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Dry cleaner Dinsmore Cleaners & Launderers, 740 Adams St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, United States: 68 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 740 Adams St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, United States
Website: dinsmorecleaners.net
Phone number: +1 612-379-2277

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Khalid Zaffar
I’ve been getting my clothes dry cleaned at Dinsmore for 10+ years and have been very happy with how they turn out. Their service is quick, they do a thorough job, and if they cannot get a stain out, which is rare, they are upfront about it. Love getting my coats cleaned in the spring time prior to storing for the next season. Haven’t used the laundromat but seems to be clean and kept up well. There are a LOT of washers and dryers available for use. I recommend you give them a try - support NE small businesses!
7 months ago
Bianca Clarke
I went to wash one blanket and come out wet blanket not even rinse off i even pay extra rinse and heavy soil. I told to the lady that works there and she's said we can't refound you its your problem. The machines are old. They don't work right. They should get new machines. Even the dryer machine are rip off.
10 months ago
Tara Weeks
This is the BEST laundromat I have ever been to. It's THE ONLY place I will do my laundry at. The staff is EXTREMELY FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL.
7 months ago
Karen Cartee
Really fast and friendly service for dry cleaning! In and out in 2 minutes and the gal helping me was so sweet!
8 months ago
s russo
This place is the best place to get your laundry done these people are rock
6 months ago
Richard Otten
I was harassed by an attendant who seemed to have a problem with me the moment I walked in, she checked every single washer I used. Was told I overloaded my washers and was forced to use a washer for 6 items (which now caused it to be unbalanced) the blanket I was washing I had to reload to another washer that was 8 bucks and across the laundromat and mind you the blanket is completely wet and now there is water everywhere, the attendant is watching me and smiling while I try to load this blanket in to the laundry cart with wheels. Now she proceeds to tell everyone it was my fault (blanket fit fine in the washer btw) my leather boots are now ruined. Horrible experience today, sad because I normally wash clothes here and now I won't, the attendants reply "Good"
10 months ago
Shawn Harding
Sure would feel better if the staff wanted to comply with state ordinance and wear masks.
10 months ago
Ana A
Not one person wearing a mask, no Covid safety in place. Don't go here if you don't want to get coronavirus. Seriously, how hard would it be to set out hand sanitizer and require masks as per the city law? When people are coming to the laundromat it's likely because we have to because we don't have anywhere else to clean our clothes, we shouldn't have to choose between clean clothes and coronavirus.
10 months ago
Lisa Wise
Dropped off a rug to be cleaned. Misquoted the price over the phone and then denied it. Said it would be done in a week, and when I called back they said they lost it. I recommend going to a more professional cleaner
1 month ago
Merv Matthew
Dry cleaner and laundry mat. I use the wash dry fold service for my clients
8 months ago
Bee Marie
Love them!
7 months ago
Keri YoungBear
Horrible service. When I called to express my frustration, the woman who answered the phone just said "ok." Not "I'm sorry for your experience," not "could you give me more details to pass onto my manager," not "how could we do better?" Just "ok," and "I don't really know how to respond to that." Don't waste your time here; there are much better and more courteous cleaners available.
4 days ago
Michael Jackson
So so helpful. I had no idea what I was doing. Amazing staff
9 months ago
Tony Calabrese
Did a great job of getting "ring around the collar" from a favorite cream-colored jacket. Neighborhood staple and connected to a laundromat with the big machines.
6 months ago
Griselda Reyes
The lady working there was very rude and ignorant this lady wanted laundry soap so the lady gives her the cheapest one but she didn't want that kind said she wanted tide and she said that's expensive like the woman couldn't afford it anyways they need to learn how customer service... I will never wash there again. I give it a zero star only got 1 because I can't write a review without giving it any stars.!!!
7 months ago
Ernest Casey
You can get in and get out in about an hour - there are plenty of machines for all size washes. A clean place with chairs and tables. Had my down comforter dry cleaned last fall as well. One knock is that they could replace a few plastic chairs which have cracks in them. I wouldn't want to be the one who gets a leg or cheek pinched in one.
6 months ago
Viviana Zanardi
My new fav place
2 months ago
LifeTimeValue LLC
Machines are different sizes and qualities with prices to match your budget. Soap and change machines onsite. Big place. Not crowded! Gas station across the street for coffee and snacks.
8 months ago
Casey Hoffman
Good location
1 week ago
Ariel Cabreraz
2 days for a shirt that only looked like they ironed it. Took it to another cleaners and its white again. I feel they can do better or try harder.
