Equinox Tysons Corner

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Equinox Tysons Corner
Rate: 3,3
Address: 8065 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182, United States
Website: equinox.com
Phone number: +1 703-790-6193

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 38.9127212
Longitude: -77.2247514

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Brian Atkins
Equinox corporate, the gym and staff were fantastic at this location however I can't get behind the one year contract requirement with no flexibility. Seems a bit like a bait and switch tactic. That's $1500 I'd be committing for just one gym not to mention the initiation fee. If a month to month membership was offered you would have me as a customer.
3 months ago
Tracy Martin
Horrible customer service. If it wasn’t for location, definitely I didn’t pick this gym for customer service. I tried to join, they gave a tour. When I wanted to follow up with sales manager no answer at all. Eventually called the gym, started my membership, he said he will send my membership immediately, nothing happened. Texted him again two hours later since I haven’t received anything at all, no response at all again. Specifically told him if you can’t work with me , I can continue working with someone else from their sales team. Now it’s day 4 still no communication. For the amount of money you pay, at least human decency is expected.
3 months ago
Walter Poiss
My experience with this location has been excellent! The staff is always very friendly and accommodating, and the facility is spacious and cleaned regularly. I would definitely recommend! ????
6 months ago
Ed Hernandez
Wonderful club. Awesome trainers and staff. Great variety of equipment and classes. They take safety and cleanliness very seriously and keep the club in great shape.
6 months ago
Chukanaa Tsenddorj
Great equipment but way, way too expensive. On the plus side, it has a Juice Press inside the lobby.
4 months ago
Myrtle Rigsby
I wanted to write a review since there aren't very many recent ones and I want to be helpful - I have had a great experience so far with Equinox. What drew me to them originally was the variety of classes you could take. Classes do fill up quickly because they are currently limiting the class size due to COVID-19. The yoga and barre classes fill up especially quickly. I really enjoy the yoga classes, cycling, and treadmill classes (done in intervals similar to Barry's Bootcamp). I have enjoyed all of the instructors so far and they will make sure you are clued in if you're confused on how the class works. There are plenty of cardio and weight machines, I have yet to have a problem with them being full. Parking is free and easy. The showers are clean and have Kiehl's products along with Kiehl's moisturizers, which was a nice touch. They also have plenty of towels and cold eucalyptus towels you can use after your workout. They offer a complimentary personal training session, fitness evaluation session, and pilates session. I found the fitness evaluation to be really helpful as I've never had a body scan done before. The juice bar, spa, and sauna are all closed at the moment but when I was given a tour the gym manager said that they would be open soon. The gym does have the "exclusive" vibe, and once again the big draw for me was the variety of classes. If it is within your budget and worth it to you I would highly recommend.
7 months ago
Dennis Fricke
You do not know how work with customer. When i was there the cancelation procedure was not explained to me. later when i wanted to cancel and get refund even Joseph did not reply me back but before getting my card number he just every min texted and did call. You have terrible customer service. i did not expected that kind of service.
8 months ago
Jonathan Espiritu
Wonderful gym and 100% worth the cost. This gym has fantastic classes all day that push you to your limits. I joined in November and have loved coming here. Super clean facilities and locker rooms. Great showers and it is always stocked up. All of the staff are super friendly and honestly remember who you are. You aren't just a number here. This gym treats you like family. You will not regret signing up.
4 months ago
Tim Fox
Excellent gym. Good variety of equipment.
2 months ago
lesley rudd
Apparently no one knows anything about policy here so wasting other people’s time is there forte.
1 month ago
Michael Chang
Emailed Darius Lunsford to try the gym. He kept hounding me to join. Its such a turn off when your being constantly pressed to join a gym without someone answering all your questions. He seems pretty goofy and I'm not sure if he understands how to sell to people, that are willing to pay 175$ for a gym membership. Gym is small. He gets one star.
2 months ago
Scott Brady
I love this place. You get what you pay for. It's super clean, the equipment is perfectly maintained, every staff member is warm and friendly... just a really fabulous gym!
2 months ago
Janice Mills
Great gym has everything you need, very clean and unlike other places where you have personal trainer pressuring you to sign up for training. Very calm but focused environment and no selfi self loving stare in the mirror people.
2 months ago
Ben Lavi
Immaculate space, great group classes, and staff members that are both friendly and helpful. Love all of the extra events and perks too! Worth the money 100 percent.
2 months ago
Adventure Experience
Love it here! Staff is so friendly, instructors are helpful & the PT staff go way above & beyond for you. It's hard to single out any one instructor's class, but Ahmed is always a favorite. His yoga classes are not to be missed, if you are an avid yogi!
8 months ago
Conner Marston
Worked with Darian the sales adviser. He is just rude. Should not be working for Equinox selling luxury gym memberships. Very immature. This gym isn't that great for the price. Its in a basement. During the summertime it gets very hot. The gym is small compared to others. You don't get the full Equinox experience in my view with the Tysons locations.
7 months ago
Emily Williams
Absolute horrendous experience. Not worth the money by any stretch of the means and I have been to many different gyms. The best quality is a clean shower...the equipment is lacking, staff is beyond unfriendly, and not only do they make it a pain to cancel but just overall very poor taste...after day one you are hounded by mediocre personal trainers that make it very awkward at times when you elect not to choose their services. My advice is to look elsewhere, there are so many better options I cant list them all, here.
