astrologer in lucknow on Google list.
2 months ago
Mecha Gary
I just search astrologer in lucknow and I got Jyotishi Guru mahendra pratap ji contect number. Me and my faimly consult to gurujii regarding my studies and career to .Tremendous knowledge with owsm facts on astrology when we show our . Kundali to sir. Pandit ji is very polite and helpful nature. According to me if you wanna pin point result you must visit to sir. Take a appointment first that's help you to talk to Gurujii . Best Astrologer in lucknow . Thanks
2 months ago
Daniel Hof
I m Ashish Kumar from Lucknow. I m in Up Police. From few months I m facing issues in my family life and when I consult Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee. He helps me and my family a lot regarding my problems which just solve by Astrology. He is Best Astrologer Jyotish in Lucknow. I just also suggest Guru je name to my friend for Vastu Remedies and really we appreciate that he is also Top Vastu Consultant in Lucknow. The knowledge of Astrology and Vastu is owsm. Top Astrologer in Lucknow whom we met. Thanks to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap Je ????????????????????
3 months ago
Makayla Thomas
Top Astrologer in Lucknow. I m facing some family issues from few months and financial problem to. I'm currently working in a medicine Store. I just got a number from google and when I meet Pandit jee and I show my kundli to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap Jee He predicts each and every thing very nicely and in detail analysis about my problems and kundli to. The Real true knowledge of Astrology. Very hummble, dedicated towards Astrology. By doing remedies I just got a result in three weeks. Now my family issue on track to going to solve. By my opinion you must visit to guru je. Best Astrologer in Lucknow. Thanks to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap
3 months ago
Esam Obiedat
Top Vastu Consultant in lucknow. I just visit guru jee for my Business vastu and my home residential area to. Deep knowledge of colour correction and without any renovation remedies work properly. I also shown my wife kundli for health issues and with in 15 days she is getting well. Top Astrologer in lucknow. I just pray to God please always bless Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee that he always help us. Thanks. Manoj Singh
3 months ago
Shaun Eshraghi
One of d best astrologer. Will provide u with detailed analysis of ur horoscope. He will make u understand every small bit of ur kundali and then will provide with easiest and simple remedies to ur problems... Once you are here u can be sure of ur problems saying u tada.. ????
5 months ago
James Williamson
I m Rishi Raj Singh from Jharkhand Devgarh. I just got a number of gurujee from google. Best Astrologer in lucknow. I m facing family disturbance and carrer problem. When i show my kundli to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee the prediction was owsm. He tells each and every thing very briefly and in Detail. Sir have a great knowledge and brief knowledge of Astrology. I think Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap is Top Astrologer in Lucknow. My opinion is you must visit to gurujee. Thanks & Regards Rishi Kumar Pranam Guru jee
7 months ago
EZ TechTalk
Shri Jyotish Guru Mahindra pratap very well Knowledge in Astrologer , he is best Astrologer in lucknow .....
2 months ago
Aluwani Vanessa
Best Astrologer in Lucknow I m Saurabh Agarwal from lucknow. I just visit to guru jee for my Marriage life. Few issues I have to face in my personal life and When i show my and my wife kundli to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap Guru jee the prediction about me and my wife is totally accurate. Remedies tell by pandit jee helps me and family a lot. Top Astrologer in lucknow. We are totally satisfied. In my opinion you must visit to sir. Its my believe that you get rid off from your all problems. In just one week the remedies done by me and my wife works on our life and now we are living happily. Thanks to Guru jee Yours Saurabh Agarwal
3 months ago
Omario Ak
Best Vastu Consultant in lucknow. Guru jee have a top knowledge of vastu. He tells best solution for your problems without any damage. In Vastu directions matters a lot and Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap knows each direction very well and what the things were placed and also tells about colour correction of walls and great knowledge of interior to. Me and my relatives also shown a kundali. He track each points and questions very well. Best Astrologer in lucknow. Thanks Guru je. Please blessed us always.
