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Truck rental agency U-Haul Moving & Storage of Eastside Erie, 5010 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510, United States: 28 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 5010 Buffalo Rd, Erie, PA 16510, United States
Phone number: +1 814-899-3167

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Ghermez Hkl
Saturday June 30th 2018 I called Uhaul to inquire about storage units size, price and availability at 10:30 AM. I was told four different sizes with prices and was told the units were available. I sent my son up to get a rental truck and move his belongings into a storage unit while he was between houses for summer break from college. When my son arrived, he was told there were now no small units available, so he agreed to rent a more expensive larger unit.  At that point my son rented a van from the storage unit facility (Uhaul) and was told he could do the paperwork for the storage unit apon his return. After filling the rental vehicle with my sons belongings, we arrived around 3:30 PM to find out that the larger (more expensive) storage unit was no longer available and only the largest most expensive units were now available. I explained that I called earlier in the morning and there were several units available. I was told that the units were rented out. I asked if all of them were rented out even though the employee stated that he was saving one for my son when he rented the truck. The employee stated it is first come first serve. This has bait and switch written all over it.  Small cheap units available until we show up then we got railroaded into a larger unit, then after we arrive in a rental truck packed full, we were told only the most expensive units were available. I asked what could we do to fix this and the employee stated that we could talk to a manager. I stated that would be great to speak with a manager. So the employee hands over her buisness card and says you can call her. I call the managers number and left a message. The employee then states he could call the manager and I replied that he should since she will recognize the number that he is calling from and wouldn't you believe it,  she answered for his phone call. It was interesting how, when we complained and called the manager, they happened to find a small storage unit available. This is an unacceptable business practice. Sadly though they are into scamming people. Update. The manager did call and make things right.
7 months ago
edy urbizo
Some employees are extremely helpful. The access card to enter seems to be out of order more often than it does work, but that is minor. My storage unit is big and affordable.
10 months ago
Ezequiel Diaz
It is handy. Husband rented a pickup truck to haul his sailboat to the marina. Loved the brand new truck he got to use...salivated as his own truck is twelve years old now.
9 months ago
Brenton Thomas
Clean, (except for visible black box traps.) Large commercial elevator. Many flatbed hand trucks available to help you move your items easily. Office building has all the packing supplies, and a very clean restroom.
1 month ago
deborah zisko
Kaitlyn the new manager is leaps and bounds better than the outgoing management. Uhaul has regained my business but more importantly my trust. Highly recommend going to this location if you prefer friendly, fast and knowledgeable service!
10 months ago
Matthew Loesch
Went to uhaul & grabbed a few things from my storage unit. I heard scratching inside my TV box and inside was a Brazilian wandering spider, one of the most deadliest spider in the world, tag along to my new apartment from my storage unit. I have paid 207 dollars monthly for the storage and insurance. No one seemed concerned. Someone kept breaking into my unit and I informed them of this. But they were not concerned about that either. If this spider bites you,you will die in two hours. They are not from this part of the world so I doubt there is an antidote close enough to save the person bit. My insurance company Donegal refused to cover my property although they charge twice as much as most companies. I have not heard back from u hauls insurance. My everything I own is in this space and no one will do what is right. I was told by uhaul to go in and do one box at a time. I have lupus . That is not going to work. I guess even when you are covered your not. Oh yeah the spider had fangs like count Dracula. The exterminator I called refused the job. Hummm what to do.
7 months ago
Micah Vogel
Went there to get some propane, and they have great customer service. Propane is very reasonable there that's why I fill it up only there. Only about 13 bucks to go from empty to full
10 months ago
Priscilla Lee
Great service. Reasonable prices. Durable products.
8 months ago
Nasim Kari
Nothing but positive reviews for this Uhaul location. Really professional staff, in and iut with pick up and reurn really quickly, had no issues at all. Would definitely use again!
8 months ago
Chandrahas Naphade
Employees were extremely helpful and courteous. Very well run.
1 month ago
Rodney Harris
Very unprofessional. First, I ordered a uhaul and a u-box, they were supposed to keep the ubox there and I would load the truck and bring it back to load. I arrive and the truck has the u box attached! That wasn't such a big deal, but upon returning it, they said, "the ubox is empty right?" No it's not empty I had just picked an empty one up to load up a couple hours ago. Then the employee who was supposed to check me in was totally ignoring his obligations and flirting with a girl with minimal clothing on. Then when I asked for help, he blew up on me! Then was being a total jerk the whole time. Never coming back here!
3 weeks ago
Frank Sasso
Don't give you all you need to know over phone
9 months ago
tory meadows
Great quick service,,, very friendly staff
8 months ago
Sylvie Moreau
I was happy with it
8 months ago
Brian Pearson
Great customer service!!!
1 day ago
Christina Bambrick
Great employees, very helpful!
9 months ago
Justin Powers
Lazy staff, good facility
10 months ago
Marina Kevilovska
They are always there to help with anything
1 day ago
anthony picone
Great place to get Boxes for shipping
10 months ago
Jeff King
Not there
10 months ago
Kevin Sullivan
Good service
4 months ago
Garvin Golding
11 months ago
Richard Hernandez
1 day ago
Marcella Semone
6 months ago
gary parker
3 weeks ago
William Fakhoury
10 months ago
country cougar
1 month ago
Kyle Brykman
8 months ago

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