Peterson Park Health Care Center

Rehabilitation center Peterson Park Health Care Center, 6141 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60646, United States: 47 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Peterson Park Health Care Center
Rate: 4.0
Address: 6141 N Pulaski Rd, Chicago, IL 60646, United States
Phone number: +1 773-478-2000

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 41.9931015
Longitude: -87.7285695

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Noel Aspenwall
My sister was there, and it was very difficult to reach the nurse's station. I was told by the reception center that no one answers the phone until after 11am, that's when they finish passing out medications. When you are lucky enough to get a nurse, they are rushing you off the phone. I was always told my sister was doing fine, even just before she passed. I kept asking questions, which the nurse seemed as though she did not want to answer. I called the Director, Rachel, to express my concerns about the nurses' conflicting answers to my questions, but she never called me back . I insisted that someone would come to check on my sister and I was told I had to schedule an appointment. Her daughter went to see her, and she was told she could not see, and she insisted on seeing her, and my sister passed minutes after she entered her room. THIS IS A DISGRACE!!
6 days ago
Hector Anguiano
The stay here was great! Everyone was very helpful. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone that needs any care. I would like to mention nawang, marco and hailey for taking such great care of me during my stay.
9 months ago
Amanda MacPherson
My stay was only 3 days but 3 days with very nice staff and they were right on time with my medications and everyone was so nice from the bottom to the top a very good rehab place I would definitely come again if the need arises
10 months ago
Maria Molina
My mom stayed there for one month and seven days Wound Care staff and Physical Therapy are fantastic ???? ????
4 months ago
Seth Johnson
2 months ago
Morgan Hillan
I came here for rehabilitation for diabetic neuropathy. I spent three months here and had absolutely no problems with most of the staff. If I have to recommend a place for physical therapy I will definitely recommend Peterson Park. The only reason it did not rate five stars is because of the food, and a few problems with certain members of the nursing staff. The therapists here are great. I cannot believe how wonderful Christine, Sasha, Oliver and the other therapists are. Jennifer and many of the CNA's under her also made my stay very pleasant. They include Jalissa, Joy, Brenda, Nawang, Hayley, Peggy, Julian, Jaide, Yohanna, Alice, Denise, Rikki, Lecyiah,Millie and Justine as well as a number of others. The best nurses were Elana, Janet, Mona, Juan, Noel, Mo, Aiden and Nicoletta. Others were Lisa (reception), Roberto (reception), Mimi (social worker), Isaac ( administrator), Kit, and last but certainly not least Isaiah (the multitasker) who kept me laughing with his sense of humor. While there were some problems with certain staff members, all those listed treated me with kindness and respect. And I feel they deserve some recognition for it. I came here to get better and I did. Thank you. Editor's note: Isaac the administrator asked me if I would change my review to 5 stars instead of 4,if I had a great meal prepared by the kitchen. I found out you can talk to the kitchen or Peter the man in charge if you need to for dietary concerns. This was a truly great last lunch here. Thank you Isaac and Peter.
2 days ago
Got there couldn't walk,couldn't use the bathroom by myself,Thanks to the Nursing,Rehab,Restoreactive,all the staff,i got out of there walking with a walker that they provide,the whole staff works very hard,the Nurses,CNA's,the activities Ladies,everybody!!!,is an A Plus +++++ good nursing home,they keep you busy with stuff to do,bingo,bowling,volleyball,loteria{Hispanic Lotto},crafts and stuff,Daisy always have a calendar full of stuff to do,the Chef Peter always have some good and plenty food,Mariah,the director,always come and check on you,in conclusion it was a 100% good experience,Thank you!!!
3 months ago
Anderson Prabhu
I cannot say enough good things about this building. The staff are hard working, loving, and responsive to needs. My grandmother was here for years and I couldn’t imagine have putting her somewhere else. Management has been responsive to my needs, and they always have an open door. Put your family here and you won’t regret it!
6 months ago
Desiree Hughes
My uncle was here for a short term stay and loved it. The management is very efficient and responsive, and the nurses are great! Wound care at the building is the best around. Thank you Peterson!
