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HVAC contractor Wilson Heating, Air & Plumbing, 10528 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218, United States: 18 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 10528 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218, United States
Website: wilsonsvc.com
Phone number: +1 214-655-2665

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Евгений Мясников
$150.00 weekend/after hours charge - understandable.. $365.00 capacitor part charge - I don't know; the one replaced cost $16.95 at various supply houses.
10 months ago
Аня Бельтюкова
Wilson replaced RUUD AC 5 years ago. Stopped cooling in May. Came out and put stop leak in it as said RUUD coils leak. We were not told this when we let them replace the unit 5 years ago OR we would have bought another brand. Just talked to Melissa.. she said will have tech out this afternoon for $99 and tech would tell us how much more to fix the RUUD AC as they do not honor Wilson's warranty. Tech in May said Steve Wilson is still in company. Declined...
8 months ago
Мария Ярошенко
They tried to sell me an air handling system that I didn't need in the Summer of 2011 that I did not need. The service tech was so lazy that he didn't even bother to put the side panels back on the outside A/C unit. Use anybody else besides this company.
7 months ago
Антон Изотов
My step dad needed a new unit. They showed up on a HOT July Friday night and we had cool air by Saturday afternoon.
8 months ago
Антон Румянцев
My heater wasn't working and it's 30 degrees outside. They gave me an appointment time for 3:30, so I made sure I was home by 3:15. An hour later I called their office since no one had arrived. They said someone had come by my house around 2:30 and no one was home. They offered to have someone else come out, but would be charged an "emergency" rate, or wait until Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. I have used them for 7 years, but never again.
9 months ago
Денис Нескребин
Had a leak under my sink. The service person was so courteous and knowledgable about the Issue. Fixed it fast with a smile. I would recommend this service person to everyone.
9 months ago
Сергей Шарафиев
Have used Wilson twice now and had a great experience both times. The office staff is very friendly and their installers are the best. We got our last unit for a few hundred less than what another local company quoted and it is still running like a champ! Highly recommended for anyone needing air conditioning in Frisco. Thanks guys!!!
10 months ago
Игорь Панцырный
Tyron went the extra mile to fix our hot water heater. He took it completely apart, found the issue then fixed the part by hand. It was hot in my attic and he worked with quickly and efficiently. Thank you, Tyron!
8 months ago
Гордей Грановский
My friend Ashlee recommended this plumbing company to me and it turned out to be a great recommendation. They replaced my old hot water heater with a new tankless model and I have not had any issues it since they installed it in mid-November. Great job!
6 months ago
Юля Шестакова
Wilson installed a new heating and cooling system last summer. The old a/c went out one day and Wilson had us up and running the next day! Prompt, affordable service. Their service contract is very reasonable and response to issues is immediate. I'd recommend them to anyone.
1 month ago
Ольга Дэвидсон
Great place - solid people and reasonable prices
7 months ago
Кира Просто
In trying to cut down the noise on our AC, my husband noticed that when they replaced our unit 7 years ago they covered up our other air return with a metal plate, which probably has contributed to our lack of cooling in the front part of …
4 months ago
Татьяна Радченко
Wilson installed a new system for 2 floors in past 2 years. Spent major bucks. Now I have what appears to be black mold covering the ceiling outlets both upstairs and down. Their technician came out and after several minutes advised he …
1 month ago
Анастасия Менгель
I have used Wilson for heating, AC and Plumbing since 2008. I have always been pleased with the service they provide. Today my upstairs thermostat went bad and Jimmy Collazo replaced it with no charge to me. I like Wilson for many …
2 months ago
Елена Музалевская
We have used Wilson since they started many years ago. They handle all of our plumbing, air conditioning and heating work. We had our A/C and heating units replaced about three years ago with the inside units moved into the attic. All …
6 months ago
Artem Cntgfyjd
We have used Wilson for years -- primarily for heating and air. Then I called Wilson for a plumbing problem and found that they had to redo the work of another plumber in order to fix my problem. So now they are our primary plumbers, too. …
1 month ago
Стас Харитонов
I took off work for an 8am to noon arrival block. Called three times and was told each time that Plummer would be at house in 45 minutes. Finally cancelled at 2:30pm. I then called Baker Brothers and received a very quick arrival (30 min) …
11 months ago
Юля Рогачёва
What happened to your company, Mr. Wilson? I wouldn't say that they're fast... maybe more like half-fast. 0 Stars would be more appropriate for the way this company handled their business. I wish I had told my parents to check out Yelp …
2 weeks ago

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