3 months ago
Tara Murray
Best astrologer .Sir is very friendly and listen problem very seriously and provide remedies for it .He has provide detailed analysis of horoscope with touches all parts of life.He give his time until you donot satisfy and understand each area of your life . I am totally satisfied.. Thanks
4 months ago
Tony Thomas
I got the number from Google.. guru ji is very friendly and observe your problem very nicely.. he tells u remedies which can be performed at home. He never talks about costly gems and all that if u can't afford. He just tells home remedies..I'm working on remedies. Let's see the result.. hope for the best .
8 months ago
Mary Ross
Guriji very well explained all the facts of astrology and provided remedies which can b easily done without any hassle.
4 months ago
Brittany Johnson
My all problems are solved and gave me solid remedies. He gives me accurate prediction of my kundli also.I am totally satisfied..???????? Very helpful and friendly by nature. Thanks.
5 months ago
Jack Blair
Top level of knowledge of Astrology Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee have. I just got a number from google. The accuracy of Prediction is owsm. Best Astrologer in lucknow. Guru jee is very friendly and dedicated towards Astrology. I just saw my kundli for career and Marriage and know i m geting proposal in my life. Remedies are very helpful for me and most important thing is that you have to listen very carefully what guru jee says to you. I have meet lots of Astrologer all around India but the true knowledge which i got from Sir. Thanks & Regards Ashok Kumar Verma Haryana
4 months ago
Son Ngo
Best Astrologer in Lucknow. Very dedicated towards Astrology. I meet lots of Astrologers but the real knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy and Para Science Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee have. I give this review from my self. I m suffering from health related problem stomach issues from last five to six years and when I meet guru jee he also tells me the accurate date when I recover it. Guru jee also tells the remedies which are very helpful to me. Best Astrologer in Lucknow according to my opinion. You should must visit. Fees doesn't matter and it's normal also but he gives a full time to you and listen what actually your problem is. Guru jee have also a knowledge of Homeopathy medicine which I saw and it's give me help to recover soon. Thanks again Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee.
5 months ago
Adam Nickerson
Best Vastu Consultant in Lucknow . Best knowledge of Vastu in Residential and commercial to.
3 months ago
Alex Bender
Guru jee is Best Astrologer in Lucknow. I got a number from Google. I just visit for my job and marriage and Pandit jee gives a accurate prediction on my kundali. According to Vastu he also told about your home direction by which you can solve many problems and create a good health and wealth in your life. Jyotish Guru Mahindra pratap is one Top Astrologer whom I meet first time. I think he is the founder and knowledgeable person who knows the Base of your life. Thanks Guru jee Thanks Deepak Kumar.
9 months ago
Lidia Mantesso
Genuine Astrologer in Lucknow. Best Astrologer in India. I m from Haryana and I got a number from online from Google. Guru jee give me a prediction on my career and for my marriage life. The prediction on my life is accurate. He just basically told the base of life what is the real meaning of life and from where our good things and bad things decided in Astrology. I m totally satisfied and very happy that I know the truth of my life. I pray to God that he bless you always pandit jee. Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap Top Astrologer with real knowledge. Best Astrologer in Lucknow. Thanks & Ragards. Krishan Kumar
9 months ago
Anton Telegin
Best Astrologer in Lucknow. I just visit to guru je for my government job problem. I just totally satisfied. Top Astrologer in Lucknow.
10 months ago
Britni Russell
Top Astrologer in lucknow. Acchi knowledge hai pandit her ko. I m a computer Engineer and my problem is I m facing my family problem and career to but after doing remedies told by guru jee. Now it is sought out. Thanks guru jee Great Astrologer in Lucknow I think.
10 months ago
Mohamad Zein
Best Astrologer and Vastu Consultant in Lucknow. I m Mahatma kumar from Bihar. I just visit to guru jee in lockdown period Regarding my compatative exam in Railway. I just got a number from Google. He is very polite and very knowledgeable in Astrology. The fees is also normal because in front of your career and life it s just a contribution. I m just selected in Railway. I got my call letter. I pray and wish that guru jee rise in his career. Thanks and Regards. Mahatma kumar
10 months ago
Vito Plower
This was first time I have been met with any Jyotish Guru ,but can say that very good experience Guruji explained everythingh in detail,gave too much time. Thanks.
