Center for Changing Lives

Social services organization Center for Changing Lives, 1955 N St Louis Ave #101, Chicago, IL 60647, United States: 21 review of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Center for Changing Lives
Rate: 4.1
Address: 1955 N St Louis Ave #101, Chicago, IL 60647, United States
Phone number: +1 773-342-6210

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 41.9172141
Longitude: -87.7133996

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Chester Sulborski
I'm just receiving services. It's a non-profit organization that help with career, financial, and housing goals. All the help I been receiving is awesome and has been more than I expected.
6 months ago
This is wonderful place!!! They help people in all aspects!!! Job searches, financial management, housing etc etc I'm grateful I happened upon them!! Never be THAT proud to seek help. This place tries to do just that!!! HELP
8 months ago
Gail Devereaux
Good place to get financial coaching and learn to hold on to your money...
7 months ago
GuruPrasad Rathinakumar
What a great organization, and way to actually help people in need. Helping people with education, living arrangements, tools to find work, etc... It's nice to see that you can see the progress of the people you help. I'm going to volunteer here, because of this fact.
9 months ago
Mike McEwan
They are very helpful and love helping people thou need to make an apt no one is seen with one.
4 months ago
Victor Torres
they're very helpful and won't want you to get a job
7 months ago
Derek Loose
Great Center to support the community. Employment, financial, housing and resources coaching available to anyone over 18 and with a goal in mind.
1 week ago
Karen Cumming
Excellent non-profit organization. Offers training and assistance in multiple situations
11 months ago
Stefan Fusar
They are helped with the resume to but all the help they promised finding me a job in never falling happen
9 months ago
Jason Mills
Extremely helpful for people who need to get back to work.
4 months ago
Shanna Gibson
Great got a free divvy account here!
8 months ago
Robert Hills
The center for changing lives is helping me a lot
4 months ago
Scott Hasbrouck
Go place, good people.
7 months ago
Ashley Skenandore
Don't go for job training!
7 months ago
Mihaela Velniciuc
Just more shameless poverty pimps working the non-profit for big profits angle.
4 months ago
Jennifer Monsarrat
They doing good work
4 months ago
Janice Jones
Excellent financial counseling organization
8 months ago
Tina Ma
Very helpful and caring.
9 months ago
Deb Stiles
Start of a new life.
3 weeks ago
Mariela Quintero
Good place
5 months ago
Tommy Hicks
Esta organización social tiene servicios muy peculiares. Te ayudan con todo loq ue tiene que ver con tus finanzas. Te arreglan tu crédito, te enseñan el hábito del ahorro, la administración de tarjetas de crédito. Pero además está avalados por HUD en sus talleres para primeros compradores de casa. Este trayecto de comprar casa es fácil cuando alguien te lleva de la mano. Ellos lo hacen, muchos amigos y yo hmos tomado ventaja de sus servicios. Por ello le doy un 5 estrellas, además GRATIS LOS SERVICIOS
1 month ago

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