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Tractor dealer Franklin Tractor, 2221 US-411, Cartersville, GA 30121, United States: 23 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 2221 US-411, Cartersville, GA 30121, United States
Phone number: +1 770-382-6855

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Delia Shaw
Each star represents a universe of stars for those folks - too often I would imagine folks find themselves caught up in day to day grind, and with good intentions in mind, never stop to REALLY say THANK YOU! I found myself in a position in life whereby I needed to change up equipment and invest in something I could use without furthering my disabilities OR walk away from what I found to be one of the more rewarding and therapeutic activities - my land management. With that being said and over 50 years in the automotive trade, I was fully prepared to find myself taking a good lashing on my equipment trade in, along with "what are you looking to spend" attitude. In those years I have purchased six new tractors from various dealers from Tennessee, Michigan, Massachusetts, California, Alabama and New Jersey. and have never had a more rewarding experience that that of Franklin Tractor along with Heath my salesperson. I was given honest, pro's / con's to options and "just enough" detail to grasp a wealth of knowledge, in a patient, helpful, courteous manner, thereby minimizing my expenses to what I needed, not what brought in the largest revenue. For this I tip my hat to Heath, Franklin Tractor and New Holland. It would be pointless for me to praise the attributes of the equipment as I one would need to be very articulate and proficient in writing to convey the feeling of "stepping into another world" when seated and operating my latest purchase. The Powerstar 75 had proven itself within the first 10 hours to be one / if not most - luxurious, ergonomic, detailed, quite, comfortable, panoramic viewing, indicator lamp, interior / exterior lighting experiences of my life. Its puts one in the mind of "Learjet" if they made tractors - or mine might fly and I haven't found the button yet? Thank you so very very much for giving me a second chance of doing what I love the most, and not by modification of standards, merely the quality, engineering and insight that is the new standard by which all other should use as the reference point for much more than I am capable of conveying. Thanks Franklin Tractor, Heath, service, prep, delivery and all the folks responsible for getting a deal done - you folks are the best and I'm not new to this stuff, you folks are beyond reproach in ethics, procedures and more. Scott Anderson
1 week ago
dj knudson
Absolutely 100% do not recommend this place. I’ve dropped my 61inch diesel grasshopper mower off and it’s been there for over a month and still hasn’t been touched. I’ve tried calling them so I can go pick it up and take it somewhere else and now I can’t even get ahold of them. I will never be back here again period, and I will make sure everyone I know who deals with them hears about this!
9 months ago
Maria Witt
I've had multiple experiences with Franklin Tractor in both sales and service. Their customer service is top notch and they've completed my repairs for less money than I was quoted at their competitors. I highly recommend these guys!
8 months ago
sophia bansal
The service manager is a liar , two face and he will rip you off ! The mechanics are great, wish they would go work for a more reputable company. Take your equipment anywhere else but here and you will get a better price.
1 month ago
Colin Pagnoni
Excellent customer service. Jumped through hoops to get a tractor delivered quick at a great price. Wouldn't hesitate to come back.
10 months ago
dominique herbert
Watch this place they charge 30%-40% ABOVE retail for there parts ! Everybody s got to make $ but they are a ripoff, got to another dealer and compare there prices , you will be surprised how much you can save. Watch out for management too.
8 months ago
Tabby H
Just stopped in to see what services they provided, unfortunately they didn’t have what I was looking for. Very helpful staff.
4 months ago
Robert Anderson
Anytime we need to service or skid steers, need new parts, or need to buy new machines these are the guys we deal with.. they deserve 10 stars
6 months ago
JA Arbuckle
Daniel at Franklin Tractor provided excellent customer service start to finish . I purchased a Kioti CK3510 loader/backhoe unit with several implements. He was completely knowledgeable of the equipment and offered great advice and recommendations given my intended use of the equipment. 100% satisfied.
9 months ago
sobiya p
2 months ago
Laura Bauer
Very nice place to do business also a nice selection of equipment to choose from very helpful staff and very friendly staff I would highly recommend them to anyone.
7 months ago
Timothy McGlynn
7 months ago
Grace Wrzesinski
Thanks for being here guys! You are our go to for our new Holland skid steer.
10 months ago
Greg Chase
Not friendly
8 months ago
Big Dog
10 months ago
emmanuel nkengla
10 months ago
Randy Waller
6 months ago
Paul Peczon
7 months ago
Timothy Mullins
6 months ago
9 months ago
Bruce Rape
10 months ago
Sam Konzen
4 months ago
Nicholas Morris
9 months ago

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