Department of motor vehicles Drivers License Bureau

Department of motor vehicles Drivers License Bureau, 22000 Hwy 35 N # A, Batesville, MS 38606, United States: 93 reviews of users and employees, detailed information about the address, opening hours, location on the map, attendance, photos, menus, phone number and a huge amount of other detailed and useful information
Address: 22000 Hwy 35 N # A, Batesville, MS 38606, United States
Phone number: +1 662-563-6400

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Антон Серебряник
Very professional, the staff was friendly & worked in a timely manner. It was neat and clean. No long waiting, it was in & out.
7 months ago
Юлия Степаненко
I would suggest taking the time to get there early to ensure you’re first or almost first in line. There are only a limited amount of people who allowed in at once. However, the staff is very friendly and efficient! I arrived at 7am and was 3rd in line once they opened at 8am. Very pleasant and professional experience.
10 months ago
Анна Елохина
Get here early because the line grows very quickly. They only let a few people in at a time and if you have a medical condition that makes it hard for wear a mask don't come...they don't care. Other than that its the normal DMV experience i guess, they get you in and out the best they can considering the circumstances
9 months ago
Светлана Моисеева
Amazing staff, beautiful people.. Was in on time and out on time.. Be Blessed
7 months ago
Артур Мосин
Paperwork said come on Tuesday. Got there. Worker said we only do that on Wednesday. I asked how I was supposed to know that. She said, uhm I don’t know.... waited in line outside for 30 minutes to hear that.
11 months ago
Kelly Brook
Due Covid19 situation, you have to wait in the line outside the office with no shelter or a seat, no matter how weather is (sunny, rainy, clowdy...). It is hard for those that are just looking for information. As a side note: I saw many people get their licenses renewal really easy and they were truly happy and thankful :)
11 months ago
Петр Иванов
They were very courteous and prompt, some great folks at this DMV... Thank you!
9 months ago
Наташа Короткова
Much better service then previous years.
8 months ago
Татьяна Комлева
Great, very friendly and efficient. 25 people in front of us and we were done in 50 minutes.
1 week ago
Андрей Горецкий
They never answer the phones! Just have to take a chance and drive an hour. RIDICULOUS!!!!
2 days ago
Олеся Муслимова
Drove from Horn Lake to get my Last name changed,in and out...Fast and Friendly...Two other places were closer but their rude and slow,it's Worth the drive
11 months ago
Юля Боброва
Personal was super friendly. Fast and helpful..
3 days ago
Страница Удалена
The experience was very positive. It was very orderly and the staff was very friendly and informative.
1 month ago
Анатолий Фролов
I couldnt give a lower score it want let me. Its pretty sad I'm sorry the computer want do this or I cant finds this. Supervisor finds it with no problems. Is it because you don't wanna deal with it or little extra attention??? James
2 months ago
Ольга Бурцева
I live in nesbit Ms and have been going to the DMV in nesbit and it is the most horrible experience I have ever had the staff is rude don't seem to know what there doing and have had to wait up to 6 hours to get waited on
5 months ago
Ксения Казимирова
Its ok the line it just long we been here since 8 and its now 1230. They try to get the ppl in n out.
5 months ago
Анна Лаврова
Good experience with this location. Only negative is if all the windows would have had an agent, it would have moved much faster. But the attitude and customer service was top notch! They should go train Nesbit and Olive Branch!!
7 months ago
Katerina Kulakova
The dmv in batesville was the best
1 month ago
Маша Нечепа
I would really like to thank the staff of the Batesville, MS for their assistance in getting my CDL renewed despite what's going on in our world today. They renewed my CDL,'s so I could continue to work. Thank you again.
4 months ago
Эдуард Калинин
The staff was very friendly and i didnt have to wait long
2 days ago
Денис Мальцев
Nice polite employees, but 2 problems ruin the entire experience: 1. Waited for over 2 hours just to renew a reg license. 2. Last but certainly not least the lady who wsited on me, Jennifer, failed to change my address despite me putting the new address on my paperwork, plus having a conversation with her about this change of address, where I'd moved to & why I'd moved. Our conversation was do extensive that I didn't even check my new license when she handed it to me....I never dreamed she didn't actually make the change. Then I call back up there and the chic tells me I'll have to pay $11 to make the change to my new license. WTF!
9 months ago
Виктория Березовская
Everything went smoothly.
10 months ago
Elena Sukhalentseva
Comparatively, this DMV is head and shoulders above any one that I’ve been to in my lifetime. As soon as you pull into the drive you see the difference; the parking lot isn’t overcrowded! A lady is there to greet you and to inquire about your needs. She then gathers necessary paperwork, hands you forms to fill out, and gives you a number to listen for. The seats aren’t your average hard chairs either! These chairs are larger surface area and soft material that “gives” as you sit with a stretchy, at home feel. (They do however squeak just a tad, but well worth the noise for comfort) Average wait time (while I was there) for number to be called was 5-7 minutes. Once called, the worker quickly and efficiently completed the transaction. It took 15 minutes to get what I came for, which is unheard of! I have been to the Hernando DMV six times in the last year with my sons and daughter and each time has averaged 4-6 hours!
9 months ago
Ира Земина
It was a very long got there at 7 o'clock this morning and didn't get out until 1030 this morning
4 days ago
Иван адо
Nicest people I’ve encountered at a DMV! I’m so happy I made the trip here. Comfortable environment and a great staff!!
11 months ago
Ирина Андриевская
Due to the covid - 19...this is an excruciatingly painful experience...STAY HOME !!!
2 months ago
Мария Морковская
Permit testing Wednesday-Friday 8-4 Road test Wednesday-Friday 8-11 2-4 CDL testing Tuesday-Friday 8-3:30 Gun permits Monday& Tuesday 8-11 1-3 Renewal regular and CDL Monday-Friday 8-5