10 months ago
Son Lee
The worst laundromat ever dirty the cheapest sometimes all your money never go there
7 months ago
Brynn C
It's an old place. I've been going there for a few months, and my last visit was my last. A few of the wash machines looked like it had ground coffee where the soap goes. Washers need updating I told one of the attendants some of my coin was unaccounted for. She asked if I put the exact change in. I said yes. She told me to put what it says at that moment after I already put that same amount (75 cents left over), and said there isnt a way for me to check. The coin button didn't reverse and I didn't get extra coins from them. I watched someone else get their coin stuck in the soap dispenser machine, and that attendant supplied the customer with coin. ????????????????
6 months ago
Chere Rinehart
Good place 2 wash your clothes
7 months ago
Rickie McKillip
Charged $70.99 for 2 comforters and small load of whites. They wouldn't say the price upfront, so I mistakenly trusted them. They assured me later that "this was my fault for having assumed a price". I suppose they're right. They said it was $10 a load and had to wash each comforter twice. I assume that's $50, guess I better check my math.
1 month ago
Errol Loanzon
I've been a happy customer of Dinsmore Cleaners for years. I've always found Mary Beth and the other staff both friendly and efficient unless they're dealing with problem customers (and there are some!) Although they've sometimes warned me my cleaning may not turn out, they've always managed it. I also take my alterations there, and the seamstress has done an excellent job. The oversized washers and dryers are a Godsend when I need to wash things like pillows, bedspreads, and sleeping bags that are too big for my home machines. The owner, Jean, Is very accessible, and very willing to handle any problem or complaints I have if Mary Beth isn't around. I'd recommend Dinsmore to anyone!
6 months ago
Lauren J
Prices seem kind of high 2 wash big loads love 2&1 service cleaners n wash ur own clothes!
10 months ago
Diego Saenz
I always have a good experience here. I bring my heavy load stuff here because I am protective of my washer-dryer in my apartment. Very nice staff and the other patrons just appear to be so nice - to eachother too! I thought Spanish men were supposed to be too macho to help their women - that's never been true at Dinsmore. I've been a satisfied customer for 9 years.
10 months ago
eric coates
This place has really gone down hill in the last few months. Three issues = Three Strikes - You're Out! Issue 1: Lost shirt, had to wait forever while they went through every shirt in the place to find it. At that time the lady said if they can't find it I have to wait until someone brings it back. No offer of compensation for the loss. Issue 2: Picked up laundry the plastic wrap was covered in grease from the overhead gantry system. WTH grease and clothes do not mix. Issue 3: Lost pants. Asked the manager what their policy was to make it right. She stated they have no policy, I have to wait for them to find them. Her attitude was appalling, she was confrontational, had a "I'm doing you a favor" by looking attitude. I choose to buy expensive clothes for work, I need to look my best. I also try to support local businesses where at all possible. I'm done with Dinsmore. They need to work on their customer service, but when the manager has as bad an attitude as she does I can't see that cascading into great customer service by the rest of the staff.
3 months ago
Kaitlyn Hicks
Am going this place more than 4 years, just for drying mot washing.
3 days ago
Abigail Karanja
Love this place! Not too many creeps hanging about trying to steal your undergarments.
9 months ago
Brendan Carey
I went here today to wash a bunch of laundry. The staff was friendly and helpful. The facilities are clean. The change machines were all out of order, but the cashier helped me exchange my cash for change at the register. I overall had a very good experience. I am surprised to read about all the bad experiences people have had, because it was a MUCH better laundromat than others I've encountered (including a roach-infested one in Duluth).
6 months ago
Tattooartist Dutch
Overall it's a decent place to do your laundry.
6 months ago
Luciana Prieto
Don't go to this laundry unless u want a bad experience. Terrible service, staff are really rude. my first time going there and the last one! the lady with the name Terry was in a bad mood ever since I got there I let her know that the machine where my clothes was wasn't working and with a really bad attitude she said she couldn't refund my money or do anything about it I'm really upset because of the way I was treated. I honestly think they should change all the staff there, and if they don't I honestly think is not worth going there. If I could rate this negative one start i would of done it.
10 months ago
Mike Merulla
You can do your laundry here. :)
9 months ago
Cindy Engert
Nice place
3 months ago
TJ Henkel
Usually clean and not too busy on the weekend. The employees are always patient and helpful. Glad to have it so close to home.
