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Thrift store ThriftWorks!, 310 Sundial Dr, Waite Park, MN 56387, United States: 38 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 310 Sundial Dr, Waite Park, MN 56387, United States
Phone number: +1 320-257-2920

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Kris Castle
A great variety of all sorts of stuff. Clothing for men women children. Kids toys. Furnishings. Books. Antiques. Kitchen supplies like dishes Etc. decorations for your house. And lots more. I highly recommend going there. And the prices are great. And they have sales, everything's tagged with different color tags and on different days certain things are half off or whatever deal it is that they have that day. These two books are 113 years old. I just bought them the other day. One was 1.50 and the other one was $4
4 months ago
Jessiclaire Wolf
we had a wonderful time in the store. its so neat and roomie. Nice things. we'll be shopping again. my second time in this store. I got so many things. my friend did too.
10 months ago
Chuck Gingerich
This was my 2nd visit to ThriftWorks! I'm impressed. The place is clean, well organized, not cluttered and has good lighting. Both times the staff was friendly and helpful. I will certainly return again ☺️
5 months ago
Angela Mulkerin
Went in there for the first time just to browse. They have the sweetest people working and their selection is the greatest I’ve seen at any thrift store. Definitely will be stopping in routinely
7 months ago
Lee Sanders
Love shopping here, no crowd and they have very reasonably priced items. The sales clerk's are very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this store.
7 months ago
Tina Johnson
The staff is always so helpful and great. Super clean store with lots of good stuff to look through.
6 months ago
Amy Aliazzo
Nice clean store. Always new items and very reasonable price vith a friendly staff.
8 months ago
Sam Dish
Great little thrift store with great prices and the proceeds help a great organization.
7 months ago
Dharmoraxatiraxitaha Official
Will often have a ridiculously well stocked section of stuff you may or may not need. Can be a lifesaver if it is stuff you need
9 months ago
Shreesh Tiwari
Love this thrift store. Many unique things available. Very clean and organized. Wear a mask to shop.
11 months ago
Adam Golden
Great treasures! Good staff!
7 months ago
Josh Yuksel
Love this store and the prices! Always great and friendly workers too!
10 months ago
Ben K
Friendly workers. Great finds. Small prices. Love shopping here!
6 months ago
Jondeau Kassim
Outstanding finds, great prices, very friendly staff and super organized
10 months ago
Subhash Prabhakar
Love this store, does ANYONE know why it hasn't reopened yet it June 10th 2020
2 months ago
Holly Turner
Small but reasonable prices.
8 months ago
Harlem Swagger
Always clean and organized. Never know what you're gonna find. Goes to a good cause.
5 months ago
Michael Duntz
One of my favorite thrift stores in town! Well organized and high quality merchandise. I have found many good finds here: a Vera Barley bag, bath and body works candles, a super cute bedside lamp, and much more! I love how they support people within the community who have disabilities. Makes me proud to shop there and know that I am supporting a local business that gives back. Also, don't forget to look for those 50% off coupons in the St. Cloud Times or on the back of Coborns receipts!
10 months ago
They always have such fun things there and there prices are great. I like going there
4 months ago
Marley Nicholls
I enjoy shopping at Trift Works. It is clean and we'll organized. It benefits people with disabilities which is such a worthwhile cause. I also am thrilled that they have discount coupons.
4 months ago
Xavier Dias
Beautifully organized 2nd hand store with a fantastic staff. Unlike other thrift stores this one is not over crowded or cluttered in the least. They have dishes, clothes, housewares, toys, and shoes. There is a section of seasonal merchandise that is impeccably displayed and changes as our holidays come and go. The prices are great!
10 months ago
Mike Buehneman
They have a pretty good variety of women's clothing. The toys weren't that great. They have home decor and accessories. The prices are average for a thrift store in this area. There was a 25 percent discount for students/military/elderly the day I went in. I spent $17 on designer jeans a baby dress and a toy truck.
1 day ago
Richard Chance
They always have new items coming out and at such amazing prices! The staff are all so nice and happy. I love going there to get great deals and always have such a positive shopping experience! I would highly recommend it to anyone!
11 months ago
Deb Tiji
Kid clothes and toys are always inexpensive and very well priced. There are great deals and new deals every day. Fantastic place to shop!
4 months ago
Jennie Florez
Be sure to grab a monthly specials calendar, available in the foyer. Check the back of your Coborn's receipt for 50% off coupons.
6 months ago
Jenny Leigh
Its a cool store with some fun things. Perfect place for someone getting there first place.
8 months ago
Cody Collins
Best thrift store I've been to!
8 months ago
Brooke Limperis
Lots of sales, 50% off coupons for donating, and reasonable prices. Offers a drive-through donation area. Their profit goes directly into Wacosa programs that benefit our community, rather than going to corporate overhead like chain thrift stores. Only negative thing to mention is that it's a small store compared to others in the area (which means fewer big items like furniture and a somewhat smaller selection), and the check out will sometimes take a little while on a busy day because there is only one register. Even considering this, I stop here instead of Goodwill or Savers almost any time I go thrifting. They have made the best of the space they've got, and there's always something new to check out. It's always worth the trip!
10 months ago
Cleanest, most organized thrift store I've been in. Loved my visit. Very good prices too.
7 months ago
Minh Nguyen
Such a clean, organized thrift store..everything is nicely displayed and well priced....
10 months ago
Lynn Heaney
Small place but got some fun stuff! Spent $120
7 months ago
Gurpreet Dhaliwal
Small, but nice...good prices & sales and money goes to a good cause right in the local neighborhood.
9 months ago
advance gamer
Great deals, very well organized and friendly. I will return☺
4 months ago
Andres Lopez
ThriftWorks! is the best thrift store in the greater St. Cloud area. The staff are friendly and helpful, and they always have awesome finds. I can feel good about spending money here because all of the proceeds go to WACOSA and their mission to serving individuals with disabilities in our community.
1 month ago
keven higgins
Good used stuff for a good price and I like where the profit goes
10 months ago
Rikki Outlaw
A small thrift store with quality, gently used merchandise that benefits those with disabilities.
8 months ago
vikram verma
All of the nice furniture is not for sale, that being said nice place
10 months ago
Dave P
Not bad just need more variety
10 months ago

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