6 months ago
The staff was caring, attentive and always available to consult and create solutions when I had my concerns. They had activities throughout the week and the staff all knew their patients. will be forever grateful for the partnership i felt from PP. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing their services!
7 months ago
Claudette Turner
Had a great experience with mom here. Staff were kind and did a good job. They followed up on all concerns and they are very empathetic.
5 months ago
Jasper Reis
Admittedly, I've edited this review two other times and have been really positive, then got mad and was really negative. But, I think that speaks to family not ever loving the position they may find themselves when they have to make a decision about a nursing home and entrusting people you don't know with one of your most loved possessions. We want to make sure our loved ones are provided with the nursing care and emotional support that they deserve. None of this is easy, and we just want to do what's best. Ultimately though, the staff are the hardest working bunch of caregivers and providers I've ever met and we have collectively worked together over time. Could there be more staff? Sure...that's true of most facilities. Are there things that are frustrating? At times. Could communication be improved upon? That's a truth of life. But you need to be an advocate for your loved one and talk with the staff and follow up. The administration and all departments of staff have been responsive and have come to learn my whole family when we visit. They all care very much and have made a hard situation better.
6 months ago
Truly an amazing staff. The admissions lady was very helpful from the initial tour to when we finally decided to bring my mom here. The DON and Administrator were both very helpful with any concern I had, and the line staff specifically Jinhee and Maria were both amazing. Hardest working people I have ever seen. Bring your family here!!
7 months ago
Sunil chandak
This is honestly the best nursing home I’ve ever been to. I’ve volunteered there and the nurses are honestly very caring and energetic when it comes to caring for the residents. They are always very welcoming and have great energy. The staff are very well experienced and the building is organized in the way in which sections are run. Such a great nursing home!
10 months ago
Steven Daggett
Excellent wound care. They worked a miracle on severe wounds. Cherrie, Yesenia and the rest of the wound care staff were great. They were kind, attentive and considerate.
4 months ago
Phil Flynn
The morning staff was excellent and took care of us in our time of need. But the night staff I felt they didn’t want to communicate with us at all about my aunt and what was going on in her last moments and keep pushing us out of the room when we notice she passed away. Instead of giving us this moment to be with her! I would NEVER suggest this place to anyone! NOT ONLY THAT they gave me the clothes she wore back with pee and feces let on it! Didn’t even try to wash the shirt! That is so disrespectful to the grieving family!
7 months ago
Rayan Wehbe
My Grandmother was there for years and the facility and staff was excellent! The staff is very caring and consistent! I was able to get updates from the nurses regularly on how she was doing. Prior to being at Peterson Park Healthcare, she bounced around from facility to facility.... thank GOD for Peterson Park, she was so happy with the care and the staff! I would highly recommend Peterson Park to all!
4 months ago
Briana Wilson
Kind staff nice to me and my mom. have great managers building is really clean.
8 months ago
chris burton
Building is very clean and smells nice. Lots of staff and everyone is very friendly. Therapy was very helpful!
6 months ago
hated working here staff treated me like dirt when I start working here the lady Jennifer discriminated against me telling me it was a problem with my shoes which I was sent home for a few days she never encouraged me and made me feel welcome I did a tna program and left Peterson and is now at symphony everybody is very welcoming staff friendly and environment, with no drama taking great care of the older people
5 months ago
J iffy
Great staff and good care. We loved Peterson Park and would return if needed
6 months ago
Steve Osterholz
The staff are friendly and hard working. Not only did my grandfather feel at home at this facility, but he always told us how much this staff made him feel like family! 10/10 would recommend!!
