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Address: 4491 Cheshire Station Plaza, Dale City, VA 22193, United States
Phone number: +1 703-730-4831

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Latitude: 38.6466992
Longitude: -77.3342393

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Carlos Villalta
The first employee I dealt with was pleasant. I was told it was 25 cents per page to print a couple packing slips and shipping labels. No problem. They charge $1.09 for a small padded envelope (the ones I forgot at home were slightly smaller and cost me 8.5 cents.) I was ok with all this. But I didn't look at my receipt. So I was back two days later (having purchased some envelopes al Wal-mart) and they tell me they are charging me $2.99 for the privilege of sending my files by email. Who charges to receive an email????!!!! I complained and then that guy was really rude, going on about how the internet costs money and emails cost money and how nice he was to drop people's stuff off at the post office because no one had come to pick it up. I think that's something you should expect to do if you run a business like that. I will not be back because no one should charge their customers to receive an email!
3 months ago
Michelle Carmean
On one of my worst days I had the most helpful and courteous sales associate assist me. He was very attentive and responsive and most of all professional and cared for my needs. Wonderful customer service! Thanks Michael you were great!
9 months ago
Hunter Foster
(I wish I could give this location zero 'star) Just dropped of a package at this location. The guy behind the counter didn't know what he was doing. I had ask him three times for the receipt. When did PostNet started charging people for a PIECE of tape?? So unprofessional and poor service. Will never go back to this location again.
7 months ago
I have a virtual business mailbox here. I walked in for the first time to pickup my mail, "Hello! This is my first time coming in to pickup my mail so I'm not sure how this works." To which the man working there replies very frank and rudely, "I MEAN WHAT'S YOUR NAME, MAILBOX NUMBER, SOMETHING! I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO YOU ARE". I was so shocked by his tone and rudeness that I could have cried. I had a friend on my phones' bluetooth so she heard the entire encounter and was baffled. When I left the store she said, "OMG was he serious? I thought he was joking around with you then I realized it wasn't a joke when his tone didn't change. I heard him loud and clear like he didn't even have a mask on." And to top this all off, I still left there without my mail (won't even go down that road as to why). It's a tough time in the world and for people to be so rude still baffles me. I chose this location for a virtual business mailbox because it was close to my home and very fairly priced. This is so very unfortunate and is definitely a "you get what you pay for" lesson learned. Guess I should have went ahead and paid double the price for the mailbox at the UPS store or, chose a different PostNet location. :-(
9 months ago
My go to spot for all my office needs.
2 months ago
Cindy Barry
I love this place! The owner is absolutely amazing. Best customer service around! Always helps me carry my packages in from the car if I have a lot. I will pay more here if necessary rather than go to the post office and deal with that nonsense. PostNet in Cheshire Station gets 5 stars without question!
4 months ago
Marne Jackson
I visited the PostNet at Cheshire Station on Sept 30 at about 9:30. The person working behind the counter greeted me warmly, treated me as a valued customer, and worked with me to ensure my packages were submitted accurately. He was pleasant, informative, and very courteous.
1 month ago
Sumana Rao
My business is growing and I need some business cards; so I thought I will give them I chance bc reviews are like 50/50. So I went in and all I needed was to print them card they didn’t even have to design or anything bc I already got a design. The man asked me “when I needed them by”I told him “ what is the fastest you can” - i worked at fedex before so I know how these business are. He told me I can get them to you today but you will have to pay for rush cards. I was like okay no problem since he sounded so confident I paid NP. He told me come back by the end of business day I will have them for you. Btw I only ask for 100 business cards because since this place only have 3.4 stars I didn’t want to risk too much. Okay I came back by 3:55 pm. Guess what, they weren’t ready. His excuse was ohh I am sorry man I just been busy all day... bla bla bla. He was like give 30 minutes I will get them for you. I was ok I waited outside my car. 40 minutes passed by he came and only gave me 40 cards and just because “the employee” of the month didnt realize he didn’t have enough paper. Can you believe a place the prints run out the paper come on man. He was like come back by Tuesday I will get them for you. Today I called just to check what he will said. Luckily he was the one that answered... bla bla Guest what now he told me to go back on Thursday and I friking payed for rushing cards. Honestly this employee needs to go home... Don’t go there.. I honestly hope the owner see this review so he can take acción. Now if he is the owner. He just lost a customer.
3 months ago
Paul Kang
Excellent service!
11 months ago
Bree McVey
These people were extremely committed in helping me ship a package to one of the least developed nations on Earth, South Sudan. It took a while and a couple of phone calls, but in the end, the associate had a smile on his face. This is how customer service should be.
8 months ago
Jewelz S
Prices are too high. Around $5 to print a shipping label and didn’t tell me there was a fee to use the computer to print it out. Packing materials were also overpriced and items did not begin tracking for a few days.
6 months ago
rene perez
HORRIBLE service. Don't even attempt to go into this place unless you're purchasing something. I've been in a couple of times to drop pre-paid packages off and have been lied to about pick up times, given the stank eye and just treated like an annoyance. I own my own business and do all I can to support small, locally owned businesses, but after 2 important packages of mine sat overnight in the store because they didn't take priority to shipments paid for in-store.. I'm just totally fed up. I won't be stepping foot in this place again.
4 months ago
Kim Gallegos
Asked to print out a return shipping label. They told me to email it to them and then they said it would be $5.00! That's rediculous!! 5 bucks for ONE piece of paper. COMPLETE RIP OFF! I'll never go to this place again!
8 months ago
Horrible customer service and over priced. $5.00 surcharge to email them something to print then .35 per copy. No charge to email the document and .24 at FedEx Kinkos. Customer service is bad as well not to mention the employees are always in front of the store smoking. Just looks bad in my opinion.
6 months ago
Chasity Strange
They have much time for customers
5 months ago
Virginia Kenney
Ridiculous overpriced tried to charge me 6 dollars to print one piece of paper had to walk out and go to FedEx on 2 occasions. The 1 employee just doesn't want to work
8 months ago
Denise Mitchell
This comes up when you search “post office,” but it is not. They are a private business that will overcharge you. Buyer beware.
6 months ago
Amazing service and very nice staff
9 months ago
Steve Wesson
Fast and friendly service.
2 months ago
Nate Minnehan
Best Customer service experience.
8 months ago
Jared Giese
7 months ago
Sky B
Store NEVER opens on time! So unprofessional...
8 months ago
Patrick Smith
Convenient location for the neighborhood
1 month ago

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