9 months ago
Ayan Sengupta
I love this gym. The classes and their instructors are awesome, the equipment is always clean, and the trainers are experts and top tier. The gm, AJ, is really responsive and the Advisors - especially Ashly - are super helpful. I highly recommend this gym.
2 months ago
Dew Smile
If you want a clean and motivating gym that doesn't smell like feet, this is your place! Limited equipment but the classes and trainers are exceptional...worth every penny!
2 months ago
Juan Villasenor
What happened to this place? Their customer service has gone down the tube. I was up charged spa services I did not agree to over the phone, but wasn’t made aware until after the service and had to pay. It’s been very frustrating because my insurance covers massage therapy but since Equinox charged me under a different service (some “master” level service with no indication of what type of service was performed) I can’t get reimbursed. I had to pay EXTRA and now I can’t even get reimbursed for any amount! It wasn’t even worth it! The massage was OK, the spa did NOT give me a robe and slippers. When I asked about the robe and slippers, my technician said they were running low on both and that’s why she didn’t bother mentioning it. Not apologetic about it, just had excuses. I’ve never had a spa experience this poor before. I could have gone to the Ritz Carlton and it would have been cheaper, too. So basically, if you really want a mediocre spa experience, be sure to book it yourself on their website (not over the phone) so you know exactly what you have to pay for in the end. There also seems to be a pretty big disconnect of communication between the spa and the front desk area where you pay. It’s like they (the front desk) don’t know what they’re charging you either. I used to be a member but had to cancel because of work relocation. I remember liking their spa but after this experience I will not be returning for gym membership ever or any services they offer. Only positive things... their women’s locker room is very nice; the Kiehl’s products are amazing. My trainer used to be Michelle G. I don’t know if she still works there, but she was great. I believe she was one of the higher level trainers so it was pretty costly. It may not be for everyone.
7 months ago
Edit 2 (11/8/2018): Rana is a great instructor & I love how she keeps the positive vibes alive. But someone keeps farting in the middle of the cycling class. I understand that Anthem is an exciting class with a ton of movements. But farting in the middle of the class is too spicy for me. Keep that gas to yoself meme bois and girls. Spice bomb. Good facility. Great staff. The place is filled with living, breathing memes so I love going here. Staffs are breathing memes & Customers(including myself) are breathing memes. There’s only one big problem with this place: misalignment of schedule between cleaners & gym’s hours of operations. Peeps start to power wash around 2200 which is 45 minutes before the shower closing time. So if you start taking a shower late night, then you’ll breathe in all the chemicals and other particles as you shower away. Just don’t power wash the shower while customers are taking a shower. I have some sort of chemical reaction because of them power washing while I was taking a shower. Headed to the doctor’s tomorrow. Edit 1: having skin reaction & had to take mild antibiotics. If you are closing the shower at 22:45, then start power washing after you close down the shower. If that’s too inconvenient, then change your hours of operations.
7 months ago
Trina Coleman
$150 for unlimited access to classes and the gym. I don't look at it like an expense, I look at it like investing in myself. The place is always clean, always organized, great staff, free covered parking, sauna, showers, unlimited access to different Kiehl's products... All this makes me look forward to coming in to work out. You get what you pay for if you take advantage of what is offered.
2 months ago
Mary Mclaughlin
Pretty good club but expensive. This particular equinox is older and totally in a basement. No windows, mostly low ceilings . The locker room for a "premium brand" as they call it is in need of a facelift to be premium. The lockers are small and bench space is limited. Not too crowded since the high price dissuades the Hoi Polloi . The place is very clean, a big plus. I would say the ratio of members to trainers on the gym floor is about 3 to 1. Plenty of trainers around. Compared to other Equinox clubs I have been in like Bethesda and Boston this one seems to be on its last legs.
5 months ago
Jack Dawn
The best gym ever!!!! So happy to be their member! Love stuff, very professional, friendly and clean. Equinox is like my second home!!!!!
10 months ago
Salman Omar
If you live or work nearby and want a high end fitness Club, you should visit Equinox.
7 months ago
Pascale Monatte
Do not waste your money - the Tysons branch has aggressive sales people that will lie and mis guide in order to make a deal happen - Management does nothing to correct environment... Once they lock you in forget ever getting any assistance from them on anything unless they can make money off you and on top of that they are rude people and for the money you can do so much better else where - The tysons branch is in a basement, small locker rooms that need updating and a pool that looks like it was stuck in a corner above ground and nothing put into it - don't make the mistake i made by giving your money to people that don't deserve it
11 months ago
The club has stairs are dangerous to go down to the club because there is no stripes demarcating them, you can see a sloap instead of stairs a potential for fall and fracture I have talked to them several times, they become defensive instead of listening! If it was not for may Pilate teacher and my trainer I would not step foot in that place.
10 months ago
Victor Kaminski
Not at all impressed with this "Over Priced Facility!" Staff if very arrogant and the trainers are mediocre. Not worth the price and definitely not worth the drive.
8 months ago
Karen Frankel
Pricey but worth it, people are friendly, equipment is clean and eucaplyptus towels
2 months ago
Rita Mayberry
They were unfair ( no smoke without fire ) I agree with Robert , the admin Rude and mean
6 days ago

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