10 months ago
Hakeem Romance
They're the best!
7 months ago
Mohammed Salih
I can't recommend this business. I took several shirts in for laundering and pressing. All the collars came back pressed so that the right side was higher than the left, and when I pointed it out to the clerk she just shrugged. She took the plastic off to look at them closer, and then I notices that one of the shirt had been ripped where at the right shoulder seam. She asked if the shirt was like that when I dropped it off, I said no, she said "well, if you say so..." and then said they would fix that. When I came back to get the repaired shirt, there was a charge of almost $16.00 for the repair. No notes in their system that they'd done the damage in the first place. I left the shirt and asked that the manager call me. I never got a call. When I finally called again, the manager was very short with me and acted as if I was being unreasonable. She took $5 off the cost and said that that was the best she could do. I needed the shirt, so I paid the cost, but they'll never get any of my business again.
10 months ago
It was a drycleaning nightmare. I gave them 3 chances. The location continuously ruined dress shirts by pressing wrinkles into them. Crooked sewing on a suit jacket button with the wrong colored thread, like it was an attempt at abstract art. Missed deadline once. Refused to rework anything or offer a remedy for damaging my drycleaning.
3 days ago
rosa santamaria
Brought a dress in (not a particularly dirty one by the way) and it cost over $35 to have cleaned. There was no beading that would make it a difficult job. Additionally, the woman working the register was friendly enough, but had no idea how to use the register and spent over 10-15 ringing up the transaction.
2 days ago
Sarah Mason
It's a laundry mat. Nothing too crazy. It's always clean and the staff is friendly. It would be awesome if they upgraded their machines with credit card swipers.
9 months ago
Nancy Weinstein
Quiet and clean...wish they had AC
9 months ago
Amando Jerez
This is by far the WORST place I have ever been to. The manager Lori told me to use a front loading washer for a blanket I did that and the machine didn't spin it out all the way. It was drenching wet. She would not refund my money and was very rude about it. She wanted me to use the seven dollar washer for one twin sized blanket. All staff is stuck up and rude
6 months ago
Robert Hammond
My shirts were done when they said they would be. I asked for a bobby pin to gold togeather my cuff and they sewed it for free. I will be coming here regularly!
2 months ago
Brad Tully
Bad hours old machines dryer took my change worker seemed indifferent wouldn't give me change for a dollar coin to finish drying after I spent more paper paper money on their overpriced dirty old machines much better Options avoid if possible
4 days ago
Phil Lopez
Do not waste your time with this place!!! destroyed my sweater and jacket and every time I asked them for my money back they avoided it!! They have had my jacket for over two weeks now and still haven't fixed it! altered the color of my jacket and gave it back twice with stains on the back and tried to act like they did not know where they came from!! complete rip off! no one go to the sad ass dry cleaning place tucked behind the dental clinic unless you want clothes to throw away.
6 months ago
Ciara D
This place has a washing machine (at least 1) that steals your money. I asked to be refunded and was refused. Rudely. Quite rudely. I am shaking as i write. They lost a customer today. Furthermore, a few months ago I had clothes ruined in a drying machine due to something sharp in the tumbler. My gonzo t shirt was ripped.
3 months ago
First time there, a chatty drunken young lady was making the rounds trying to be everyone's friend. I asked the woman at the counter to step in when the drunken young lady started hassling some Somali women by asking them questions about their religion, if they felt comfortable in the U.S. and other seemingly benign, yet potentially volatile/offensive questions. The woman behind the counter was too meek to step in. All she did was walk past the drunk and glare at her. I only stepped in when the drunk started asking me stupid questions. I said to her, "Please don't talk to me." She called me racist for the remainder of the time I was there. Whatever. She should have been asked to leave. Gave it a shot a second time: they don't take dollar coins. As in, the machines don't accept them--including the change machine. Maybe other laundromats don't either, but the woman behind the counter wouldn't give me quarters in exchange. Said her boss told her not to accept legal freaking tender. I'd give it a third shot only out of desperation to clean my quilts. Other than that, clean, quiet. No TV (wanted to watch Packer/Viking game), but radio playing softly in back ground.
4 months ago
Ulmasjon Islamov
Rude condescending staff. Each time I come in, a machine, coin vending, dryer is broke but the staff acts like the customer is incompetent. If you just put a knife in the slot like so.....see everything works great.
2 months ago
Rosalind Powell
I've been going there for years and never had any problems.
6 months ago

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