1 month ago
Taylor Olszewski
Great woundcare team and rehab. Nice people and clean
7 months ago
Virginia Sugiura
My father Lev Rubinov was transferred to the facility on November 30, 2019 and is under care of Peterson Park Care Center at the present time. In general, the care this facility is prividing more than satisfactory, but I want to single out the person I am working closely on daily basis. Her name is Vanessa Lee. In my opinion she works above and beyong of her line of duties. All my masseges returned in a timely manner, all requests are satisfied to the best of her ability and within the policy of the facility. Me and my family want to express sincerere appreciation. to all personnel and expecially to Vanessa Lee. Isabel Rachman
6 months ago
William Keller
Peterson Park has a great staff and is very well run! All of our families concerns were addresed right away. The boss is always available to help out if you need anything.
4 months ago
Jerome Olaloye
great place for my momma. food is good and staff is very nice. highly recommend this place!
6 months ago
staff and management there are great. was able to come get the help when I needed it than go back home with family thanks guys!
6 months ago
Tammy Nelson
My experience with the staff had been positive. Very professional with great follow through, keep up the great work that you do Peterson Park!!
10 months ago
Emma MacLean
Liked Peterson as a whole
9 months ago
Philip King
Staff are hard working and truly amazing. Very responsive management.
7 months ago
Jordan Gladu
If you are the heir of a rich relative that you're sick and tired of and you want him locked up so he can't get out, drugged, and killed in hospice before he changes his mind, this is the place for you! Laws mean nothing to these people. But if you really love your relative, keep them safe at home and for sure never come within a mile of this place.
4 months ago
Alex Bagnasco
I recently went to visit my aunt who is unfortunately at this facility and I was completely appalled. The stench is unacceptable. I have NEVER been to a nursing facility that stunk so badly. The facility was understaffed. There was clearly not enough staff and the staff that works there could not care less about the residents. It's sad and it's pathetic. Residents are in distress and the staff just allows them to remain that way. I cannot believe that the state has not stepped in and shut this dump down. The food from what I experienced was disgusting and far from healthy. There is no supervisor or supervisory figure in the building after 11pm. I suppose ownership is so cheap and this is why the place is worse than a dump. In order to get staff you must pay them. The CNA staff is horrible. I suggest you look elsewhere for better trained and caring CNAs. Some residents get so ill and do not get the care that they require and end up dying. So basically, this place is killing its residents. Hopefully a spot opens up for my aunt at another facility that I have looked that so that she doesn't have to endure the lack of caring and attention that she and all of the residents deserve. Oh and by the looks of the reviews, ownership already knows there are serious issues. If your employees are miserable how do you expect them to take care of your residents?
11 months ago
Robert Ward
Great Place!!! Staff very nice and know what theyre doing!!
8 months ago
david brotherton
Peterson Park Health Care Center is place of family and freinds. The commintment of every staff member from every department is unbelievable. The kindness, team work and compassion is astonishing. You relatives, freinds or any of your loved ones will be touched by the special people who are delegated to serve you at Peterson Park Healh Care Center.
1 month ago
It gives very excellent service. I like it so much.
10 months ago
Loyd Gitari
It's clean and they truly help family's.
8 months ago
Ferris Zaugg
Great place and great people
6 months ago
Alan Harriman
They don't treat their employees right. They fire people for the slightest thing that could have been fixed. They don't care if you've worked there for long; they will fire you for the smallest mistake.
4 months ago
James Pavey
nice staff love the Director of Nursing and Human resources
4 months ago
Horrible experience when trying to seek information regarding their facility. The gentlemen in admissions was short, rude, and as I was mid sentence, he literally hung up the phone on me. Will not be recommending this place.
8 months ago
Martha Diaz
Co-workers polite
7 months ago
Hard Mix
Not a good place to work and people that work there are rude . Would not recommended no one to work here
4 months ago
William Donahue
The adminstration will treat this rate and review like they treat clients and staff, it doesn't matter what you say.
8 months ago
Raymond Ortiz
Very good!
6 months ago
Ram Prakash
Place sucks a** .
10 months ago
Rigo Salinas
그녀가 물리 치료를 필요로 할 때 이것은 어머니를위한 훌륭한 장소였습니다! 나는 그것을 매우 추천한다!
7 months ago
Mario Parlev
muy buen lugar el personal es muy agradable y atento
6 months ago

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