8 months ago
David LaMarche
Very good experience with 100% satisfaction, strongly recommended to all. Thanks guru Ji
11 months ago
Jamie Hyde
Thanks guru ji .I was so confused during this period of time and u help me out nd solve my whole problems....lots of thank....
8 months ago
Gregory Martin
Best Astrologer in Lucknow. In a lock Down period I just a got a number from Google and by Telephonic consultation Guru jee help me on my kundli. He have a Perfect knowledge about Astrology and Planets. I m facing some family issues due to this period and from 22 March 2020 after consulting I m doing some remedies of planet which were told by Guru jee and now my family issues is improving. Thanks to Guru jee. You must consult him it's my personal advice. He is also providing Telephonic consultation and by whatsapp. Thanks & Regards.???? Famous Astrologer in lucknow.
1 month ago
Tiffany Elisca
I m Ram Kripal From lucknow. I m in Police Department as a Designation of DSP. Just from Google I got the number of Top Astrologer in Lucknow. Shri Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap very well knowledge in Astrology and Vastu Also. I'm 46 year old and Basically working on some critical case. In that case the Enquiry commission placed on me from 5 years and that is very tense part and bad time for me. When I meet pandit jee he ask me for my kundli details like Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth and I give to pandit jee such details. Maine socha ki kya isse bhi bhla kuch pta chlta hai kya lekin guru jee k dwara ki gye prediction adhbhut hai. He solved all my queries and give me better and solid remedies. He just give me a Gem Stone which name is Ruby according to my Kundli and after wearing with in 6 to 8 days I got clean chit from my 5 years of pending case. Few thing is remain but I m so working on that. My trust is always to Astrology and God. Such a Wonderful person of my life is Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee. Dhanyvad apka. Best Astrologer in Lucknow.☺️????
2 months ago
Jasmyne Traylor
Top Astrologer in Lucknow. I m Lashu Kumar from Lakhimpur kheri. My father is farmer and I m Railway Employee but I m facing a Health issue and I m not getting married but when I show my kundali to guru jee I know the real factors of my problems. I m doing remedies from two week and it's work now. Guru jee tells me that after 18 February you got a proposal and on 21 February 2020 I got a proposal and show the kundali for match and with 26 gunh it's match. Thank you so much and lots of love and respect.????
1 month ago
Amanda Austin
Best Vastu consultant in Lucknow. Guru je just visit my home and give us accurate Vastu tips and help. He is also a Best Astrologer in Lucknow Accurate prediction. My opinion you must visit to guru je and consult on your horoscope.
3 months ago
bravo hash
He is Famous Astrologer in Lucknow. I m Pratik Sinha from Bihar currently working in lucknow. I m in Media and Entertainment field from few month i m facing problem in my studies and job to from google and youtube i saw the Gurujee profile and videos on youtube and when i meet gurujee and take a consultation on my Horoscope. Gurujee tell me my problem and also give and told me about remedies. Its take little bid time. But now my problem is totally solved. Believe on Astrology because karm also matter but your work and karm are decided by Planets. I m totally satisfied and my opinion is you must consult Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap jee. Best Astrologer in Lucknow. ???? Thanks Sir. ????????????????????????????????????????????
3 months ago
ronandchris criel
Best Astrologer in Lucknow... Awesome Knowledge.. Good Communication...
6 months ago
Aaron Tanner
Best Astrologer in lucknow which i meet. I m Prashant Chauhan from kanpur. I m a Student. I m facing a issues in my studies and i m not able to decide which carrier i chose then i go to Guru jee means Pandit jee to know which carrier i chose then guru jee help me and tell me which line is best for me acording to astrology. Really its awsome experience. By doing remedies matlab upay mujhe fayda hua aur mai apni line meh ageh badh rha hu. He is Best Astrologer in lucknow. Thanks to Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap. THANKS SIR. ????????????????????????