11 months ago
Алька Цой
This place is 1000% better than their counterpart in Nesbit. You don't feel like you are walking into doom. Its bright, the staff is friendly and they were always doing their job. I drove down, got my stuff done, drove back and still was home before I would have even been called in Nesbit.
9 months ago
Евгения Солдатова
Very nice people.
1 month ago
Валентин Нилов
Courtney is exceptional 5 stars
1 month ago
Наталья Белоглазова
Cannot say enough good things about this location. After 3 failed attempts to even get a number in Southaven and Olive Branch we walked into this location at 8:10, processed paperwork, took drivers test and we were out the door with my granddaughters permit at 9:30 today. The staff was very friendly and congratulatory to her as well. It is worth the drive from Southaven.
8 months ago
Игорь Павлов
Waiting 3 hours to renew license, is not cool. Staff goes to lunch before working 4 hours with a waiting area packed with people. So rude!
10 months ago
Иван Мусатов
Prompt appointment friendly people
9 months ago
Алексей Червов
it Would be nice on Days that y’all are closed for training if you would at least put something on the phone recording or online. Drove 45 min for a sign on the door. Much appreciated.
10 months ago
Петр Ионин
REINSTATEMENT DISCONTINUED ON 9/12/18 at this location. I came in to renew my license. The staff in this office is the best! I didn’t have to wait long. They made the process so easy & stress free.
10 months ago
Лиса Mast
Get there early
7 months ago
Юлия Кратова
Drove an hour just to avoid going to the Nesbit dmv. Was in and out in less than 45 mins and the workers were friendly. Nesbit could learn a few things from this place.
8 months ago
Алексей Трусов
The Batesville DMV is clean, efficient, and has nice employees, with the exception of the receptionist. She either needs a raise, a vacation, or better yet, disciplinary action.
9 months ago
Ирина Никитина
We drove from Hernando because we had heard so many good things about the dmv in Batesville. We encountered very friendly, helpful employees. And we had a very short wait. The most pleasant experience EVER at a dmv! Definitely worth the drive!
9 months ago
Валентина Кошечкина
Great service
11 months ago
Яна Артемьева
All together we drove 98 miles, there and back I gotta say it was worth it for several reasons, I visited the Nesbit dmv this week twice. First time I was turned around as soon as I walked in the door, Second visit I sat for over 3 hours and walked out once I began seeing people get called before me that wasn't there when I got there. Literally worst place on Earth in my opinion. Drove to Batesville dmv today, they had the friendliest and most helpful staff and with the amount of people there I figured I'd been at least an hour, I was in and out and on my way home in a total of 30 minutes with exactly what I came for in hand! I'll never go to another dmv in the State of Mississippi!
9 months ago
Юлия Михальская
Fast for a DMV. Very friendly and helpful folks. They work together to get you taken care of.
8 months ago
Ольга Спиридонова
I was there to transfer from a TNDL to MSDL. Walking up to the "reception" area, the woman there didn't say a word, no good morning, no anything. I explained what I was trying to do and before I could complete my sentence, she started going off on autodrive about having to have my birth certificate, ss card, 2 proofs of address, etc. I tried to ask her if my out of state license would suffice instead of the bc. She immediately said I don't have to put up with your attitude and you can go to Nesbit, MS to get your driver license. I stood there for about 3 seconds and then asked her if the paperwork I had brought would be good enough for proof of address, she at first just looked at me and said she didn't have to put up with my attitude. I again held out the paper work and asked if it would be good enough to use for proof of address. You could tell she didn't want to answer my question, but I refused to budge so she went through the items and said yes. My sister, who was with me, started to explain something to this woman and I told my sister that I didn't need her to explain anything to the employee. Walking out the employee was still saying, loudly, that she didn't have to put up with "attitude". Just for clarification, I worked at the TN Driver License Office in Shelby County for 12 years. If I had spoken to a customer in the manner which this woman spoke to me, I would have been hauled into the back and written up. Totally disgraceful. I wish I had gotten her name. She is the receptionist at Batesville, MS driver license office. W/F, blondish hair, rude, rude, rude.
9 months ago
Ксения Нифонтова
Trying to avoid the horrid Nesbit office, Batesville location wasn’t much better. Waited over three and a half hours for a permit test. All five computers were up and running and only three people were there to test ... no sense for it to take THAT long. All could’ve tested at once.
8 months ago
Sasha Self
My license had expired, in and out in less then 10 minutes. The nicest and friendliest people. Everybody had a smile. I drove 47 miles to this license station, the one in Nesbit is only about 10 miles away, but the staff there have always been nasty and RUDE.
10 months ago
Кирилл Дерябин
Wouldn’t recommend coming here. You’ll have to wait 2-3 hours just to be told their system is down
9 months ago
Александра Данилова
I went there today to get my license renewed and my seat didn't even get warm.and she called my number to help me, she took my license and my picture and told it would be ready in about 2 minutes and again my seat didn't even get warm again. I have never been in and out that quick, my hat's off to you. Absolutely the friendliest and quickest service ever, THANK YOU, I HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY.
2 months ago
Алена Шишова
Super friendly and professional. Nice clean station. We drove to Batesville because the Oxford DMV station is completely incompetent and rude. The Batesville staff is great!
7 months ago
Александра Фаталиева
Fast service and it is easy to find the location.
10 months ago
Дмитрий _________
We waited 4 hours the first day and 3 the next day and we arrived at 8 am and there was already a line formed out the door into the parking lot!
8 months ago

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