4 months ago
Amanda Hammond
Famous Astrologer in lucknow which i meet. The Prediction level is owsm. If you really want to solve your problems believe in Planets and trust to Guru jee and give some time. Your problem get solve. My problem just get solve in one month. Thanks to Pandit Jee. You gies can watch him on youtube and Tiktok also regarding Astrology videos. Best and Famous Astrologer in Lucknow.
4 months ago
Ashley Conley
Best Astrologer in Lucknow. I just went for my Business problem and it is totally solved. Thanks Guru jee
3 months ago
Antoine Mayfield
Very good and helping nature person with good knowledge of astrology
10 months ago
Michael Lobsenz
Great Astrologer In Lucknow. Awesome Experience with His Service. For All Your Problems You can Reach Pandit Ji To Get solved.
3 months ago
Raul Feria
Best Astrologer in lucknow. My query is solved.
6 months ago
Harold Powell
Best Astrologer in Lucknow We are basically from the new Delhi and I just got the number from google there are many Astrologer in Lucknow and finally when we met Jyotish Guru Mahindra Pratap Ji and got the solution of my problems he have a best knowledge of Astrology. Thank you so much Guru ji????
4 months ago
Sabrina Mize
He is Best and Famous Astrologer in Lucknow. My all problems get sought out. Future have a Owen knowledge of Astrology.
3 months ago
Ray Galatola
He is Famous Astrologer in Lucknow. I m from Muslim community but i believe in Astrology. I visit to Guru jee for my study and career problems. When he see my kundali and predict about me its totally right and he is very kind and supportive nature. He tells me Upay and i did it. He knows that i m from Muslim community so the remidies told by Guru jee is very easy and when i did it i got the result with in a week. He have a awsome knowledge of Astrology. I give a five star. Thanks Sir.
3 months ago
Metal Mike
Pranam Guru ji????, You are a best astrologer in Lucknow, I'm recently visited ur office nd had a fantabulous experience. Me n my family are very thankful to you.???? Thank you Guru ji !!!
5 months ago
Brendan Hageman
Guru jee is Best Astrologer in Lucknow
1 week ago
Jacqueline Rathke
I am basically a Professor in Management. Guru Je helped me in astrological solutions of life. I m very thankfull to him for valuable guidance. He is a famous Astrologer in Lucknow and Best Astrologer too. From my opinion you must consult him. Warm Regards
3 months ago
Joseph Alonso
This is Anjali Pandey. I m a Production Manager. Every person have his or her problem. I just got a number of pujniye pandit jee from google and also saw the video from youtube. I just went to Guru Jee for my Business and Marriage purpose. Its take a time but now my business is growing and i m getting married in next year. Me and my family is very thankfull to Guru jee. I give five 5 Star from me and my family because he is true astrologer and the motive is to solve peoples issues and help him out. Very Supportive.
3 months ago
Victoria Reed
Panditji is extremely talented . I went to him for some problems of my life and he gave very accurate prediction of my future and past as well. He takes every case very seriously and listen every query . Five stars....
2 months ago
Anna Brovko
I meet to Guruje for my Job and Marriage purpose. He just do a owsome prediction. Finally i got my job and marriage is also going to finalize soon. Guru je have a great knowledge of Astrology and Astronomy. Whatever He predicts thats true. You just feel that he is scaning your kundli. Thanks to Pandit Je. He is very Supportive and Friendly.
8 months ago
crystal garcia
I believe in Astrology and approached Pandit Ji to consult and can search out the possibilities of my life. Pandit JI has given detailed description with explanation and do's and dont's. I am satisfied the way he gave suggestions of my concerns. Thanks a Ton! Pandit Ji and be my 'PathPradarshak'.
4 months ago
mauricio aquino
Best Astrologer in the City. Guru je done the Owsm prediction. I just visit for my family problem and my problem is sought out. Thanks to guru he with accurate prediction. My opinion is you must visit to guru je for your problem and it must be resolve.
2 months ago

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